Thursday, May 07, 2009

No EPS tonight - Y been at Burton Joyce

Lovely post-card through the mail this morning, from David and family while they were away at Whitby.

Apparently the Fish & Chips were as excellent as they look. Thanks folks.

Also in the mail was a letter from Colin Fletcher and a cutting about a Policeman's prize winning blog. The article includes reference to The Orwell prize for blogs.

This year's competition is now over but I shall certainly enter next year. Thanks Colin ! .....It is nice to know you read the blog and thought of it when you read the piece.

My day has been a classic example of Parkinson's First Law in that I don't seem to have had a spare minute doing an endless amount of little jobs. I've wasted a lot of time with Picasa Web Albums which culminated in a message telling me that they 'weren't available at the present time'. What they were doing remains a mystery. Drying their hair maybe?

I had promised myself and my fellow Wow-ers to deal with their pictures today and circulate a link to the new album. Patience chaps. I feel rather like Michael Winner saying 'Calm down dear. It's only a Web Album!' Rest assured that all your pictures are safe and secure and the problem will be solved.

Picture 2 is of a poppy in Derek and Betty's front border next door. So I can't really include it in my Wildflower collection.

My responses to your previous comments

jbw ..... A sensible and logical explanation for the 'blur' but I think Reg's is more persuasive.

Thanks anyway.

Bob .... I can't see how the Laxton website, which my link was to, was in anyway 'confusing'. It spelled out quite clearly the strip system.

Stuart Rose explained that although a crown holding, it was on the point of being considered uneconomic and therefore at risk of it being sold-off to save the crown money.

Reg ... Your 'blur' explanation ticks all the boxes and I'm sure you are right.

How interesting - about the speed cameras. Again, I'm sure the explanation you give is the correct one. Speed cameras are such a cash cow for the Police they can't be doing with 'missing ones'.

Rob .... We were all wrong about the nature of Rimbaud and bow to your knowledge in the matter..

As you will see clearly in the picture on the left. This was after emerging from the jungle and having had his hair cut before meeting the President'.

Thanks for the kind words about the wildflower collage. I fear a print would exaggerate the motion-blur. But I'll probably print one and see.

The 'sports desk' seems far from quiet at this end. However, whilst endorsing your criticism of the referee, Y bore the defeat with good grace.

Yvonne ..... No need for me to comment on your football notes.

How fascinating about the Great Tit chicks' mother. One wouldn't expect differences in parenting-skills in the bird world. I wonder if the mother is in fact the same bird as last year and has simply become more mature?

Really pleased that Miles has become a fellow photographer. We shall all look forward to examples of his work.

Jill .... Your wildflower identification book sounds ideal. Could you please blog, or e-mail me the title and author and then I can check if it is still in print.

Thanks for the further wren episode. Shame about the Mistle Thrush but doubt if I can offer any better explanation than your own.

I suspect that both cats, and certainly foxes, can kill just for the hell of it. That the carcase wasn't eaten doesn't rule them out in my opinion. Yesterday, our Thrush had a full and lengthy 'all over wash' in the bird-bath. And now, of course, there's no water in it. Another job for tomorrow.

Looking forward to your tree-peony photo - from your new camera of course !


Too tired for a quote I'm afraid. Sleep tight and I'll catch you tomorrow.



bob said...

Whitby Fish & Chips are justly renowned.

Orwell Prize sounds interesting (bet he’s glad he changed his name) but are you being political enough?

Perhaps Picasa was having what I believe miners called a ‘Bevin’ (or Rest Day).

Nice poppy.

You’re right. I was patronisingly trying to inform readers who HADN’T clicked your link. Unreserved apologies.
The bit about possible ‘selling-off’ comes as a surprise. That would be a mistake.

I think you’re anthropomorphising foxes (and cats).
Finding food is hard and when the opportunity arises...

I think you’re getting your eponymous films mixed up.
Rimbaud was surely a blue flying elephant.

Sorry not to have commented on United’s devastation of Arsenal (whose promising start was soon shattered).
Chelsea wuz robbed –
Drogba epitomised Wednesday’s blog quote.

My unqualified view coincides with your expertise re the lovely butterfly and dandelion ‘en collage’.

I didn’t see Drogba incident in full (just an unsurprisingly angry man).
Was it worse than Cantona’s assault on a fan? Am I being ingenuous?

Thanks for Wren info.
My knowledge is based solely on a nest my dad showed me some 70 years ago!

Mistle Thrush: Magpie?

Jill said...

Lovely poppy photo. You can almost feel the silky petals.

If David and co. ate fish and chips in Whitby, I bet they went to the Magpie (black and white painted) Cafe.....there's usually a queue outside!

I think foxes do kill just for the hell of it - I've read about them getting into hen runs and killing all of them, but just departing with a couple. Not sure about cats though?

I will go and find my flower book - I think it is down the side of the tumbler-dryer in the box-room (we live in that sort of house - I don't have Y's organisational skills).