Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Yvonne returned - Wind troublesome - Happy with Yaris

I've tried to capture an admixture of almost sapphire blue sky and wind gusts of up to 32mph.

These strong gusts of wind I find really unpleasant and I think I shall have to get on to Tim at Watnall to see if something can be done to change them. I have been using my wheels rather than my stick just to go across the patio to the garage because I am so fearful of being blown over. The consequences could be dire.

Anyway, now Y has returned I shall have more confidence. Picking her up from Phoenix Park was a joy and she had no difficulty finding the Yaris. I had parked in my usual dropping off/picking up spot anyway. She is understandably tired but happy with it. Again she has been 'a really useful engine' but is finding the journey increasingly onerous.

When Y's trip is to be to Broadstairs she favours the Coach. A 2hr wait at Victoria would be entailed though. Jill said they would be able to meet-up because it doesn't take Jill long to get to Victoria.

The Monday 'meet' was an outstanding success, according to all participants. And Barbara who has been so ill gave a good account of herself. Peter Jones is a good venue and as it is a bit of a special occasion, the prices are tolerable. I have linked you to the website again because it is such a good website. Simple enough to appeal to the cognoscenti but well laid out and accessible.

Betty and Derek have gone on holiday today and I have been appointed 'Keeper of the Watson Orchids'. see right.

I've also been provided with some compost-filled plant trays in which to prick out her plug plants when they arrive. They are such good neighbours it will give me pleasure. A big responsibility though and I just hope nothing keels over during the next three weeks.

My responses to your previously made comments

incy wincy Denis ..... Great to have you back, and commenting. We must get together one evening and you can bring me up to date with what you have been doing. And bring me some pictures to look at...... Plus I would like to know about the Skegness Court copper.

I e-mailed you the Pete Brady 'tomoto soup' all the way from the Isle of Man. Well worth the trouble of making it.

Bob ..... The witty card was from our friends Peter and Joan. I wanted him to know that I had found it witty. I didn't feel a responsibilty to scan and publish a personal card for general consumption.

Jill ..... Early impressions of the Yaris are 'very much in favour'. Ingress/egress are easier by a large factor. Roomier inside too, which seems odd in a smaller car.

I bet it's great having a table overlooking Sloane Square. Did you see many 'rangers' wandering about?

Sorry about the Peter & Joan card. Perhaps I didn't deal with it very well.

You are right about the weather and this determined cold. I got a thick winter shirt out of my normal sized wardrobe this morning.

Yvonne ..... Lovely to have you home. And I'm delighted you enjoyed your meal. (grilled sausage, mashed potatoes with chives, carrots julienne, sweetheart cabbage, followed by bananas & custard prepared by your good self). You are quite right about my eating habits while you are away. I consider almost a responsibility to go through the freezer, eating up those odd left-over single portions of things that we have saved.

I'm really looking forward to seeing your pictures on a full sized screen. They looked pretty good on the little screen on the back of your camera but, until you see them computer-screen size you are never sure of quite what you have got. This is why deleting from your camera is a bad idea.


Quotation time ....... I may have used this one before - if so - Sorry !

"I have not failed. I've just found 10,000 ways that won't work"

Thomas A Edison

Sleep tight - Catch you tomorrow


Yvonne said...

Sent my first ever letter to a newspaper today - The Telegraph - in support of one of the only honest M.P.s, Vince Cable. (his total expenses claim for 2004 through to 2008 was........... NIL. He goes home on the train .....).

Had breakfast in IKEA this morning - diet on hold and G. did have the 'small' - but including coffee we had change from £2 .....

Car smashing especially lifting in and out shopping and G. very pleased though a bit baffled when it started to rain. Where were the windscreen wipers?

bob said...

The picture is almost TOO good (ie, sharp and detailed) but I don’t see the wind.
Reaching the garage must be bad enough but you will no doubt be pleased that you are not at sea having to negotiate slippery heaving decks and climb the mast to set/furl sails.

I don’t know how long it takes to reach London by coach from Nottingham but Newark/Mansfield to Stevenage via London takes about a full shift! And costs as much as train!
But Yvonne’s the expert.

I too hope nothing keels over including your good self.

Mystery card adequately explained. Jill and myself obviously puzzled.

Look forward to pics of Great Tits.

While there is plenty of cause for concern, I think Stephen Fry is nearer the mark than most commentators re MPs' expenses - ie, it's been blown up out of proportion by journalists who are generally less trustworthy and reliable than politicians.


Is anyone else watching The Wire (BBC2, 3 or 4 nights a week at 1120)?
Much hyped.
I don’t think it matches The Sopranos but it’s well acted, witty, convincing and realistically confusing; I simply have next to no idea what is going on!

Jill said...

I think the trees in the photo look as if they are being bent by the wind....

Y, I shall look out for your letter - I had one published a few years ago (about knitting in aeroplanes...) and I have e-mailed several others but not published.Did you see about Clement Atlee in D.Tel, not only did he do his own garden, he travelled from his house in Stanmore to Westminster every day by tube....

I hope the orchids flourish - or at least stay alive! - under your tender care.

The wardrobe law obviously applies to cars, a four-door one is bigger than a two-door one even if it is smaller...

I thought Stephen Fry had a point too, Bob. I don't like The Wire, cannot understand it, don't
even know the goodies from the baddies and the language grates on me.

Very cold, grey and windy here today, more like a dull day in March than mid-May.