Sunday, May 03, 2009

53F - 9mph NW wind - hence chilly - Done lots though !

This morning I received 2 pictures from John who has now left Brittany and they called in at Parthenay, a Medieval town with the Citadel (shown on the left) and fortifications.

Picture 1 in the collage was taken from the fortifications. The message type (from John's mobile phone to my computer) only allows for the briefest of captions, so I can't bring you up to date on their travels. I'm sure more information will arrive in due course.

David texted me to say that they are in Whitby for the weekend and again, I look forward to hearing more.

Our day has been busy. Y found more to do in the Garage, but mostly cleaning up and tidying things. She hasn't generated more tip-material. I decided to brave the cold wind and do some more work in the garden. I cleared a small section of weedy border and did a small amount of work on my little herb garden. Once I get started gardening I really enjoy it and carry on until done-for. My kneeling device with the handles is a godsend and although getting down and then eventually up again isn't easy, it is at least possible and I don't feel at risk of falling over.

It pleases me to report that my basil seeds have germinated. I only set maybe 5 seeds (on 24th April) because what shall I do with the plants ? Probably Reg and Maureen will accept one and so will Peter and Joan. Derek and Betty next door usually do, and then bring us swaps which is nice.

I managed to sort out a picture. They all looked rubbish and then I realised the cause - I hadn't changed the camera back from spot-metering the moon in the early hours of yesterday morning. Simple, straightforward carelessness ! Take 40 lines.

Picture 3 is to show JBW the Whittards coffee which I prefer and mentioned previously.

So as to get the freshest of fresh flavour I grind the beans in fairly small quantities. Probably 2 days supply, no more. Unground the coffee doesn't go stale and lacklustre.

Y's liking for 'instant' (Carte Noir) is because she doesn't like her coffee as strong as mine. However, when we entertain, I do a large cafetierre and she isn't pedantic about it.

Another reason for grinding my own is that the fineness of the ground varies, depending on whether you are to produce Espresso, Cafetierre, or Filter.

Thats enough about coffee thank you .... editor

My responses to your previous made comments

Bob ..... I agree about the virtues of Council Tips. We too have a charity called 'Family First' who will collect some things but are incredibly picky. We wanted to dispose of a dining table and 6 chairs. They didn't want the table, and would only take 4 chairs, leaving the other 2. In the end we have given up asking them - they manage to make you feel guilty for having the audacity to try to give them something. No doubt a staffing-problem but still an offput.

Re the 'artist' and his/her work. The big difference is that Carol Ann Duffy's poetry is oustandingly good whereas Hitler's paintings were crap.

Jill ..... It seems your Council is more enlightened than ours, who remain good in many other ways.

Re DAB Radios. The picture on the right is my little Sanyo portable which is a DAB Radio, an FM Radio and an MP3 player all rolled into one. The children bought it for me for my 70th and it has been a gem.

I photographed it together with its earphones to show that it is quite small.

It was bought from John Lewis and I guess it would be doubtful if the model is still currently available. John Lewis anyway would be a good place to start your search because they are still a reliable and helpful firm and their assistants generally have a good enough knowledge of their stock to be of genuine help to customers.

Glad the 'party in the park' was a success. Obviously the weather was kind, and I'm glad there was an available 6yr old to help you with the gate !

You are right thag the head at the bottom of the blog was Aristotle, but, there is a certain similarity ..........

Yvonne ...... How we have acquired a mystery rucksack I don't know ! I hope you will now leave the Garage. You have done a brilliant job and thanks for sorting out my bird-feeders stuff, and the garden liqiuds etc..

It is YOU who decides to have The Daily Mail ! We could always have 2 copies of The Telegraph ! What The Mail said about Carol Ann Duffy was just plain untrue and I'm glad I was able to dig out the two clips for you which explains the true position.

JBW .... Although your further contribution to the 'coffee thread' was via e-mail I thank you for it anyway.


Quotation time ............

"If this is coffee, please bring me some tea; but if this is tea, please bring me some coffee"
Abraham Lincoln

"Sleep tight - Catch you tomorrow - May be late because of BJ Carnival"


jbw said...

Disposing of good condition furniture, electrical items, clothes etc. We have found that "Lighthouse" who have shops at Jacksdale, Leabrooks, Alfreton, Ripkey + others, is very good and can/will collect large items donated. It is a charity that concentrates on local needs.

I too like your choice in the brown bag - store in the freezer between grinds.

Reg said...

4 tick immediatly said "Oh Yes Please"

Helen C. said...

Just catching up on the blog after a stressful week-end. I like the look of the new car, it sounds as though it will suit you very well.
On the issue of taking things to the tip, whenever I have something large to get rid of, I have used Freecycle ( where you can advertise stuff that you want to give away. I have got rid of huge items like wardrobes that way. There's an Eastwood group and a Nottingham group.

bob said...

Your moonshot/basil problem sounds a sophisticated version of my failing to reset macro!

Should’ve been at Ollerton Village Hall auction this morning but couldn’t raise enthusiasm.

My last job was with Family First Projects Agency (a Community Programme agency sponsored by Family First).
I understand your tetchiness. LBW’s Lighthouse sound more user friendly.
And Helen’s Freecycle’s something that’s interested me although I’ve yet to use it.

Thanks for putting me right about Hitler!
But, if I may question your thesis, surely the correlation of ‘work/personal details’ should pay no regard to merit?
That said, I agree that AH is better not forgotten for the Holocaust than for his limited artistic talent, whereas Picasso is correctly remembered more for his painting than for his frequent lack of altruism.
(Oo-er, ‘ark at ‘er!)

Jill :
Our garage like yours; all our junk plus Stephanie’s.

Good luck with the digital radio. I’ve a Netto one (£15?) which is good if seldom used.
But beware, news is always late!

I’ve more trouble with gait than with gates and I’m just glad my name isn’t Clint.

Graham’s pic must be Aristotle – too benign and balding to be me.

Roy said...


A belated thank you for the picture of our sibling basil. As you know we are off on our travels in the next few days so I will leave it in your tlc for the time being. I’m not sure how long it takes a basil plant to mature but hopefully it will be fit to travel when we disappear for our usual 4/5 weeks in Pembrokeshire early in July.

By the way a minor correction, WOW means Walkies on Wednesday (a la Barbara Woodhouse) which is probably why they always accuse me of “leading” them astray when I plan the walk!

I’m afraid I’m not familiar with Carol Ann Duffy, in fact I’m not sure I’ve ever heard of her! However in view of her appointment and your recommendation I will have to look her up.


Jill said...

I've just been planting seeds in 'seed trays' (any old plastic container) why do you get about 50 candytuft seeds and only 11 nasturtiums for the same price? I think your kneeling device like mine, one way up you can sit on it, invert it and you can kneel?

Thank you for info re radio, but I don't want an MP3 player as well, I do not like constant/background music, nor anything with ear pieces....I was thinking of something that looked like an old radio, that you could run on batteries or mains.

R is the D,Mail reader here, eventually I usually get a quick look through of it, like the gossip, codeword thing and their medical page is sometimes good....I read the D.Tel, and mark anything I think R would be interested in.

Freecycle - daughter uses them quite often, but does not like strangers coming to house (her friend had a Nasty Experience) so meets people in Sainsburys Car Park, she has used it mostly for children's clothes/toys, and she did get a very nice microwave, almost new, still under guarantee.

We did some food shopping, came back with two sun-loungers on special offer, and immediately put the c.heating on, it's cold down here....