Monday, May 11, 2009

Car change-over day - ENE Wind - 11⅓C -Coolish

Our well-cherished Civic has gone and our much-to-be-loved Yaris has arrived. The changeover seems to have occupied most of my day.

The big bit Willis (the garage-owner) did for me i.e. going to the tax office, changing over the details, obtaining my new tax-disc - he is very good. We have been customers a long time. This is the third car we've bought from him - he always does the servicing and we pay cash-on-the-nail.

Perhaps in terms of looks the Civic wins, but in other respects, particularly with regard to my disabilities, the Yaris has the edge and Y will so enjoy the four-door aspect.

As you will see from the title we are still having wind trouble. The raw wind-speed is 17mph but with gusts of 31mph. Incidentally the Yaris tells us the outside temperature. Something else to bore people with !

We received this lovely and witty card from Peter & Joan this morning, welcoming the new car.

What a sweet thought - I think some of our friends are as daft as we are ! .... I don't mean it Peter and when Yvonne has settled in from her London trip we must exchange visits. Then we can show you our Yaris and perhaps even take you out in it.

Some of the roses have been showing 'colour' for some days now but the first to actually bloom is Gertrude Jekyll at the side of the front door. I must remember to mix up some feed and go round as many as I can. They are a little early I think, at least for this garden.

In Notts and Derbys June is accepted as the prime month for roses and a trip to Haddon Hall is always worth it.

Y has already been round ours with her first application of Rose Clear. Usually she does it 4 times which sounds a nuisance but it certainly does seem to control black spot.

I really am looking forward to getting out in the garden again, to do a little more work, but honestly it is too cold and windy.

My Dad, who was a good gardener, used to consider Whitsuntide plenty early enough to make a serious start. His exception was his Runner Beans, always Scarlet Emperor, and he would say - "Plant 13th of May, grow night and day". And we always had beans just as early as everyone else.

It will be good to have Y back tomorrow afternoon. I'm due to collect her from Phoenix Park around 2.30pm. I hope she remembers to look for a strange blue vehicle rather than a racy looking low-slung job in red ! ...... I can always toot. We spoke earlier and she had had a great 'lunch' with Jill. Barbara turned up too. I think they were aiming for Peter Jones.

My responses to your previous comments

Jill ..... Whether or not David & Helen and family have seen the Windsor Dolls House online I
don't know but here is a link to what looks like a good webpage about the official guide-book.

I'm not sure whether Marlene is black or red cherry jam. Very dark red is the physical colour. Had I more space I would have published a snap.

Ian Hislop is a very talented young man ! As you say - many-faceted. He owes his career in some part to Richard Ingrams who appointed him as his successor at Private Eye while Ian was still in his early twenties.

Bob .... Two cassettes is no substitute for a book. Was the ordering error yours or theirs?

jbw .... I'm sure David and family will know about the Ripley emporium. They have had Dolls Houses as a hobby for some time now and will have ferreted out such places. Thanks anyway.


Quotation time .....

"I can't think of a decent quotation for this evening"

Alfred Goosewhistle - 2009



incy wincy denis said...

hope you are keeping better, a bit off topic but I seem to remember that you had a recipe for tomatoe soup, is it possible to let me have it please or where I can download it.
Seem to remember you saying ,when you was in the "force" you always told the truth except when on oath, well I must have met one of your proteges last thursday in Skegness court. will tell you in more detail next time we meet

bob said...

I must agree the Honda aesthetically more pleasing but think you will like the Toyota.
Our Astra shows external temp too!

Still good ‘drying weather’…
…to be followed by bitterly cold Monday night (as result of reversed wind direction)

Wot witty card?

At the Durham Ox, a yellow rose by the front door was always in bloom a week before Chelsea Flower Show (whenever that is)

I recall Whitsun as traditional ‘tater planting time.

You speak true: cassettes no substitute for book…
…but well voiced, entertaining and cheap!

incy wincy denis:
I have Pete’s soup recipe if Graham doesn’t.


‘Big Art’ (Sunday, 7pm, Ch 4).
Anyone interested in public sculpture, who missed it, might wish to replay.

Female wisdom: ‘Built in wardrobes are bigger than freestanding ones’.
You know what they mean, but…
(I’m no mysoginist but you sometimes have to smile, don’t you?)

Jill said...

I hope you are both enjoying the benefits of the new car - go for practicality and comfort every time....

And Yvonne and I and a mutual friend (we have known each other for fifty-five years....) had a splendid time together, good lunch, at a window table overlooking Sloane Square.

I have had a small yellow rose out for two weeks, it started off life as a patio rose in a small pot, but last year Gardener put it into a much larger one and fed it and it has quadrupled in size and is covdred in buds. And two Golden Wedding roses are just opening up.

Bob, I was wondering what the witty card was too, thought I was missing something.

I thought everyone knew that about wardrobes......

Very chilly here this morning, if we were staying in I'd have the heating on, but it is M & S shopping followed by lunch at Fi's pub.

Yvonne said...

First ride in the new car on my return home - excellent though not as nice looking as the Civic.

Jill: great seeing you and Barbara yesterday and my alternative route home (avoiding the dreaded Circle Line - up here no-one fully appreciates the horror of the Underground) was much better.

Graham is just about to prepare dinner - surprisingly he cooks very little when I'm away and is glad when I return so he can get cracking in the kitchen!

Nature footnote: all six great tit chicks are still with us and now have feathers! Photo, maybe, on Thursday.