Saturday, May 30, 2009

In the 70s again - barely a rustle of wind - great!

Our busy-ness continues. Bill S and his wife called in this morning and they have bought from us one of our Digital Picture frames. A duplication of presents had resulted in our owning two.

After Bill's visit we went shopping for routine stuff and then, after we had unloaded the car and put frozen stuff in the freezer, we went to Mansfield Halfords (see Y's comment). The Sat/Nav we selected was the one David recommended - Garmin Nuvi 205 - which seems just the job.

We got home in plenty of time for The Cup Final (please see Sports Desk) and Y tells me the result was just.

Picture 1 is Iris Sibirica in the evening light. By the looks of them they need thinning out when they have finished flowering. I grew them from seed and they have always enjoyed the slightly 'boggy' nature of their present location.

Weatherwise it has been another glorious day. That pesky wind has more or less gone away and we of unsteady footing feel safer on venturing out. My weight continues downwards albeit slowly and it is solely down to smaller portions and stopping eating when I am full. A virtuous circle, because my appetite has diminshed too.

Picture 2 is of another favourite at this time of year - the Cistus. The 'crumpled paper' look to the petals always delights. The one shown is the basic 'robusta' type and we have fancier versions, but I love the common-or-garden type best.

Last night I didn't sleep well. One would have thought, with all the fresh air and not having had an afternoon nap, I would have slept like a log but I didn't. I was on the internet buying trousers from Chums and shirts from Cotton Traders amongst other duties.

Then I cleaned the sensor on my Nikon. Twice before, when it has needed attention, Reg has done it for me.

I had bought a cleaning kit on e-bay and, having seen Reg do it, and armed with the camera handbook to sort out 'mirror lock-up' I managed a tidy job. A camera shop would usually charge in excess of £50.

My responses to your previously made comments

Bob ..... The funeral you attended sounds a splendid affair and I am glad you felt that the deceased would have approved.

Sorry your king-sized water pistol didn't work out. I noticed this morniing that Lidl have them too.

Yvonne .... Thanks for the Sports Desk coverage. And I'm glad your team were the victors.

We haven't really had chance today, but tomorrow we'll try out the Sat/Nav. It needn't be a long trip but I'm eager to see how it works.

As you know, I only saw snippets of Britains got Talent. while passing through. To my un-informed opinion Simon Cowell has the sort of face that asks for a smack. Pass me my un-lined police-gloves please.


Quotation time ...........

"Talent is god-given. Be humble. Fame is man-given. Be grateful. Conceit is self-given. Be careful."

We've promised ourselves a Rest Day tomorrow. Apart from a few fun jobs, some photography ones, perhaps an hour in the garden, cook Sunday lunch, catch-up on the Papers, a Sat/Nav test-flight, ring David, catch-up on TV programmes missed etc... we shall be at our leisure.

Sleep tight - catch you tomorrow



bob said...

Cup Final aside, I spent most of lovely day outside, preparing troughs for tomatoes.

I well remember the ‘host’ of wild iris growing in the peat bogs of Mull.
We’ve done well with the purple ones this year – I like them crowded.

I’d say Simon Cowell’s popularity is largely down to his unlikeability.

Yup; good Chelsea win. But Saha’s 25-second goal the highlight (that’s what Man U needed a few days ago).

Michael Winner might say “Watching the Final of 'Britain's Got Talent'? Never mind, dear; it’s only a television programme.”
And considerably more entertaining than much else broadcast, in my proletarian view.
We shall have to watch the repeat Sunday afto as we went to see ‘Slumdog Millionaire’ at Egmanton Village Hall instead (could have done with a Garmin!). To me not very memorable apart from the nasty bits.

Rob said...

Sports Desk:
Congrats to Chelsea
And Barcelona of course
Both worthy winners
Although the wrong teams won in my biased view of the world.

I hope your Garmin Sat Nav has a better sense of direction than the football team they sponsor, ie Middlesbrough, just relegated to Division Two, or the Championship as it's now called.

Rob Lacowicz (might have spelt that wrong) goes to a Canadian Ice Hockey camp this summer (he might already be there). He was chosen/invited by Panthers coach Corey Neilsen.

Travel News, incorporating weather:
We are at our caravan. Yesterday was wonderfully warm - we can't remember the last day like that in this country. Today is just as sunny but with a coolish breeze.

Arts Desk, incorporating photograhy:
I've taken a few pinhole shots today! First time for ages. How are you getting on with yours, RG?