Wednesday, May 20, 2009

A first-class WoW at Dovedale - 60F - Little wind

This morning I decided to WoW.

After picking up Helen and dropping Y at the Hayley Leisure Centre we went over to Reg's and Dovedale was selected as a venue. Quite a long way I suppose but it proved worth it.

We were lucky with the weather which stayed fine and there were a few brief periods of sun. We parked in the bottom car-park and, thanks to my wheels, I managed to walk as far as the Stepping Stones. The snap on the left is almost compulsory if you visit. And of course many boyhood memories came to me. Informal competitions were held to see who could run across the stepping stones quickest. There were several unplanned 'dips' and The Dove is a cold, cold river. We used to swim in it, further down, at Mappleton where the river is wider and deeper and lengthy periods in the water were not popular. Shall we say 'bracing' !

The 'chaps' went off on their customary trek but I found plenty of interest. Possibly the main thing was this 'Dipper' which I had noticed. I decided to sit down on my wheels chair and observe him/her and managed a few reasonable shots with my 70-300mm treasure.

Then, after staying still for some time the bird flew into this hole in the bank which closer observation revealed to be their nest. The 'dipping' is to collect water-borne insects and other fodder and you can see he has a beak-full.

Picture 3, below and on the left, is the nest and, after I'd found it I was hoping for an action shot of the bird flying in, or out. I sat there for probably 5 minutes but no luck.

When I got home and researched it I found this excellent website, by the RSPB of course, and when you have found your bird, you go to it via an alphabetical chart to particulars. And there's a button to click to hear it's song. Great fun !

For chip-cobs we went to The Cliffe Inn at Crich where we were greeted with the landlady's usual bon-homie and v.good chip-cobs. I had a cheese-cob instead and the home made 'Beetroot and Orange Chutney' was delicious.

When I arrived home I was delighted to open my blood-test result and find my INR level bang-on 3 - exactly where it should be. In consequence, I don't need to be re-tested till the 9th of June and there's no change to my Warfarin dosage.

Yvonne's good experience at the Hayley was great to hear about and she obviously enjoyed herself muchly. It is going to be 'her thing' and I have promised not to muscle in on it.

My responses to your previous comments

Bob ..... Anglesey Abbey is near Cambridge not in Wales. I think I know how it got it's name but I can't remember.

The Big Issue can be v.good and it's heart is in the right place. The 'arts' coverage is often surprisingly good. Mind you, so is The Telegraph's.

Yvonne ...... So glad The Eastwood Hall, Hayley experience worked out so well and I promise not to interfere.

At lunchtime Reg told me that one can eat there and the Restaurant is first class. But prohibitively expensive. You can read his comment about the Jacuzi and the human wave-machine !

Perhaps, if you have more leaflets to deliver, it would be worth taking some kitchen-tongs with you. You could then push the leaflets right through and remain un-injured.

Jill ..... Re vegetables. There's undercooked and undercooked. We quite like al denté and dislike greens boiled till mushy and tinged yellow.

You and I can certainly sit in a swimming-pool lounge and be onlookers. We could amuse ourselves taking the mickey out of the actual swimmers and doing the Telegraph crossword.

Re my Tree book. No complaint about the pictures or the quality. But I wish it were a bigger book, with more entries.

Reg ..... I'll vouch for you. Definitely in Dovedale, followed by Crich.


"Sleep tight - 10.30pm too late for a quote - catch you tomorrow"



Yvonne said...

Excellent photos, Graham - Miles will be pleased.

Debra's move went well so the first leg completed in leaving London for Broadstairs.

No swimming today - granny duties at Burton Joyce. But really looking forward to my next visit to the pool - thanks, Reg, for the etiquette advice re. the jacuzzi. (Though I'm not staying in there if four other people get in! Sociability can go too far .........)

bob said...

I like the photos/story of the Dipper (see below for sadder bird story).
Good website, ta. I’ve just played the blackbird 3 times and received a reply to each from garden.

Sorry one of the Great Tits never had chance to fly.
Today a very young Greenfinch crashed into my bedroom window and I found it dead on the concrete below. So pretty; very sad.

I resolved to take up swimming again. But vanity has stopped me.

Re eco-friendly letter-boxes: best NOT put your hand in – the dog might have you!
You could fold a piece of stiff card round each leaflet… (and other useful suggestions).

“Bleak December’s cold and rain,
Then bloody January again!”


‘Big Art’ was again worth watching on Sunday (Ch4).
I reckon it essential Sheffield cooling towers be retained (as iconic as Clipstone headstocks).
Google ‘Big Art Project’.

Incy Wincy Denis said...

Fabulous shot of the dipper miduck, Rob and I and wives went up Lathkill Dale on tuesday and there are supposed to be dippers up there but I wasn't fortunate to see one.
Well done and good to hear about your blood as well. Hope your feeling much better.

Jill said...

Lucky you with the dipper, great photograph and seeing the nest. And what a good web-site. I haven't seen one for years, not since we had a (wet) holiday in Wales when the children were little - I remember them all getting soaking wet and trying to get clothes dry in the caravan....

Cheese cob sounds a bit healthier than a chip don't want to spoil your perfect blood level! So glad about that.

We don't like very over-cooked greens either, but cooked a bit more than 'al dente'

I watched a poetry prog. on BBC2 last night - Griff Rhys Jones - not very impressed.... I am watching a lot of the Chelsea Flower Show - they show viewers' photographs, some are fantastic....