Monday, May 18, 2009

The gusty wind persists - 58F - a Rest Day

Today's wet, windy, and cold weather makes us realise how lucky we were yesterday at Anglesey Abbey. Stormy during the journey but after arrival we had warm sun and everyone was able to see outside things as well as indoors.

Our route from Car Park to house was longer than the most direct but one of their volunteers recommended it and, thanks to my wheels, we managed it. And I'm so glad we did for the sight of these trees.

One of our ladies assured us they are 'Silver Birch ' but we doubt it. Most indigenous Silver Birch don't acquire this absolute whiteness when young, if at all, and we think this is one of those tree species that in the Autumn have a really attractive bark-peel. Does anyone know?

Inside the house the Art Collection was a high point for us. In one room was the last picture Richard Parkes Bonington painted and remains unfinished but delightfully bright perhaps in consequence. He has a special place for Nottingham people because of his birthplace in Arnold. There were other treasures - Holbein, Constable, Claude de Lorraine, Munnings, a Landseer or two, one of a Spaniel that looked as if it had been fed sugary sweets - awful!

The second picture is of Lode Mill which we didn't manage to pull in. This picture was from the closest point we reached. Y would liked to have gone down to it but I was flagging a bit by that stage.

The Mill is still functioning and people bought stone-ground flour and oatmeal etc.

The coach journey was good fun and we had lots of laughs. Peter G is still in his plaster cast (broken wrist from being knocked over on a crossing in London by a cyclist) but Joan has stepped into the breach by taking on the driving. On Friday we are going out with Peter and Joan, and Jean to celebrate Peter's and Jean's 80th Birthdays. They are an example to us all.

Tomorrow I have a blood-test, Y is having her hair done and then we are off over to Sherwood for a nails service. Charity Shops will beckon and I must keep an eye open for jigsaws for Joan G. While we are over there it would be nice to call in on Joan B but Yvonne hasn't managed to contact her yet.

Sports Desk - Y had a nice chat with Margaret M and her grandson 'Lachs' is doing extremely well. Although he is one of Nottingham Panthers stars his actual team is 'Lions' and recently he has had 4 other offers.

My comments on your comments

jbw...... Thank you for 'Rainbow Bridge' which I am sure will bring comfort to bereaved pet owners. For my taste it was rather sugary and cloying I'm afraid.

Bob .... As you know, I only have one actual 'field' but that can be located anywhere. On reflection, perhaps I have two. One is a 'field' and the other is a 'small enclosure'.

The fact that I could not find a bird feeder-stand anywhere was nature's way of telling me I prefer the feeders hanging in the Rowan Tree anyway. The fact that sometimes I can't see the birds clearly enough to photograph them is but a minor hitch.

Jill .... I hope you will enjoy your Morrisons. Like Debra you will be pleasantly surprised at the prices and also the quality and range of goods. It is our favourite Supermarket.

I can easily understand your reaction to Rainbow Bridge and my 'comment' above should not in anyway be interpreted as a put-down.

Helen C .... I think your comment will be much appreciated by both Rob and Bob. It is over a year since Ralph died but I know how much Bob misses him still.

Your remarks about the silliness of the 'dog rescue' 70yr limit are absolutely right. There are so many 40yr olds who are not fit to have a dog and many at 70+ who would be ideal. Often more so because they have the time and the commitment.

Tilly .... Great to have you commenting!

Thanks very much for the update on the Great Tit chicks. I guess that, by Thursday when I collect Grandma, the situation may have changed again. Lets hope there are no more casualties.

We would all love a picture of them outside the nest box.

Quotation time ..... While I was looking up a quation for May I came across this old dictum, known to all Bee-keepers ........

"A swarm in May
Is worth a load of hay;
A swarm in June
Is worth a silver spoon;
A swarm in July
Ain't worth a fly."

The reasoning behind it is that a swarm (usually around 18,000) in July won't have time that year to grow into a honey producing colony. So you have to look after them, feed them if necessary, all for a nil return.

In the original Derbyshire version the 4th line read "Ain't come too soon"


Sleep tight - catch you tomorrow



bob said...

Typical April weather continues!

Just a guess – could the trees be Alder?

No need to visit London; Sandra’s sister had her nose broken being knocked over by a cyclist in Nottingham.

If, on your charity shop visits, you see a pottery/china butter dish (at a competitive price)...?
We have a stainless steel one unsuitable for the microwave.

i don’t quite understand your ‘bird-feeder’ comment but mine keeps falling over, so best forgotten anyway!
It was just that we have no otherwise suitable, viewable, front garden alternative.

Sorry folks, but for me Rainbow Bridge is just too ‘Peoples Friend’.
Give me Old Shep (and Viz) any day!

Generalising, I’d say 30 year old couples both out at work are far less suitable dog owners than septuagenarians!

I think anyone’ll be lucky to see a swarm of 18000 bees in ANY month this year

I was going to rejoin U3A today but I didn't bother.
It's so much easier to do nothing and not be committed to anything.

PS: I know many lovely people enjoy ‘Peoples Friend’ (as they and/or others do ‘Mills & Boon’ and ‘Songs of Praise’.
And so they should but I am not among them.

Jill said...

Tree photograph - no idea what sort they are - but it looks like a painting, I immediately thought of David Hockney, he's painted something recently like that - and I read in the paper that the woods where he painted have been cut down.

I hope your blood test passes muster (now where does that phrase come from - sounds military) and that your research into charity shops turns up a butter dish for Bob.

We had the heating on last night....where is this hot summer we have been promised.....

Yvonne said...

Busy, busy day. My 'hairdressing' is a haircut - not some fancy blowdry. (Who has the time to sit under a dryer for ages?). And my 'nails' is a repair job for the nail that was destroyed when I was 2 and (stupidly) put my hand into a door to stop it closing ........ ouch .... but I was only 2!). I'm not as vain as Graham's blog implies.

Big day today - I joined the local gym so that I can swim regularly. This is due to Debra's saying when I'm in London watching Ruby and Elli swim - "I can see that you really want to do it" ......

And I've got my Lib.Dem. leaflets to deliver - and I've read them so I can respond ........