Thursday, May 21, 2009

Yvonne at Burton Joyce - 60F - 5mph NW wind

Another Dovedale shot which reminded me of boyhood was this scree which we used to slide down on our backsides. It is rather steeper than it looks from this angle and the one towards the centre of the snap is the one. The other one, on the lefthand side is rubbish. Go and check it out if you don't believe me !

Y has been over at Burton Joyce and managed not to get drenched because the showery weather had continued. Fortunately better weather is forecast for the Bank Holiday weekend. Lets just hope.

The second picture is from a little further down the riverside and close to where the Dipper nest is. Dovedale doesn't change much.

Today I've been quite busy. Sorted the Picasa WebAlbum for WoW at Newark, and Dovedale. Tidied up some gardening projects - I put outside the geranium seedlings I pricked out for Betty. But then brought them in again because it occurred to me that they me be greenhouse varieties rather than for the border.

Caught up on some reading and then prepared a meal for Y's return. The day has zoomed by. No time for the crossword.

My replies to your comments

Yvonne ..... Thanks for your nice comment about the pictures, Apparently Dippers like fast-flowing rivers in hilly country. So the Dove is an ideal place for them.

Bob ..... Sorry about the young greenfinch. We have a bumblebee who would like to join us in the 'big room' and crashes (not fatally) into the window a couple of times a day.

Incy Wincy Denis ... Many thanks for your praise for the dipper picture. It is due to that 70-300nn VR Nikkor which really is a gem of a lens.

Thanks also for your good health wishes. Whatever - I am happy in myself.

Jill ..... The RSPB website is lovely isn't it? To be able to hear a snippet of the bird's song at the click of a button is so helpful.

I agree with you about the Griff Rhys Jones programme about Poetry. He did the topic no favours at all and sounded most of the time as if he was taking the mickey. Thats ok I suppose but he just didn't sound genuine.


Quotation time .............

"Poetry is a deal of joy and pain and wonder, with a dash of the dictionary"

Kahlil Gibran

Sleep tight - catch you tomorrow


Peter G said...

I enjoyed the Dovedale pictures. And our lunch out.

bob said...

Yes, the centre scree looks favourite.
I only ever recall screeing down the Glyders, aged 17; but I’ve led a sheltered life.

Several readers will already know I have joined The Jury Team (a political group which could confuse everything).
But if it just frightens a few people that’ll do for me.
Why not take a look?

I‘m with you on the veg.
Sandra prefers them near enough raw but she’s a s(al)ad person!

The Gryff Rhees Jones' poetry programme seemed all snippets. But I’ll persevere with it (assuming it’s a series).