Saturday, May 23, 2009

Weather picking up - 70F - 10mph S wind - pleasant though

I heard David and family arrive - having been in my room to put on some new 'mail-order' trousers.

When I went into the Hall I thought "Ah ha! There are Princesses about" and there were, three of them Helen, Sky and Brooke".

We really enjoyed their visit, so much news, Sky awarded her Level 5 in English, a year early at least. She is so knowledgeable and quick-witted. And Brooke had lots to tell us too. Helen brought us two very healthy looking tomato plants, already potted up into their final containers - all they are going to need is a longer cane in due course, routine watering and the occasional feed of Tomorite. It's going to be quite like the old days.

Helen and I had a pleasant gardening chat and if the weather is like today, I'm looking forward to an hour in the garden tomorrow.

Gertrude Jekyll never lasts very long but at the moment, at the side of the front door, she is gorgeous. Earlier Y gave her a couple of buckets of water.

When one walks down the path one is rewarded by the rose's super delicate perfume. Just like old English roses are supposed to smell. I drew it to Sky's attention and she fully appreciated the scent. Maybe one day she will tell her granddaughter about the smell of old English roses.

And David managed to fix my digital watch, to stop it 'going off' unbidden at 12 midnight each day. My previous workaround has been to wrap it in a handkerchief and hide it in my dressing-gown pocket !

They are off on their Holiday on Monday and are hoping to meet up with Steve and Lisa and family at Swanage. I reminded them to take their cameras !

Both Joan G and Jean B rang to say how much they had enjoyed their lunch at RedBrick House yesterday.

It really was a splendid occasion - the weather held, the surroundings were lovely, and the food was beyond reproach. Their calls were appreciated. I know that a call of thanks or a note is second nature to courteous folk of our generation - but not all by any means. And it seems to have passed the younger generation by completely. We still have no idea whether or not Alannah received her birthday money for instance. Her birthday was 12th May.

Before we leave the roses, I think a proper 'flower portrait' is in order. So here goes. smack in the centre of the page.

Our busy-ness continues. This evening TJ is calling in and I am cooking her her beloved lamb-chops. We haven't planned a pudding yet - but we have Peter's rhubarb of course which would be delicious - perhaps hot and with ice-cream. We shall see. Y has just reminded me she has done a Mandarin Jelly with segments in it. One of my favourites. Say no more !

.Re Poetry programmes. The half-hour programme on BBC 4 dedicated to 30 years of Poetry Please was much much better than the Gryff Rhys Jones effort. The people who made this programme are actually poetry lovers which showed through.

My replies to your previous comments

Bob .... Maybe, due to the recession, the log-cabins will go on hold for sometime. Possibly forever. I don't suppose they would be an eyesore anyway. Presumably they applied for planning permission. Did you see it?

The Bumblebee's death was entirely natural. Although I kill wasps I never would kill a bee. I tend to collect them in a tumbler and take them outside to be released.

I shall follow the Jury Team with interest. One of The Telegraph's writers this morning was making noises of approval.

Edward Langley will not grace these pages again. His English was atrocious and his supposed point doesn't make sense anyway. On reflection I don't know what persuaded me to use the quote.

Jill ..... Re.. The five people in the car. Peter Green, Joan Green, Jean Bradbury, Graham Marsden and Yvonne Marsden. Joan is not yet 80 and neither are we - but we felt unable to refuse entry to those named.

Re ... Our political system. I don't think it needs to be changed at all. Just some people chucked out and some new (honest) people elected.

It was such a relief to us lefties to find that Dennis Skinner has claimed almost nothing by way of expenses. No 'snout in the trough' for Dennis !

Glad your Golden Anniversary Roses are performing. The other flowers you mention are earlier than ours. Hope you managed an hour's 'garden-enjoyment' before Hospital visiting.


Quotation time .....

"Quite over-canopied with luscious woodbine/
With sweet musk-roses and with eglantine:"

Shakespeare - A Midsummer Night's Dream

Sleep tight - catch you tomorrow all being well"

And it's good that my file-hosting site Walagata recovered from the nadgers of yesterday



Pete said...

Graham, Gertrude looks fantastic.Can't wait until ours flowers. Bought it last year after reading on here what fantastic scent it has and at the moment here are quite a number of buds on it. Probably needs some sunshine on it which I'm afraid has been in short supply. Hope the weather bucks up as the TT invasion and the races start a week today. Apparently bookings on the Steam-Packet are up with 25,000 bikes booked already. When you think our entire normal population on the whole island is under 80,000 that's a lot of new people arriving in such a short time.

bob said...

I knew nothing of the log-cabins till you mentioned.

Pleased you are kind to bees.
I tend to let wasps also live since my pre-teen days when I and Catholic friend Dennis (who married a Chilean) would cut them (and bees) in half with scissors.

I don’t think people trust the Parties now – except the growing aficionados of BNP.

Dennis Skinner only bettered by a remarkable Tory (but Blair only nine places higher – email follows).

I only like radishes and, separately, tomatoes (straight from the bush) with just salt and B&B – nothing else.

Independents must never agree between themselves.
That has happened at Mansfield where they are merely considered as masquerading Tories (although Martin Bell approves).


‘Big Art’ (CH4, 7.00pm) peaked.
Massive teenage enthusiasm for ’invisible painting’ in Burnley.
Campaigning Philistine’s about turn at Newham followed by insoluble site problems.
St Helens’ miners disappointed their artist's proposal not bold enough – and his wonderful self-effacing rethink.
Rafael’s Cardigan proposal convinced sceptical committee but then hit wall of entrenched public bigotry.
Failure to persuade E-On to preserve Sheffield cooling towers followed by massive display of public support – and demolition (see email).

Jill said...

Gertrude Jeykll looks wonderful - have made note of name! - but is it a climbing rose? I had two David Austin 'old' roses once, they only lasted about three days, though looked beautiful and smelt glorious, I really decided three days did not justify their space in the flower bed.

I saw the poetry prog. too, and agree with you, G. And I watched 'Big Art' on Bob's recommendation last week, enjoyed some bits more than others.

Pete - does notthe IoMan feel invaded by all these people and noisy bikes? Or do they tolerate/welcome them in the interests of tourism/island economy.

Hospital visit to see friend went well, very glad I went, though three buses each way I found very tiring. R elsewhere, or I would have got a lift.