Wednesday, May 27, 2009

WoW at Darley Abbey - weather foul - flat battery

David sent me this picture, entitled 'Lunch at The Lakeside Café' from their Caravan Club site. He has a sense of humour and knows his Dad.

A pint of Bitter and a Chip Cob - those were the days.

Today I had no lunch at all, due to arriving at The Bell Inn, Smalley at 2.07pm - I was firmly told they stop serving lunch at 2pm !

n.b. There isn't a link because, if they can't rustle me up a sandwich at 2.07pm, I can't give them any free publicity.

In Darley Abbey where I had been parked down by the Cricket Pitch while the chaps completed their walk, I inadvertently left my side-lights on for almost 2 hours. The result was a flat battery needing the AA to come to my rescue. The AA man said, later borne out by Steve at the Garage, that modern cars and batteries don't permit lengthy parking on side-lights like they used to 50years ago. I hadn't had my car-radio on or anything like that. But I shall have to be more careful in future. There is a 'lights on warning' icon but it didn't attract my attention. Steve says to take the car up in the morning and he will check the battery. If it needs a new one they will fit it at no cost.

Darley Abbey is a pretty town with many interesting buildings, an Arboretum and a scenic Park. All to no avail unfortunately with the incessant rain. But our Wow-ers don't give in easily and I have already had photos sent in.

The snap on the left was taken about 100yards from where I parked.

An amusing story from yesterday.

Karen told us that one of her friends says "Karen drives her car as if she has just stolen it". We assume she means 'fast'. Sounds like Karen - bless her !

My responses to your comments

Jill ...... Re 'Golden Years' menus. Plenty for me too. But yesterday I was so un-hungry I opted for 'toast and paté' with a few salad leaves.

I still haven't caught up with 'Simon Sharma on John Donne' but I must because it is important.

Yvonne ..... I will 'catch up' with the Simon Sharma while you are over at Burton Joyce. The weeks go by so quickly it's hard to believe it's Thursday again.

Your Hayley Centre stories are good fun ! With you and Reg both reporting-in.

Bob .... According to the author of this Viper's Bugloss link the plant is far from a cosy little beauty. If you open the link I feel you will agree that he only has himself to blame - he shouldn't have been trying to pull it up.

The plant's defenses account for the 'viper' element of its name but I wonder where 'Bugloss' comes from? The plant looks a little like the common Bugle - perhaps that's it.

I agree with you about the poetry of Andrew Motion which to my ear always sounds rather stilted. A first rate chap though - we saw him on The Book Quizz and were favourably impressed.

Reg .... You are right about the way some men drive certain cars. In this family publication I can't tell you what policemen used to say about BMWs.


Quotation slot ..............

"Macho doesn't prove mucho"

Peter B sent me a link to some free lines/dividers - thanks. This is one of them



bob said...

Nice tic-pic from David.
But, to me, a chip cob should have the chips INSIDE!
Do you have a rule?

Your hungry annoyance is understandable.
Sounds like somebody using ’If we break rules for you we’ll have to break them for everyone’.
Was there a queue behind you, all clamouring for food?.

Surprised Toyota has no audible ‘lights-on’ warning.
Why still have sidelights? (as ‘use dipped headlights for driving in poor light’ is advised).

Nice Darley Abbey mill/dam photo.

Liked the Karen story.

Handling Vipers Bugloss sounds rather like disturbing wasps’ nest!
From your excellent link:
“Viper... derive(s) from shape of seed, (like) viper's head. Bugloss from Greek for "ox tongue"... leaves resemble(ing) this…”

Agree Andrew Motion’s personality impressive.

Nice apt Zsa-Zsa quote.

Essential précising made my yesterday’s TT comment subject to misinterpretation.
In 1969 Wallis/Liversidge, were 25th TT Sidecars 750, further down field in Sidecars 500, and won a lesser race.

I think I empathise but recall no previous reference to business men and their cars!
I know there are exceptions but I suspect you may share my view that in very many cases ‘successful business man’ signifies...
No… it would be too contentious!

Jill said...

What a shame you met a 'jobsworth' in the pub - and then people wonder why so many of them are closing. You could do without that one!

I struggled with the John Milton/Paradise Lost prog.last night - did it at 0 level, couldn't get on with it at all. I learned chunks of it by heart, that got me through....I did like that chap's enthusiasm last night though.

We are off to Bristol for five days - another city break - so play nicely while I am gone, I don't want to come home and find someone on the naughty chair....