Friday, May 01, 2009

Eventful May Day - Doctors - Car - Cold

I had a successful 10 minutes with Dr. Barrett just after 9am - most things going well - and then I took the car in for Service. When Steve at the Garage rang to say it was ready, he confirmed my suspicions that the automatic gear-box is almost at the end of its useful life and could let us down at any time. It has been snatching and 'hunting' for a few months and he said that to replace it would be more than the value of the car.

So, straight to the crux - we have bought another one. The Toyota Yaris Verso shown above.

Slightly unusual looking I suppose but it could have been designed for the job. It stands 2 feet higher than the Civic and is so easy for me to get into and out of. The height allows my 'wheels' to stand vertically in the rear which obviates the need to collapse flatten the rear seats. The front doors are as wide as our present car and Y has always wanted to have a 4 door so that, when we carry passengers, she doesn't have to clamber into the back. As an Estate Agent might say, it is suprisingly spacious. We are taking delivery a week on Monday. No doubt I shall think of other things to tell you about it.

Y has been working very hard cleaning up the garage. She started the task this morning before it was decided to purchase a new inmate. Precognition perhaps ?

The snap on the left is another good old Basil Rooting. This one, when potted up, is for Roy and will be going around with them in the Caravan.

While I was at it I decided to root a spare which can replace one of our own ageing plants. I am also germinating some seed because new plants from seed often seem more robust.

You will be interested in the latest news from the Great Tit nesting box at Burton Joyce. So far, 4 have hatched but I don't have a picture to share yet !

My responses to your previous comments

Yvonne .... So pleased things are going well with the Lib/Dems and the fact that your decision was prior to their resounding success over the Gurkhas. Nick Clegg's decision to ride shotgun for Joanna Lumley was inspired. And she wasn't 'a Joanna cum lately' because her father was an Officer in a Gurkha Regiment.

For once it seems that the Press are united - Red Tops join Broad Sheets in their praise, and their disgust at the mean-spirited actions of the Government.

Bob ...... Interesting that Earl Grey's vary. Could you recommend one as not to heavy on the bergamot ?

Rob .... It is always pleasant when you turn up on the blog with a pungent point or a Haiku, or a report fromn the Sports desk.

The bottom left 'collage' picture that you mentioned was taken looking over the valley as you drive from Elton towards Gratton. The guy on the ridge looked like The Monarch of the Glen, albeit facing in the wrong direction.

The EPS Annual Exhibition, shown on Thursday evening was of a very high standard in my opinion with varied and lively content. I enjoyed seeing your pictures, and Elaines whose B & W portraits bore up really well.

As always, thanks for the poetry. Great news that Carol Ann Duffy is to be the new Poet Laureate. She is a fine poet, with a light lyrical style but she hits targets too. An excellent thing to have a woman in the post for the first time.

Jill ..... Re Radio 7. You CAN get it via Sky, or online, but ideally you need a DAB radio. They don't broadcast at all on FM so the question of frequency is not applicable.

I apologise for accusing you of not opening links ! In any case, the blog isn't compulsory - it is supposed to be a light entertainment. I was quite out of order.

I enjoyed 'Suggestica'. You really couldn't invent these gems.


Sleep tight - catch you tomorrow



bob said...

Pleased to hear of car change.
I was always surprised you found Civic comfortable. Driving part way back from Norfolk produced severe backache…
…but I don’t blame it for subsequent ill fortune! ergo:

[Mayday was Endoscopy Day.
One way of looking at it.
Don’t bother watching on iplayer.
No pain; insignificant discomfort; all clear.
Everyone very pleasant and a cup of tea.
Only condescension was one nurse reading out letter I’d been given; but she made sure I was fit to leave unescorted, bless her.]

Yaris sounds a good choice.
Is it NEW new with £2,000 Government Funding? (something we’re considering).

No Earl Gray in stock. A mild one was defunct Whittard’s; their ‘Afternoon? Tea’ more bergamotty!
Em & Dan like Lady Grey.

Was ‘guy on the ridge’ going to a Stag Party?

I’m unfamiliar with Carol Ann Duffy’s work except very witty ‘Mrs Aesop’ and ‘Poet for Our Time’ but applaud her appointment.

Anyone else distrust Chief Medical Officer, Liam Donaldson? Might be his views on smoking but could, unfairly, be the ginger hair. I’ll try harder.

On Radio-Nottm:
Someone’s switched to vegetarian sausages to avoid swine flu.

Like sound of both alpacas and Suggestica.

Jill said...

The new car looks most suitable, I too wondered if you were taking advantage of the £2000 off. I changed to a four door version of Nissan Micra some years back, could not get children's car seats in and out - mind you, it's not that easy even with four doors....

Carol Ann Duffy, good appointment. I ended up shouting at Kirsty Wark last night on Newsnight, she was interviewing her, and all K wanted to talk about was her sexuality, apparently she is a Lesbian with a 13 yr. old daughter, and that was the point that Kirsty W. kept coming back to, I only wanted to know about the poetry.

So I need a new radio now to get Radio 7. I take it a DAB one is digital? Are channels preset? I listened last night via Freeview but that anchors me to one place, would rather have a portable one. Any advice?

Youngest grandchild is four today - Roxy Jezebel. Don't ask......There is a picnic in the park, next to the swings, shall go later.

Pleased you had good news, Bob.

Enjoy the sunshine, one and all!

Yvonne said...

Hurrah! (I thought only Enid Blyton's lot said that but we all revert to our childhood when excited...) a 4-door car!!!! No longer do I have to scrabble into the back when we carry a friend - especially difficult when on a slope ...

Garage clearing: went to the tip where a lovely young man (with a bad knee ....) helped unload our stuff. Query: why do people load their car with rubbish and then fly-tip it in the country? Why not take it to the local council tip?

Sherry glass: when I saw on our draining board a sherry glass I was worried that Graham was back on the sauce (although, surely, sherry is the world's most disgusting drink?). Glad to learn from the blog it's all to do with rooting basil!

Can't share the enthusiasm with Carol Ann Duffy. Admittedly I am not a poetry fan - although I do know all of Tennyson's 'Lady of Shalott' - but surely we want a Poet Laureate who is prepared to write poems to celebrate royal occasions? Not "I don't have to write anything about anything if I don't want to". And I do worry about her poem "Today I am going to kill something. Anything/I am tired of being ignored and today/I am going to play God".

jbw said...

Bob. - You can still get your tea and coffee from Whittards of Chelsea although their Chelsae base has been closed. They were owned by Baugur of Iceland but after the troubles with Icelandic money Whittards was bought by the company that owns Past Times. A few of the shops were closed but they still are at McArthur Glen at South Normanton and still have their shop in Nottingham. If you are a regular customer you can get a "Whittard Card" so that you accumulate points each time you purchase tea and/or coffee. Ten points means you can have 125 gms of coffee 'free'. I purchase coffee beans in 500gm lots so that every fourth visit I have the necessary 10 points. At McArthur Glen the prices are lower than at their normal high street shops.
Happy Drinking!