Saturday, May 02, 2009

Took stuff to 'tip' - 59F - 3mph Southerly

Last night's moon was an almost perfect 'half moon' and was easy enough to photograph because it was a clear night. I didn't sleep too well though but I found plenty to do.

I was 'up and running' around 5.30am and messing about in the garden, sorting out bird-feeders and herb beds, potting-up Basil plants etc... The morning was so beautiful and the temperature warm enough to enjoy it.

When I went into the garage I could see what a lot of work Yvonne did yesterday. It really looks dramatically better and the amount of removed clutter makes a real difference.

So, this morning after breakfast our first job was to transport most of 'said clutter' to the Council Tip at Kimberley. It was suprisingly busy with people being good citizens. We know that most of it won't ever reach 'landfill' because someone will give a perfectly adequate dining table a good home for instance. But all to the good. We had previously rung the Council and had been quoted a price of £20 to remove three items ! If there were to be more, an Inspector would call and give an estimate (i.e. more than £20). We took many more than three items and nowwe have that warm feeling you get when you save yourself money.

From Lidl we buy this creamy Greek Yoghurt.

First class stuff, but what amuses us is the tub it comes in. Please see below.

It looks as if one has bought a container of Emulsion from B & Q to decorate the walls with doesn't it?

Not having a 50p piece to hand, to put by the side of it for scale, I thought you wouldn't mind if I used 2 x 20p and a 10p !

The afternoon play was The Admirable Crichton by JM Barrie. Nice adaptation and well acted. And the full hour which I prefer to the 45 minute plays we often get.

My responses to previous comments

Bob ..... Sorry the Civic gave you back-ache on the way back from Norfolk. For general use, which on occasion included some distance, Yvonne and I did indeed find it a comfortable car. In my case especially so - except for getting in and out of it.

I really am pleased and relieved to learn that your endoscopy revealed a satisfactory result.

The Yaris is several years old I'm afraid. I suppose I meant 'new' to us. Even with the Govt's £2,000 off the price would have been too much. I can always spend the residue on important things like camera lenses and taking my lady on holiday.

Carol Ann Duffy's work will inevitably come more under public scrutiny and I feel sure, knowing a little about your literary tastes, that you will approve.

Jill .... Please see above re the Yaris's age ! Not new I'm afraid, £2,000 or not.

I'm glad you too approve of Carol Ann Duffy - the press this morning, like Kirsty Walk, seem determined to dwell on what they see as negative aspects. She is undoubtedly a poet of the first-division. I suppose for a correct analogy I should say 'Premier Division'.

The collage on the left shows you what typical fixed position DAB radios look like. You can of course unplug them and plug them in somewhere else. Some will run on batteries, but they are quite heavy on batteries.

Tomorrow I'll show you some portables

Most makers produce good sets but I would avoid the bargain-basement end of the market. Curry's, Staples, John Lewis etc. would be reliable sources.

All are manually tune-able and the pre-sets are easy to do. Mine only has 5 pre-sets whil I think Y's has 10. I don't listen to 10 radio stations anyway !

'Roxy Jezabel' does have a certain ring to it. Like our Sky and Brooke - whatever their names you just love them don't you ?

Yvonne ...... As mentioned above - Well done with that Garage. No wonder you had a lie-down this afternoon. You deserved it.

Fancy my worrying you with Basil Rooting's sherry glass. If I was going to slide, it would be a brandy & soda. But best not 'eh?

jbw ..... You are right about Whittards, in Nottingham at least. We use the one opposite Waterstones. There is a particular brand of coffee, high roast, shiny black beans which we can only obtain there. Initially it seems expensive but, in the brew I favour, I only need 4 rounded tea-spoons as against 6 of a cheaper brand.

The points card sounds interesting. Next time we go in we will investigate.

Interesting too that you get a special bargain at McArthur Glen.


Quotation time .......

"All paid jobs absorb and degrade the mind"


bob said...

Nice moon pic.

Council tips are good – Sandra frequently uses Bilsthorpe.
But Mansfield turned away a man with bike and trailer on H&S grounds!
We have a Furniture Project which collects and passes on or sells.

You must like yoghurt!
I got some good dry-cured bacon from Netto.

I’ve already ordered a used copy of Carol Ann Duffy’s ‘The World’s Wife’ via Amazon!

I’m with 'Arry Stottle absolutely.

Carol Ann Duffy’s personal life is interesting but I agree it’s the poetry that matters (where does that leave Hitler’s paintings? I appreciate the many differences!).
I like her attitude even if she does end up in the Tower!

At risk of offending I’ll say Roxy-Jezebel’s got more than a picnic-in-the-park to live up to!

Good news about Whittards. McArthur-Glen’s where I purchased.
Off you go Graham; one stop up the M1.

Jill said...

As pensioners our Council will remove three items of furniture etc. twice a year for free....

Your Y is a better woman than me, I am not tidying up garage, it is full up with all sorts of things like old boilers, gas meters, that we used to have to keep when we were letting property. No room for a car....

Thanks for the info re radios. I am going to John Lewis Monday week, (meeting Barbara for lunch at the Brasserie, Y!) so I will go and have a look.

We still have our Whittards, I like their Cappucino mix, and their hot chocolate, but find it difficult to come out of there without buying a mug! We have lost Fishworks, a very good fish restairant and fishmongers, combined. Not cheap, but excellent. Richmond has kept theirs though.

Party in the Park went well, about 15 children, same of adults, cake with candles, music, balloons, food, it is literally across road from where they live and they had kindly carried out chairs for us oldies so we didn;'t have to be hauled up off the blanket on the ground....There is a fenced/gated area of grass, within that another fenced gated area of swings etc. I had trouble with the fiddly catch on the outer gate, had to get Rudi (aged 6) to open it for me.....

Bob, I agree about having a lot to live up to, but so many of that generation have peculiar names I don't think it will be too bad.....

I take it the gentleman at the bottom of the post is Aristotle and not Bob?

Yvonne said...

Finished clearing the garage this morning - found things I couldn't remember we had: a new rucksack (I rambled for 40 years and used a rucksack given to me at the outset - question? - is Graham a closet rambler?).

I actually don't care about Whittards - I dislike PROPER coffee - but I'm the one who always buys it ........ lovely lady talks me through all the different varieties before I make my selection ...... Graham is always well satisfied with my choice. (It's a lovely old-fashioned shop and well worth a visit).

Jill: regards to Barbara and hope things are going well for her. Must make an arrangement to meet when next in London - haven't seen her since that Chichester weekend in 2002(?).

Graham tells me I've got Duffy all wrong - my problem is twofold: a) I don't read poetry b) I read the Daily Mail - which G. says tells me lies ..... (but it does keep me up to date about other things like .........) though my paper of choice is the Telegraph but G. gets there first!