Wednesday, June 21, 2006

National Trust Wightwick Manor

Just registering a 'post' which I will edit later. Had internet probs. but fixed using the much-maligned NTL 'Broadband Medic'. Experts deride it but it 'talks' me through what I need to do to recapture my internet connection and it saves writing things down. More importantly - it actually works.

Although its looks belie the fact, the Manor was only built in 1888 by the Manders family (fortune out of paint) and was inspired by William Morris. The house is a treasure-chest of William Morris and PreRaphaelite Brotherhood memorobilia which Y loved. She is v.keen on PRB and although less keen, I realised on the way round that I am fairly well-informed about it. There was a pre-painting sketch of one of the faces in "The Last of England" which I recognised for instance. Nothing to do with PRB but there was a portrait in oils, of one of the Manders' daughters, by Felix Topolski, and I was able to tell the guide (I know, sorry!) about his line-drawings.

I just learnt, via my Gmail 'summaries' that Bungus has managed to comment on this post before I have finished writing it !! No wonder he gets RSI. I will answer his query :-

" Wightwick Manor, Wightwick Bank, Wolverhampton WV6 8EE "

This procedure will probably send '' into a tail-spin. Anyway, to continue.

The coach driver was Chris, the chap who drove us on our Morecombe holiday. A pleasant surprise because he is smashing and has a great sense of humour. He announced over the microphone that new EU regulations required him to test at least one of any sweets that were to be eaten on the coach, as some were harmful. And chocolat-eclairs are considered especially dodgy. Yet again we were lucky with the weather. The drive took us through Derbyshire, Staffordshire, Cheshire, and Shropshire and was very pleasant. Nice being able to peek into people's gardens. The house and gardens when we arrived were a joy.

On the way back Y did the raffle, and I was pleased that the Morecombe trip 'group-photo' prints which I had printed, were very popular. I only did three and it extended the number of winners a bit and was a change from Bath Fluid, Paper-Handkerchieves, and slightly-foxed books about Laura Ashley curtains. A noteworthy prize from a few months ago was a collection of cooking-spices with a sale-by-date of 1996. No-one noticed and fortunately won by Kathy who has a sense of humour. As she told Y she was torn between using them, because they would probably have been fine, and putting them back in a future raffle - He He! In fact the 'bin' won in the end.


Fungus the Bogeyman said...

I presume that you now know where Wightwick Manor is but prefer your readers not to share that knowledge? Built about the same time as Thoresby Hall, I think? But stylistically rather different. Funny beggars those Victorians; confused or just hypocritical?

I am not much into the PR Brotherhood, knowing little about it except that it is unbelievably romantic. I am amazed, however that anyone could be unaware that Topolski is renowned for his delightful pen-and-ink sketches I think of him in no other terms). Are you sure the guide was not humouring you, possibly in vain hope of a fat tip. I feel that I should rephrase that but will resist.

One little technical criticism (you know how fussy and pedantic I occasionally can be): the first word (or few words) of your blogs are frequently, and distractingly, considerably detached (by the illustration) from the main body of the script. I am sure that you are aware of this and, knowing your relentless quest for perfection, am surprised that you do not go on about it.

Anonymous said...

The misplaced text is due to the 'Preview' not giving an accurate portrayal. The page you see is not necessarily as it was when it left me. I guess a single picture with deliberate words at the right hand side, may be better.