Thursday, May 14, 2009

Y at Burton Joyce - NE at 10mph - Cold though

Above is a selection of Miles's 8th Birthday Cards, on the mantelpiece with Grandma looking at them. The 'tiger' was a mobile and very effective.

This morning I took Y to the tram and then came home and did some jobs. The most important of which was unblocking the washing machine which had developed the unhelpful habit of jettisoning a load of water on the kitchen floor whenever Y unfastened the door. If it didn't do that every time, all the clothes came out dripping wet. I thought the most likely cause would be a blocked drainage pipe. And I was right. Wedged quite firmly in the mouth of the outlet pipe was a fentanyl patch. It must have become detached from my arm and adhered itself to the inside of a shirt sleeve. Those damned patches. If they aren't making me dozy they block our outlet pipes.

I managed a fair bit of messing-about, read The Telegraph, made a poor effort at the crossword, caught up with some reading and listened to some Radio. Jill now has a digital radio Y tells me, and I do hope she is enjoying the output.

Picture 2 is yet another in my 'Wildflower' collection. I spotted it in the verge down Beanford Lane.

It was the white colour which attracted my attention. There are at the moment many red and pink flowers which are similar.

If anyone could hazard a guess as to its identity please ?

As the weather at Watnall tells us, that nasty wind has backed off to a measly 10mph North Easterly. But with the temperature at 9.5C it feels very cold. More like November than mid May.

And the forecast is not good with a maximum temperature of 14C.

At Burton Joyce the children were very interested in the Yaris. And they loved it. I suppose that, in comparison to their family vehicles it must have a dinky-quality. Millicent accorded it the ultimate accolade, she said it was 'amazing'. And demanded to be collected from School in it ASAP.

My responses to your comments

Bob .... Glad you enjoyed the Mandarin Duck. Do the chinese use it as an essential for Peking Duck I wonder ?

Netto certainly played the game.

As you know I've always felt comfortable with Churchill and it isn't just their 'Oh Yes!' bulldog. To whom I am told I bear more than a passing resemblance both in looks and sound. They were very good when that lamppost leapt out behind me in Mansfield and crashed into my rear door. The bodyworks where they sent it for repair were first class and I didn't even lose my 'no claims' bonus. And when I added you to the insurance for 3 days they charged me just £18 which seemed cheap. Perhaps thats why the car gave you back-ache !

Jill .... Please see above re Car Insurance. Another thing is that Churchill don't make a fuss about one being over 70. I understand that several firms do.

How interesting that Mandarin duck chicks don't look like their parents. Eventually I suppose they must do. Unless all those you saw were females or something.

Wisteria can seem temperamental. But I have heard about Garden Centres selling plants that look good at the point of sale, but are never going to flower, right from the outset. A thing about the Palmers Green plant which I should have told you is that the actual plant is next door, and all the flowers are in Debra's. But a cutting would be worth a try. A good time of the year to give it a go.


Quotation time .....

"Genius may have its limitations, but stupidity is not thus handicapped"

Elbert Hubbard

When I researched him, from this quote, I was under the mistaken impression that I knew nothing of him. Also that I hadn't read anything of his. Again, I was wrong ! His world famous 'A Message to Garcia' I had read and an inspirational piece it is too but I can't remember the circumstances of my reading it.




bob said...

Sorry to hear your washer's going through a bad patch.

I’m pretty sure it’s a flower.
A white one.

Cold and wet.

So that’s what they mean by cheap travel!
The bulldog irritates me but I’ll put up with that!

I understand less scrupulous garden centres sell wisteria grown from seed rather than cuttings; ergo…

Great quote.

Wisteria requires patience. Sandra threatened ours after 7 years and it bloomed the next!
I understand cuttings work (eventually) but not seed.


Variation on ‘walls have ears’.
Some of you already know that an auld acquaintance of mine (unknown to Graham) googled his father’s name and thereby inadvertantly hooked into ‘radiogandy’!

Son Dan’s partner Emma is initiating a north Notts school’s pilot scheme, possibly to be rolled out nationwide, whereby (volunteer) Lower VI and (paid) Upper VI students will supervise an afterschool/homework club for Year 7/8 pupils (12/13yrs) who would otherwise be returning to empty homes.
Sounds a good idea for all involved?

Pete said...

Graham, no problem about the "stolen line" at all. In fact I was going to pinch one you had used but decided to go and do a search on Google where I found that one.......Sports desk news that some might find interesting....My youngest step-daughter has always been sports mad especially football. She is seventeen and plays in goal and has represented the island at ladies level for the past three years. Anyway to cut a long story short she has been accepted after two trials to join the academy of the best ladies team in Europe if not the world, Arsenal.

Jill said...

I think the flower is White Campion - book says 'flowers from May onwards - about two weeks later than red campion'.

It's been a good day - I managed to set time/date on new camera and do the pre-set buttons on new radio. And sorted out bbciplayer, which I have had for some time but not very good at negotiating web-site.

Managed to put in a few bedding plants, snap-dragons, cosmos, violas, silver-leaf thing. Gardener not in favour of such things, too labour-intensive. He is right, of course, but they do supply almost instant bursts of colour in the bare patches.

Y sounds a most useful person to hve around, still think you ought to hire her out....My speciality is the c.heating boiler and water pressure....

One day this week I finished crossword, other days, hardly any done.

Perhaps I should have shouted at the wisteria, I didn't know all that about seeds, etc, Bob.