Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Busy,busy, day - this wind is making us unsettled

I'd done a record-shot of branches being bent by the wind.

But it was ugly.

Jill's comment has just arrived saying that yesterday's snap showed the effect anyway.

So I've deleted it.

Instead you are treated to Incy Wincy Denis's Mandarin Duck. Much nicer pic Denis and thank you for it. This breed of duck is new in my collection and I must pay a visit to Colwick Park if the wildfowl are as exotic as this one. If you open the link there's another picture of a Mandarin Duck, on the water, 2nd row, left hand edge.

I personally didn't WoW today but the chaps went to Newark - a busy day in Newark because it's Market Day. Brian S and Terry S have already sent some pictures but I shall await the arrival of others before opening a Web Album. If I'm in too much of a hurry it only means I have to keep editing it.

Our day began quite early because we went to Ikea for breakfast. Before we went I potted-on 6 Basil seedlings, all of which were well rooted and looking healthy.

The picture on the right is the Palmers Green picture which Y wanted as a record of the rear of the house and also this beautiful wisteria currently in full flower. Y says that the blue of the blooms isn't blue enough. But it doesn't seem easy to fix. Anyway it is a very nice crisp picture and a good record of the Palmers Green house.

After Ikea Y went to Decathlon for swimming goggles for Elli, her existing ones are too big. Then we went to Heanor for cling-film from Aldi. It really is so good it's worth a special trip. The to Buy Right next door for odds and ends and a couple of those small self-assembly boxes.

Then to Netto at Langley Mill to see if they have any of the bird-feeder posts still in stock. They hadn't. So then to Lloyds TSB in Eastwood to ensure that all the financing of the Yaris had taken place, cheques paid in etc., thence to the Computer Shop for 'USB to Camera lead' for Y. And finally home and eventually lunch.

My responses to your previously written comments

Yvonne ..... I hope your letter is published by The Telegraph. Like you, I become more and more impressed with Vince Cable as each week progresses.

He shows good judgement and he keeps spotting things and making important points.

!00% agree with you about the new car. It's chubby little looks are beginning to appeal to me too. And I love the height off the ground and the better visibility all round.

Bob ..... Y's approach to travel by Coach, Rail or anything else is to try and enjoy the journey - looking at different things and places but, above all, her MP4 player, books, and newspapers.

Interesting about 'keel over'. Someone once made the point that when we are in trouble we use nautical metaphors, 'touch on the tiller' etc. But when things are going well we use motoring metephors like 'firing on all four cylinders' and so on.

Jill ..... I remember your letter in the Telegraph. We had to get Marilyn round at the Shop to organise an extra copy didn't we?

During my working life I had quite a lot of things published by The Telegraph, The Times and other more scurrilous organs. All work based though.

Comparitive sizes remain a mystery don't they and I'm prepared to let them be so. Almost linked is the ideal vessel for things? Fine bone china certainly improves the flavour of tea. Those really heavy, over-sized jam jar type beer glasses wreck the taste of Real Ale. Brandy glasses are just right for brandy etc, etc, although I've never been able to explain why these things matter.


I don't think we actually need a quotation today. This picture says lots.

I'm somewhere between 8 and 9 I'm afraid - on a good day.

And I've pinched the following line from Pete Brady



bob said...

Lovely Mandarin.

I find wisteria blue so delicate and easily lost in the background that it’s difficult to capture.
Charming garden though.

On travel metaphors, how about “Going to Hell in a handcart”? “Fair stood the wind”? “Going rapidly downhill”?

As you know I agree absolutely about bone china for tea, thin glass for beer (‘tulip’ preferred) and, although I don’t imbibe, chunky glasses for Scotch.

‘Wheels of Life’:
as you know from recently mailed photo, I stuck to 1 for as long as possible!

Not just Attlee.
Stan Matthews travelled to the Victoria Ground, Stoke, by bus.

Doesn’t ‘not knowing the goodies from the baddies’ make The Wire more like real life? (I thought that sort of ambivalence worked for the Sopranos also).
I’d say the language probably reflects reality too.
But they’re not reasons why you should like it. Chacun...


Lucky day.
Hooray Netto.
Trouble-free full refund (on 11 month old failed TV) without receipt.

Car Insurance.
‘More Than’ renewal quote £350.
‘Churchill’ (online) £150.
Policy difference? – ‘More Than’ has lifetime protected No Claims Bonus.
Both include Breakdown Cover.

Jill said...

Good for you Bob, we have just paid our car insurance, Saga,I wanted to shop around but when we looked at the date there was not enough time - next year......

Smshing duck - sometimes there are a pair of these in our local lake. One year they bred, the babies look like nothing like the parents.

It seems to be a good year for wisteria, I had one once, but it never flowered in spite of my best efforts. Can they take a cutting nowadays to their new place, probably ot, they will have enough to do as is. And that doesn't seem to happen nowadays, whereas I have several plants from my Mother's garden, moved about eleven years ago and flourishing.

I think I am about number six on the wheels - I do still drive locally, make a point of doing so once a week so I don't lose what skill I have.