Thursday, April 30, 2009

Wet morning - Y at BJ - 57F and 3mph Southerly

A collage of yesterday's WoW. For any newcomers, it means Walk On Wednesday by the way. As you can see the weather was kind and, fortunately, I am not experiencing any extreme after-effects. Tired but happy tired, as Y will be this evening on her return from granny-duty at Burton Joyce.

She has taken her new Fuji compact and, when we spoke on the phone at lunchtime she told me she had already taken some snaps in the Park.

This mornings weather was not good but now in the late afternoon the sun is trying to break through. The sun is shining but it is still raining so there should be a Rainbow somewhere.

Yesterday, in the Elton area, the hedgerows were packed with interesting wild-flowers and I can't decide if this is Herb Robert, or Red Campion ? The hairy bud-cases and stems are common to both. I'm pleased with my D80 with the 70-300mm fitted because the colour is absolutely right - if anyone feels more certain of the identification I am, as always, willing to yield.

Today I have had a restful day - Telegraph from cover to cover, fair whack at the crossword, naps, an excellent afternoon radio play about George V1's speech to the nation on Coronation Day and the problems surrounding the poor chap's stammer , the play was very sensitively written and performed ......., then a few computer jobs....... life's not bad is it ? .......

And fingers crossed, at the moment I feel well up to going to EPS this evening. I'm pleased because it is the Presentation Evening and I want to be able to clap and cheer enthusiastically, in the right places.

Y thinks she will give it a miss though because after the tedious return bus journey she will definitely be 'all in'.

My responses to your previously posted comments

Bob ..... Perhaps Llama Loin Medallions might have a certain cachet.

I too have had Jasmine Tea in Chinese Restaurants and enjoyed it. Whichever way I try Earl Grey I don't like it. It is the bergamot. However I am assured that a used Earl Grey tea-bag, allowed to cool, is an excellent cure for a cold sore - because of the bergamot.

Re fish ..... The Fish Counter at our local Morrisons is surprisingly good, and we also buy more exotic things frozen from Lidl.

I too mourn the lack of LocoScript - an excellent word-processing programme with many user friendly features.

Jill .... Strange about London's dearth of aubretia. I would have expected it to flourish there.

Re Llamas.... I suspect that you didn't open yesterday's link to the Wikipedia page about Llamas. It tells you about them .... and their uses etc., here it is again to save you going back.

Just to refresh people';s memories - if, in the blog, you come to something underlined and in a different colour, it will usually be a live link to a relevant page or website. A good way to check is to hover your cursor over it. If the arrow changes into a hand, click it because it will be a link.

Helen C ..... Glad you liked the Nine Stones link and I agree that Brinsley Llamas are better !

I think you pressed the poublish button twice or something. But don't blame yourself because there seems to be a blogger-glitch around. Recently Y has written a comment, only to find when she tries to 'publish' that the whole thing has vanished. I know Bob prepares his in 'word' and then copy/pastes into blogger.

But, for a normally brief comment, the method sounds tedious.


Quotation time .....

"The llama is a woolly sort of fleecy hairy goat, with an indolent expression and an undulating throat, like an unsuccessful literary man"

Hilaire Belloc

Sleep tight - Catch you tomorrow - or later this evening depending on EPS

p.s. I only stopped at EPS for the Annual Exhibition and then made my apologies and left before the actual presentations. It was good to see such an excellent range of quality pictures.

Much better then NEMPF. Our WoW members were well represented in the awards and I will post further particulars in due course.

It gives me great pleasure to publish the picture on the left. Y took it with her new camera from the Television at Burton Joyce. The TV has a wire leading into it from a camera in the Tit nesting box outdoors in a tree. The camera is a black & white one which accounts for the absence of colour in Yvonne's picture. Pretty damn good though ! In my opinion.



Yvonne said...

I never thought I'd say this - but on returning from Burton Joyce at 7pm I said to Graham 'I must show you this photo' ........ I've only had the camera five minutes. I've never been interested in photography (see a previous blog when I mentioned Egypt and cutting off the top of the Pyramids, etc.). So what is it about?

I am kept continually in touch with Lib.Dem. current issues (Gurkhas)- I am becoming increasingly impressed with the administration!

Don't forget folks - at a loose end on May Day? Think Burton Joyce and my lad's organisation of the Gala!

bob said...

We had VERY heavy rain just after 14.00hrs but not for long.

Different brands of Earl Grey vary considerably.
First I tried a very heavily scented/flavoured one but others much less so and, to me, an occasional pleasant milk free afternoon drink.

As mentioned before, the Lidl(?)Aldi(?) marlin is delicious and a lovely texture.

Investigated llama on Wiki.
No mention of it being eaten?
A cama is a hybrid between a llama and a camel, presumably less excitable than either.
Llamas do not have eyelashes. However, their cousin the alpaca does.

The Belloc is like an incomplete verse.

Even for my normal brief comments I find Word useful and not tiresome!

Honesty is always all over the place (despite what you read in the papers).

Llamas are notoriously good for trekking unless you are unfortunate enough to get one of the very slow ones (the ‘dally llamas’).

Rob said...

Well done the Lib Dems and the Gurkhas, I say. But very poor of Cameron to jump on the bandwagon and claim victory when his (expletive deleted) party had many years to do something and failed miserably.

Watch out Y, that's what cameras do to you; they seduce you into thinking you can take good pictures and then along comes a NEMPF judge to tell you otherwise! But keep snapping girl, and keep publishing them RG!

I like the look of the bottom left collage picture.

Llamas, red bush tea
That's what makes the world go round
Thank you blogmeister
Poet laureate
Without a case of claret?
No thanks, worthless job

Jill said...

I don't seem to able to find Radio 7 - admittedly on my cheap little radio, although I think I can get it through Sky? None of the papers or Radio Times gives the frequencies for it. Do you know G, or have you got one of those pre-set ones?

I like the look of Y's photo - is it a great tit's or a blue tit's nest we are looking at?

You mis-judge me, I always look at your links (unless it's phptography!) I was wondering why that partcular farmer chose to have llamas. Alpacas are much more financially viable, have huge eyes and eyelashes, are very friendly and inquisitive, and they hum to their babies to keep them happy.....

Friend was telling me her grandson's latest- Jacob is nearly three, his best friend at nursery is a little girl called 'Suggestica'. Turns out to be Jessica!