Friday, May 22, 2009

Birthday Lunch for Peter and Jean at Redbrick House

We've had a busy day and took Peter G and Jean B out for lunch to celebrate their 8oth Birthdays. Both looked marvellous and we all agreed it was to do with having active minds and plenty to occupy themselves with.

The location chosen was Redbrick House, on Peafield Lane at Mansfield Woodhouse. If you open the link you will see what an attractive setting it is - I quite like the look of the Holiday Log Cabins which are to be developed. I could book one for a few days and indulge my wildlife photography interest.

I can't show you any of my photographs of the place, or the setting, because there aren't any. My camera remained in the car.

The service in the Restaurant and the quality of the food was first class and I would have no objection to re-visiting.

The little Yaris performed bravely. It really makes one think of The Tardis because the car looks so small outside, but we got 5 adults in, all wearing seat-belts, and people didn't feel crowded. 'Amazing' as Millicent would say. But, not knowing the car, I was much obliged to Joan who pointed out that I was nearly out of petrol

We had a lovely time at Peter and Joan's both before and after the meal, for tea/coffee. Lots of laughs and light-hearted fun sometimes about Mansfield National Trust among other things.

Some days ago I think I may have mentioned a Bumblebee who kept crashing into a front window, in an effort to join us in the big room.

This morning he succeeded due to the window being open - only to die on the napkin box. At least he finally got his wish and lets hope he died a happy bumblebee.

Peter gave us some lovely fresh rhubarb and a smashing bunch of radishes. He went and got both straight out of the garden while we sat there, and at the moment I am enjoying cheese & biscuits with 'fresh as you can get' radishes for my tea. And WoW are they tasty !

My responses to your previous comments

Peter G ..... I am really happy that you have sussed out how to access the blog and, now the 'comments' system. Another 'comment-er' is most welcome.

That is not to undervalue the contribution of our stalwarts, without whom I would feel as if I was bellowing out of my rear bedroom window, without a megaphone.

Bob ..... For the benefit of other readers I am making The Glyders a live link because some people may not immediately know it's a mountain range in Wales.

Now I have a little time I shall have a look at The Juryteam and publish my impressions. Here is a link to a Martin Bell article about them. I didn't link you to their actual site because my 'siteadvisor' wasn't completely happy, and I don't want people picking up an infection of Malware from this blog.


David and Helen and Sky and Brooke are visiting in the morning. That will be fun and we shall enjoy getting up-to-date with their news - always a lot of interesting things.

Quotation time ......

"What this country needs are nore unemployed politicians"
Edward Langley

Edward Langley was an artist but I couldn't find a biography to link you to. No Wiki page even !

But, talking of politicians - MATT strikes again



bob said...

Holiday log cabins on my doorstep, hey?
I shall be able to visit you (I was never a Boy Scout but I did go to camp with them once and obtain my ‘Tracker’s Badge’).

Monthly jazz nights ceased at Red Brick House 20 years ago.
That stopped me going.

Did the poor bee fall down dead, or was he pushed?

My Glyders experience was part of a week’s holiday.
We cycled 100 miles to Chester the first day, camped, and next day another 100 to sleep on a rocky ledge over the river near Llyn Idris (no tent, as pegs would not go in).
We climbed Tryfan in shorts and shirts, screeing down via the Glyders. Amazing weather; for the whole week we never lost sight of the mountain tops during daylight and got very sunburnt.
Constant rain on the second day of the return journey gave me first-stage frostbite in my hands (fixed rigid, like talons, for a month).

I’m not proselytising JuryTeam but think they’ve picked right time to provide preferable alternative to BNP.

Does Edward Langley being an artist excuse plural verb with singular subject?

Jill said...

I loved that cartoon, wondered if that was one you would include.

The Redbrick House looks delightful - just what it says on the packet! I am trying to work out who the five people were in the car, I only make it four, but as you were there I bow to your superior knowledge....and then fresh rhubarb and radishes.... I don't actually like radishes, but have fond memories of my grandfather growing them, he often had them the way you described for tea.

I approve of and trust Martin Bell - in theory it would seem to be A Good Idea to have a group of Independents in the House (if they could agree between themselves) but am not sure how it would work in practice. I was listening on radio to somebody proposing we adopt the American system, again some of it sounded good, but not all..... Fewer MPs and an elected House of Lords would seem to be a good start.

Lovely day here today, Golden Anniversary roses all out, Albertine almost, lupins in flower and canterbury bells. I shall go and sit outside for an hour before lunch, am hospital-visiting this afternoon.