Thursday, June 22, 2006

Burton Joyce Day - Colder - Ready for Day-Off

Not messing about. Put some text in. Publish. Then 'Dashboard', 'Edit' and upload pictures.

I only include this for the benefit of 'bloggers' or 'future bloggers'. The Blogger Help Forum is full of people moaning about how difficult pictures are. And they are but the above is a 'workaround'; I'm sure there are others.

Picture 1 is the door on the extreme left of yesterday's picture, as seen from the garden-entrance ; and Picture 2 is a close-up of some worn sandstone in a wall. I thought it looked like a landscape! But I was told at school that I had "an over-active imagination". Nothing much to report on the moving-front today. Some agents rang to see if we were still looking. I said 'No' and 10 minutes later the same office rang again. They said not to worry about it, it would be a duplicated call. Ho hum!

Normal BJ day, Y to tram, some shopping, mess about with computer, make up some more cardboard boxes, lunch, prepare evening-meal, collect Y. Bytheway - Before freezing it, I added a bought-jar of Fahita sauce to my bland pasta-job. I know it's cheating but it certainly has livened it up. Y tasted it and pronounced it not too hot for her; that means it will prolly have me reaching for the fire-extinguisher. I must remember to have a pint of ice-cold water at my right hand when we eat it tomorrow. Perhaps a litre would be wiser.

We played a good game with the children at BJ called "What am I". You have a card saying 'potato' for instance in a headband, so that others can see it but you can't. You then ask questions - am I alive? how many legs have I got? what colour am I? etc., until you either get it or not, within a time limit (set by a little egg-timer). As with most popular games it involves a lot of shouting. There is also fierce competition to be the one who turns over the egg-timer.

Bit tired now. Y certainly will be tomorrow. We are promising ourselves a day-off but one never knows. And of course, we are off to Tenby on Sunday. Being picked up by taxi at 7.20am. This particular coach company pick you up at the door and then take you to the main depot, around 5 miles away where you actually board the coach. It's a great idea because you then 'set off' on your holiday. There isn't any tedious business with feeder coaches, or touring round countless different pick-up points.

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Bungus the Fogeyman said...

I can see a tanned smiling face in the sandstone – with a shiny nose. As a child my bedroom wallpaper had a border with a convoluted pattern which served as ‘pictures in the fire’ or ‘cloud shapes’ (see TV advert for some power company at 6 pm news/weather). It provided hours of intrigue and amusement over several years.

Two proven tips for taking the heat out of spicy food:
1) Do not drink until you have finished eating,
2) A square of chocolate (or other sweetmeat) is a more effective coolant than liquid.

The coach company arrangements sound excellent. Hope you enjoy.

Re Wed blog.
1) If I can get at it I shall touse it.
2) Last para reminds me that I once gave as a raffle prize two tickets to a dance held the year before. Opinion varied (non-winners found it amusing).