Monday, May 04, 2009

Bank Holiday - 51F - 5mph W - BJ Gala

I asked Helen C for permission to publish this picture because we had been discussing James Turrell and I was reminded. She agreed, so here it is.

In my opinion an oustanding picture which ticks all the buttons. The teardrop construction suits the subject. I like the 3 portholes, or whatever they are called in Churches. The 'Atrium' and the patch of sky are gorgeous. And she waited for those little wispy clouds. The whole picture has a certain lapidary quality. Lovely stuff !

Which brings me to my task of the day. i.e. Judging the photographs at Burton Joyce Gala or, more accurately, the 3 Villages Gala. There were maybe 50 entries, in different classes from under 11 to adult, in different categories.

A delightful task but demanding. There were some excellent pictures and contestants had gone to a lot of trouble. I was fed and provided with hot tea and, as I said to Y, I would be happy to judge a photographic competition anywhere for a slice of Aunty Pauline's Coconut Cake - it was exquisite - so moist!

When I got home and decided to put the car away I thought I must let everyone see the results of Y's labours in the Garage.

I suppose really, for you to be able to judge the transformation, I should have done a 'before' picture too. But I didn't so you will have to use your imaginations.

Before going over to the Gala Field, Y managed a snap of the hatched chicks in the Great Tit nesting box. But I haven't as yet got access to the picture.

My responses to your previously made comments

jbw..... Thanks for the tip. Lighthouse sounds like a good organisation. I think we pass one of their outlets on the way to Heanor.

We already store unground coffee beans in the freezer having read the tip some years ago.

Reg .... Tell Mo she is 'on the list' for Basil.

Helen C .... Thank you also for the further information on recycling large-ish objects. All we have left is a wooden TV and Video Player stand and that is small enough to fit in the car anyway.

We'll probably take it to JBW's 'Lighthouse' because we need to go to Heanor in the next few days anyway.

Bob ..... My forgetting to stop the camera from spot-metering wasn't a sophisticated error. Just simple carelessness.

I must admit to 'tetchiness' over the Yes to 4 chairs but No to 6. Seemed so unnecessary.

Your £15 DAB Radio from Tesco does indeed sound like a good bargain. So maybe Jill, have a peep in Tesco before spending too much money.

Roy ..... Your Basil will remain in good hands until you need him. Growth rate is healthy but not impossibly fast.

Reg also pointed out that the acronym WoW is more correctly for 'Walkies on Wednesday'. I shall not offend again, lest someone shouts 'Heel' at me.

Jill .... You are quite right about the seed merchants' decisions. I can only assume they go by weight. A packet of Wallflower seed provides sufficient plants to decorate a fair sized County. In a packet of Pelergonium seed you would be lucky to get 6.

I'm sure you will find exactly the DAB radio to suit your needs. Happy digital listening! This Digital Radio magazine regularly e-mail me their latest.

I love the juxtaposition between your sun-lounger purchase and needing the central heating on when you returned.


Quotation time .....

"Golden slumbers kiss your eyes,
Smiles awake you when you rise:"

I remember hearing these words used as the start of a Beatles track and thinking, wowee, how poetic, very good chaps. Then I discovered it was a Thomas Dekker love poem written circa 1,600. Still good though - and at least the tune was theirs.

"Sleep tight - catch you tomorrow - another busy day with Nat Trst in the evening"

Thought the fish were due for an airing



Helen C. said...

Thank you for your kind comments about my picture (had to look up lapidary!) If anyone wants to say what they think is wrong with it, I'm happy to hear that too.

I'm most impressed with the garage. I clear out ours on a regular basis but it never seems to last more than a month, I hope you two have better luck (or more determination).

Yvonne said...

In spite of very uncertain weather the B.J. Gala was a huge success and Steven must take a lot of credit though his supporting team were great too (apart from the committee, it included me, Tracy, Lisa's mum, aunties, uncle, cousins, brother .....) - all hands to the deck! Graham was a huge success too as photographic judge - wearing his linen jacket he looked like an author signing books at a literary festival!

I managed yet again my imitation of a 45-year old: moving straw bales for seating around the arena, roping off different enclosures, helping unload the steel band equipment, looking after children - but the hardest part (and it always is at these functions) picking up the rubbish! Why do people throw chips on the floor in such large quantities?

I did take photographs too .......

Great tit hatching: six have hatched but my photo was very hurried as mum doesn't leave the nest for long - Graham didn't even have time to get his camera out!

bob said...

Outstanding Helen photo.

I’ll email an interior of OUR garage to serve as ‘before’

Hope the weather was not too unkind at BJ Festival.

1993 Eric Cantona quote:
“I will never find any difference between Pele’s pass to Carlos Alberto in the Final of the 1970 World Cup and the poetry of the young Rimbaud.”
(I am totally unfamiliar with Rimbaud but, having often seen Pele’s pass, must assume Cantona thought him VERY special).

My DAB radio was from Netto several years ago (and may have been £25?)... please don’t bother following the blogmeister’s advice to look in Tesco!

I agree absolutely about constant music (I respect it too much and never owned a record player). I also dislike earplugs/earphones.

Pete said...

Garage looks perfect. Could do with someone like Yvonne here to help me clear my shed. You're not visiting the island in the near future by any chance are you?.....Think the Helen photo is brilliant, great angle.....And on the subject of angles.....I've just emailed you a photo I took on Saturday of the swing bridge here in Ramsey from an odd angle....Not the best for light I know but you might like to show it.....

Jill said...

That's a fascinating photo, Helen, I thought at first it was a piece of jewellry, a pendant?

'Golden Slumbers' etc. - my granny taught me that when I was a little girl, she used to sing it to me, though presumably not to a Beatle tune! Perhaps one of their Grannies knew it too? The version I know goes on 'Sleep little baby do not cry, And I will sing a lullaby' which doesn't sound like a love-poem?

Have you thought of hiring Y out, as a garage organiser? In these hard times.......

It was chilly and dull down here yesterday, so pleased to read that the day went well, as am sure Steve (and others) must have put in a lot of hard work.

Y, I'd be happy if I could do an impression of a 65 year old - haven't you learnt yet not to volunteer?