Monday, June 19, 2006

Ancient Furniture Gone - Cooler Day

The working title of this picture is 'Red, White and Blue' and I do realise how corny that is. So I might change it - depending on the amount of flak it attracts. It was taken on one of those ultra-bright mornings we had last week and is completely un-enhanced, un-tinkered with, no graduated filter etc.: I have cropped it to improve its structure, but otherwise it's just 'as is'. The day began by sitting with Beryl while she had another drive. And, to be fair, she was OK. A great improvement on last time. She drove slowly but not toot-inducingly so, and after country lanes we tackled Eastwood and the traffic. She was fine. I suppose now she will resume her 'running about after people' activities but it's what she loves to do and at her age, who should tell her not to?

The Woodthorpe vendor's agents rang to say she had missed-out on the one she was keen on but had resumed 'actively looking' at others. A little set-back but it is early days. Then we did a little shopping and just after lunch Neale's removal people came to take the antiques we are disposing of to the sale room. Strangely enough, neither of us feel saddened that they've gone. My room has a certain 'japanese look' apart from the cardboard boxes of course. And, when we had readjusted furniture placings in the big room, you hardly noticed that that enormous sideboard, four chairs, and an octagonal table, had gone! I guess we were over-cluttered anyway. Then to the Bank and the ISAs had arrived and been paid in, so we have set up this Instant access account which pays a little interest.

Spring Lamb chops for main-meal, new potatoes with fresh mint, plus normal veg and gravy. Fortunately, the day has been cooler, because we both started off with hang-over type headaches but obviously no drink. Y says it's tension. So, short Blog and early night.


Bungus the Fogeyman said...

RWB ? Not sure that such nationalistic fervour is quite you (I was going to say ‘nothing could be fervour removed’ but then decided I would, anyway).

Pleased to hear of Beryl’s improvement. After a certain age (I used to think it was 19 but have now settled for 74) I think everyone should be allowed to do exactly as they like, provided it does not cause danger to others (except selectively).

I had not realised that Woodthorpe Woman was on the chain gang. Damn. Fingers crossed again. Sorry about that and also to hear that the big sideboard has had to go.

In my comments on Sunday’s blog, I referred to the Brazil/USA game. It should, of course, have read Brazil/Australia. My fault entirely; I sometimes have difficulty telling these Colonials apart.

Chickens, pheasants, ducks, stone curlews . . . but enough of walking birds. Have you ever noticed that dark coloured towels do not dry you properly?

Anonymous said...

I suppose we shall miss the side-board. It was loverly wasn't it? But life moves on and I'd probably get used to our cardboard boxes. With Y writing the contents so clearly it's easier than the drawers. You are right about the walking-birds, sorry I mentioned it now!

Not only the colours of towels affect drying qualities; their age does too. I hate new towels; they don't work at all, whereas well-worn ones are most effective. And why does one dry quicker after emerging from a shower, than from a bath? Oh god! we do have some rivetting conversations.