Friday, May 15, 2009

Friday - Film disappointment - 1mph S - but 11.4C

Bob sent me a collage of Ralph at different times of his life. I just had to publish it.

In terms of character he was a big, big, dog and is much missed. And I know what a gap in Bob's life he has left.

Our day has had a disappointment. Yesterday evening I checked on the web for the cinema times for 'State of Play' and was told Fri-Weds 11.50am and we duly trammed it down to Nottingham and the Corner House, only to discover that the film wasn't on till this afternoon. This didn't suit our day at all so we trammed it back again. I have linked you to the official trailer, but the film had good write-ups and with Russell Crowe and Helen Mirren we had high expectations. Our packed sandwiches and cans of drink were at the ready. Apparently this is against Cine-World's house-rules so, as usual we were prepared to be naughty. It seems one is restricted to noisy Crisps, and Pop-corn etc., bought there. Bog-off! is our response.

Picture 2 is Y's picture of the Great Tit chicks on Thursday. on her Fujifilm and a much better snap than mine on the Nikon.

You can see three of them very clearly. Mine were just a jumble and not worth publishing.

Now they have feathers and markings are they technically 'fledgelings' ?

Or is that only when they are lined up on a branch and ready to fly off to their new lives ?

Picture 3 is my only contribution today and is yet another query.

This is one of Derek & Betty's Orchids and this morning I noticed, on the stem where the flowers join, little globules of syrupy fluid.

Ever the investigative reporter, I dipped my forefinger and tasted it. Very sticky but not at all sweet. I've never noticed our own orchids doing this.

Reg and Mo are the orchid experts so perhaps they could add a comment ?

You will have to left click the picture for the enlargement because at this size the droplets aren't very visible.

If necessary tomorow I'll get a tripod out and do the job properly from a little closer to the flower.

Just a note to Pete. This evening, over our meal, we watched an episode of Martin Clunes on the Islands of Britain on bbc iplayer. We like him. He seems a friendly warm hearted person. Amongst other Islands he visited, one was the Isle of Man where he interviewed the Prime Minster in his Shop.

And I didn't know that you, you rascal, are only paying 10p in the £1 Income Tax ! Good luck to you !

My comments on your previous comments

Bob ..... For about ½ hour this afternoon we had a brief spell of good weather. Warm and sunny and I decided, after pricking out Betty's plug-plants, to actually go out in the garden for an hour. Ten minutes later it was pouring with rain, and Thunder and Lightning. And not a word from Watnall about it.

I can understand that the Churchill Bulldog irritates you 'Oh Yes'.

Pete ..... What terrific news about your daughter's footballing success.

I had known previously about her playing, because I've read it on your Web Site here is a link for everyone to Mannanans Cloak.

Jill .... I think you are right about the White Campion. My Little Gem book doesn't show it. The early acquisition of a copy of yours is going to be an essential in my quest.

Thrilled to hear that you have set-up your camera and your Digital Radio pre-sets. I suspect that you will really enjoy Radio 7. Mind you, you have access to lots now. The World Service can be good too.

I understand your need for Y. But there is no question of her taking on additional duties. She has a full-time job looking after me, and keeping me in order.

Much the same as you re the crossword. The new setters appeal to me though and I am getting to understand their interesting ways of 'flagging' anagrams etc.

Shouting at plants is a tried and tested method of getting them to perfom. Even go so far as wagging a spade at them, whilst shouting. One of our lavenders never looked back.


Quotation time .......

"People from a planet without flowers would think we must be mad with joy the whole time to have such things about us"


bob said...

Ralph was little dog with big self-image.
He’d have enjoyed publication and thought it his right.

I’ve never understood need to eat in cinema. A tub of Eldorado, yes.
Looking at Newark cinema listings I’m struck that I haven’t for weeks spotted a film I’d want to watch (even on telly). Last one was ‘The Wrestler’.

Having resembled ‘foetus in the womb photos’, the Tits now look proper birds.

Fetched my Ollerton Advertiser in the short spell of bright weather. Thunder later.

Haven’t been watching the ‘islands’ but Clunes comes over well on screen.
I wish, however, he hadn’t remade Reggie Perrin (even though episode 3 was moderately amusing in very different way from inimitable original)

Prince Charles, of course, is great talker to plants. Does he shout? His dad would.

Well done indeed, your daughter!
I have 3 American granddaughters, all keen ‘soccer’ players (of course) but not anywhere near that level.

Graham used to get irritated with me because my camera said 2009 last year!

Bedding plants would be at risk here with possible frosts till June – and today they’d have been washed out again!


Is dyslexia particularly problematical if you come from Reading?

Reg said...

Sorry no idea, not experts ours just seem to grow well.
Eastwood Photographic Society Exhibition is now on display at Kimberley Library from now until June 13th. Altough I say it myself the standard is better than the one we visited last week.

Rob said...

Thanks for publishing the pictures of Ralph.

We have had a sad few days as one of our dogs, Tara, died on Wednesday in an escape attempt that went horribly wrong. She was a lovely dog and had a great zest for life.

Sports Desk:
Congratulations to the Champions.


Jill said...

Smashing collage of Ralph. My Harry was before computers, have very few pictures of him. I would love to have another dog, but we are too old to get a rescue one - though there must be old dogs who need a home?

I shall be interested to hear what you think of 'State of Play' - I thought about going, but loved the BBC one so much, with Bill Nighy, I thought it might be difficult to accept an American version with Helen Mirren in the same part.

I don't watch Reginald Perrin, Bob, but I was never so keen on the first one as everybody else seemed to be.

G would be irritated by my cooker then, it says the right time for six months, then the wrong time for six months when we alter the clocks, have never succeeded in changing it. But I don't use the timer anyway....

Delightful bluebell wood - that is just the colour of my new jacket that I bought in Peter Jones with Y's help!