Tuesday, June 20, 2006

A picture is worth a 1,000 words

I don't know who coined the phrase - but I don't need to add anything do I?

The agents rang first thing to tell us that the buyer's surveyor had reported and that there were no 'issues'. That is obviously 'mod speak' for 'there's nothing wrong with the bungalow'.

We decided on a trip down town because we both needed things. I wanted a Flash Drive to move photos about on. Y needed to go to the Station to book her upcoming train-tickets. I needed Waterstones. And we both needed St Peters for lunch. While passing, I nipped into Millets for a better 'bum bag' for holidays. When I went in, I asked for a 'body bag' forgetting that they are what they move dead bodies around in. Soon sorted though. The one I have already, and struggle with, isn't deep enough for my note-book plus camera, mobile, and DAB radio. This new one is perfect and I checked that the strap was long enough to go around my ultra-slim waist. It was a bright sunny morning and Nottingham has always had a reputation for pretty girls and today was no exception. When Y joined me in St. Peter's she told me about one girl, who was displaying so much cleavage that Y had nearly walked into a lamp-post. I hope that Mrs Radiogandy isn't developing 'tendencies'.

When we arrived home I began making-up cardboard boxes. My chum at the cheap shop had given me loads of collapsed ones; different shapes and sizes and all I needed was a roll of that wide brown tape to resurrect them. I did around ten and it was strangely satisfying. Tracy is keen for us to leave it all to the removal men and basically we will. But Y wants to have another 'book sort out' so as to only take what we actually need. And I agree with that; and it makes us both feel as if we are getting-on with it. Then I cooked a pasta-sauce. Basically, mince, tomato, marscapone and lots of fresh oregano. It would be nice to report a triumph but unfortunately it was bland. Plenty left - there would be wouldn't there? And I shall either think of some way to cheer it up - or ditch it.

Tomorrow we are off with Mansfield National Trust on a coach-outing to Wightwick Manor. No idea where it is and I'm too busy to look it up. More tomorrow evening

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