Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Lovely Day - 58F 7mph SW wind - Nails day

These pictures arrived by e-mail from John this morning but devoid of accompanying text so I can't really tell you the location. He did mention the rose-granite rocks so maybe these are they ? Rob probably knows.

This morning was busy. Y had her hair cut in Eastwood and then we went over to Sherwood for her 'nails' service at her new place.

It certainly looks jazzy and more efficient than the last one on Carlton Hill. I seem to remember it wasn't too clean. Y took her MP4 player with her so she didn't have to attempt to follow conversations in Vietnamese. They did a thorough job and meanwhile I did a little shopping and browsed new charity shops. A 'find' presented itself, a book of Man Ray and the fact that some of it is in French matters not at all.

When Y emerged we came back home because I had an 'obesity-clinic' appointment at 2pm. My nurse-practitioner is very pleased with me. Another 6lbs have vanished bringing me well under 21st. My method is not to specifically avoid anything but simply to eat less. I almost feel that having been so ill is cheating. She wants to see me a fortnight hence so I must ensure I don't start to creep up again.

The sun has been unexpectedly bright - I hope it is so in Durham, for Jill and Ro. At home this afternoon I wanted to try to capture the brilliance of the inner surface of some tulips without burning out any of the red petals.

After all that messing-about I cooked some Quorn fillets with grilled tomasto, oven baked wedges, courgettes and some mange-toute. It worked well and we are quite happy with Quorn and it certainly has a place in our diet.

I was on the verge of WoW-ing - it seems ages since I've seen them all - but I've just rung Reg to say I'll wait another week and then see how I feel. If the weather is as good as it has been today Y and I will go out somewhere, just for an hour. Joan rang an hour or so ago and Y is very pleased her chum has returned home. She misses her, and the occasional chat !

My responses to your previous comments

Pete ..... The Ice cream in blocks is Walls, as Y mentions, but we are out of it so I can't post a photograph. As soon as we have replenished - a piccie will follow.

Bob ..... You are right about the territorial nature of the blackbird. I suppose particularly so at the moment in the mating season.

The flavours are interesting. We have just bought some Twinings 'Green Tea with citrus' which stresses on the packet that one shouldn't leave it to brew for more than 2 minutes.

Yvonne ...... You are doing great with Virgin Media - but we lost the internet again during the night. And I know it isn't our devices at fault, because everything works fine with the Vodafone dongle.

I suspect you are also right about the strength of a handwritten letter. I particularly liked your closing 'sally' that you would have e-mailed them but you couldn't get on the internet !

I also agree about Vince Cable. An impressive man with a lot about him, and an air of integrity. He seems to have more gravitas than Nick Clegg his leader.


To tired to dig out a quote, or a cartoon - Sorry !


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bob said...

I know ‘tomasto’ was a typo but it sounds exotic.
I want some.

I’m not really ice-cream fond.
I used to like tinned fruit with Carnation though (and a slice of white bread & butter).

Pretty poppy.

After a dearth of parsley we now have an abundance to come.
But our chives appear to have been overwhelmed by grass!

I think blogmeister’s had far more fun with virgin double-entendres than I have!
I’ll try to catch up.

Afraid forenames are very firmly IN (I’ll forgo the apt biblical quote) so hard luck.
I generally prefer it (since 1959, I worked only at places where that was the norm).
Occasionally I DO find it premature. If a stranger calls me Robert I always force myself to use his/her forename in reply.
One Wellow lady, of haughty mien, addresses everyone by forename while everyone, except me/Sandra, calls her Mrs Baugh (pronouncing it ‘Boff’ while she prefers ‘Baw’). We call her Winifred.

A LibDem candidate probably gets my vote next election.


“If only God would give me some clear sign. Like making a large deposit in my name to a Swiss bank.”
(Woody Allen)