Sunday, May 17, 2009

No real blog post today. Not ill or anything - Just tired.

You will all have to excuse me this evening. We just returned from our trip to Anglesey Abbey with Mansfield National Trust. To tired to start a blog entry.

I will respond to your previous comments tomorrow.



bob said...

After life?
(I’ll believe it when I see it)

I doubt Dylan Thomas would tell ‘back-to-front’ difference!

Helen C:
Everyone’s condolences greatly appreciated.
Even after 15 month...

How’s about someone younger ‘homing’ a rescue dog then selling it to me?


Sandra, having eaten pro-biotic yoghourt looks forward to seeing bones (x-ray vision) and leaping onto rooves.

Tilly said...

Hello, sorry I havent been on for a while. I absolutley adore your new car is soooo cute! As Millicent says, 'It's amazing!'

Out of 6 great tit chicks we're now down to 5. Sadly. But their all doing really well and look just like the parents. They'll be fledging any day since they're stick the littlie heads out the box.

I'll keep you updated with them and perhaps send some images.

Hannah x