Thursday, May 28, 2009

Burton Joyce for Y - 70F - Cloudy but some Sun

Please excuse the lack of quality of this picture of some elderly water-babies yesterday at Darley Dale.

A straightforward record shot showing the awfully wet conditions.

The car started this morning at the first vigorous turn of the starter-motor and the battery seemed full of charge and healthy.

So, while en route to the tram this morning, Y rang Steve at the Garage and told him I wouldn't be taking the car in. Lots of things needed to be done today including me having a good rest.

We had decided on an egg salad and I prepared and cooked Jersey Royals to have cold and later some hard-boiled eggs (I didn't give them quite long enough and the yolks were too runny) plus lettuce, celery, radishes and some crinkle-cut beetroot. I had a good sit with the Telegraph and the crossword, frequent naps of course.

Karen came and mowed, with the repaired mower, and then I did a little more de-weeding of the ring-border and planted the rest of the Geraniums. Picture 2 on the right illustrates.

With regard to the rest of this particular border I must see if 'mixed annuals' seed is still available. I realise it is quite late for sowing seed but things always catch up and then flower for a bit longer at the other end.

We haven't discussed it though and Yvonne may already have something in her mind as to how she would like it to look.

Roy called in to pick up a Basil plant which is to accompany them in the Caravan. After he'd left I realised I had given him a roooted cutting, and I wanted him to have a seedling which I think might be more vigorous. When he returns he can have one of those too.

Y returned from her usual Thursday at Burton Joyce and was tired. But she had played cricket, and football, and I don't think there were many quiet periods as the children are all off for the Whitsuntide break.

My responses to your previously written comments

Bob ..... Re chip cobs. Almost everywhere we visit for chip-cobs they serve everyone a cob, sliced in half and buttered and several crocks of chips are put on the table so that people assemble their own. It would be quite odd, in our experience, to be served with one that had already been made into its final form.

The Toyota does have an audible 'lights-on' warning which operates when you get out of the car. I was sitting in it ! It would be very strange for a car to emit an audible warning that the lights were on, while you are sitting in the car. I've never come across that - perhaps you could name makes and models ?

Jill .... We all hope your Bristol city break is a success. But we shall miss you on the blog and look forward to hearing all about you holiday when you return.

And, hopefully, some pictures.


Quotation time .....

"The one function TV news performs very well is that when there is no news we give it to you with the same emphasis as if there were."

David Brinkley

This another line/divider from the site recommended by Pete B.

It makes me think of Duggie (EPS) who is a keen archer.



bob said...

Dramatic weather change!
Yesterday bitterly cold; today hot.
Good to sit beside open door at Old Reindeer, Edingley. Sandra having some free time, I was finally able to take her for her birthday (13 March) treat – after her morning visit to de-hospitalised and remarkably sprightly Bilsthorpe octogenarian, of course.
As previous visit, £5 carvery was excellent (I had meat & potato pie again, this time suet-crusted). And accompaniments even better (roast Med-veg and roast root-veg plus the more mundane).
Then to Tesco to purchase another cheap telly – this one with ipod docking facility which I shall never use (but only £5 extra). They did overcharge me £20 (it had been reduced) but Sandra noticed when we reached carpark and I returned to claim it without trouble.
Also visited Netto and bought 2 British belly-pork joints - and a ‘water blaster’ for neighbour’s Alsatians.

Well, it just shows to go how long since I had a chip cob – I don’t recall ever being served one unassembled!

I hadn’t appreciated you were seated in car as lights gradually faded. I’d assumed that you were trucking about in the vicinity.
My faith in Toyota is restored.

Hurry back Jill.

Yvonne said...

Still recovering from my cricket and football stint at Burton Joyce. When I sought a rest - Miles asked me "why, Grandma?". "Because I'm old". "Don't be silly" ......

Looking forward to purchasing my swimming goggles so I can put my face in the water when I swim. Hannah has shown me the breathing technique. (There are some goggles on offer at Lidl next Thursday which are much cheaper than Decathalon - after all I'll not be competing in races so don't really need the quality I buy for Ruby and Elli).

Garden looks great, Graham. You've done a good job.

jbw said...

I too like your little archer but although there are two "stray" arrows in the boss I doubt if even Doug could plant every arrow in the gold. Even at 30 metres it is not as easy as it looks and at 90 metres or 100 yards is impossible to get more than a few in the gold in good conditions. In bad it is impossible. Could you please make it more realistic by scattering a few round the boss or even more realistically, missing altogether?