Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Action-packed Tuesday - still a coldish wind

Thought I'd better start with the Great Tit chicks, courtesy of Y, from Steve's Telly. Shame the nest-box camera isn't colour because you can just imagine those wide open yellow gapes. But gosh, the technology is wonderful enough anyway and who am I to knock Black & White ? Roy would probably say "It looks better anyway"

Nice photo Y and it records where the little family are now at.

This morning I had my regular blood test and then Brian came to sort out my printers. And what a difference he has made. We did a print on my old Epson (after he'd got it going) and then he adjusted the colours, minus a little magenta to rid the clouds of a pinky tinge, then adjustments to cyan and yellow to rid the greens of a blue-ey cast, and the difference is truly remarkable. And he decided that the problem with the HP was probably simply that the black cartridge had expired.

This afternoon I was at the obesity-clinic and I have regained over 2lbs. At least it reassured my 'advisor' that my weight-loss IS due to changing the amount I ate and not due to some underlying or worrying cause. So, back to more rigorous eating habits.

Picture 2 is part of the steel-band from yesterday and is again, courtesy of Y's new camera. The band was actually about 3 times this size and filled the rest of the stage to the left (the bit shown was about a third).

TJ had organised this item, see Y's comment. And all in all the event was a great success and Steven in his role as Chairman, did extremely well. But Oh Boy ! did he work hard. Well done.

I enjoyed my picture-judging contribution which, Steve assured me had "gone down a storm!" - (I think that is good?) and that everyone had much appreciated my hand-written comments on their entry cards. I only put comments on 1st, 2nd, and 3rd in each category - not on all 50+.

Picture 3 is from David and family at Whitby. They have returned now but had a super time.

They caught crabs and enjoyed the Morris Dancers.

Their Caravan was based at Low Moor nr Sneaton and, from the look of the website, seems well up to normal Caravan Club standards. Which ARE high and well justify the annual subscription in my opinion.

As David says re Robin Hood's Bay/Whitby I would have speed-control difficulties going down the hill to the sea-front. He says nothing about the return journey.

This evening was the last National Trust Tuesday lectures of the winter season and was an excellent talk, with films and slides, by Stuart Rose about the Historic Village of Laxton which is still farmed on the medieval 'strip system'. Stuart is Trustee of the Visitor Centre, among other responsibilities which you will understand better if you open the link. Lovely website which is a credit to its author. He came with 'assistants' and I suspect that the lady operating the Microsoft Powerpoint programme was that person.

Laxton is only a few miles from Bob and I believe he knows Stuart Rose.

We saw Peter and Jean and Colin and Margaret, Wendy and and and -- too many to mention. There was a certain attraction to being able to sit and gossip without tearing up raffle tickets, counting money, making notes to thank the speaker and all of Y's previous multifarious jobs.

Tomorrow I'm hoping to WoW and, as usual we are meeting at Reg's just before 10am to decide on a 'place to go'.

My responses to your previously made comments

Helen C .... Trust me ! The Atrium picture will do well for you.

Re words ..... 'Lapidary' seems a fair swap for 'Eidetic' (in your e-mail)

Garages are strange things. Y always hopes that ours can remain tidy whereas I consider it a place in which to store things. I think Reg once said that you keep lengths of wood knowing you will need them one day. And then when you do, each piece is just 6 inches too short. Most young people think it reasonable to have £12,000 worth of car standing on the drive whilst the garage is full of £120 worth of junk.

Yvonne .... Thanks for your report on the Carnival. A great success indeed. And great credit to your boy.

Bob ..... Thanks for your Gar(b)age photo. Space limitations are the only reason it isn't 'blogged'.

Like you my knowledge of Rimbaud is limited. I suppose I must have read something of his, in an anthology or something. But nothing that hit me between the eyes. His wiki page describes him as a French libertine and a restless soul - so he might be worth a dib into.

Pete .... I think Y could set up a garage-tidying service ! But its the travel you know and I'm not sure I could release her just at the moment.

Thanks for the swing bridge picture. Again - pressures of space ......

Jill ..... Thats a good thing about 'Golden Slumbers' - it seems to have spawned a host of versions.

Re Yvonne and Garages...... I'm afraid she can't be spared at present. Far too much to do looking after me. I hope your planned 'meet' comes to pass while she is down your way. And I know she would really like to see Barbara again.


It's nearly 11pm and I'm too tired to dig out a quotation




bob said...

It is impossible not to smile at chicks demanding food.

I sometimes miss my old Epson (for cheap cartridges mostly).

So there were about a score of musicians in the steel band, were there?
Glad the fete went well and that you had plenty of photographic entries.

Whitby is very photogenic.
I agree about Caravan Club.

Pleased you’ve met Stuart Rose (who supplies my game).

The garage rule is “If you throw something out you will want it next week”.

I think I may have eaten Rimbaud in a posh reataurant once:
“Libertine Francaise avec Sole Agitee”

Twinings ‘Earl Grey’ not strongly scented/flavoured.
Only slightest hint of bathwater.

On name abbreviations:
I’ve never known a Kenneth who didn’t prefer being called Ken.

Jill said...

Lovely picture f the baby great tits. Di we know how many there are? I found a family of baby wrens (about 7 or 8) in an old garden shed which is open-sided, the parents were glaring and shouting at me inbetween trying to get their brood out of the shed, so in the end I left them to it! There is masses of ivy on an old tree/wall next to it, I think the nest is probably there? These tinies could hardly fly.

I do like a steel band....

Whitby brings back happy memories - particuarly of fish and chips....

There is sometimes a bluey tinge to some of my photos, sometimes not, didn't know you could adjust the colour? But I now have a new camera, guess what, it is the same as Y's! A good buy. said the chap in our local shop. Now have to work out how to connect it to cable and cable to computer....

Bob, you preferably prefer to be called that (rather than some other names....) to Robert?

Hope you managed to WOW today,G, and that blood results were good. No more cake for you....