Friday, April 17, 2009

Busy - 51F - 3mph NE - tired - but once I got going !

Just another snap of a part of Y's lovely border, now there are some yellow tulips out to compliment the red. The ornamental grass with the blue-ish tinge, upper left, was donated by Joan. It is so good natured the only problem is preventing the plant from being too invasive. Even in that respect though, it plays the game and only expands outwards - it doesn't send runners and shoots all over the place.

We have had a full day but its been fun. Lidl just before lunch and we have re-provisioned HMS Radiogandy. This afternoon I managed some computer jobs, all successfully, and I caught some good radio. Radio 7's schedule has been re-jigged so that CBeebies is no longer on in the afternoons. As a 'spoken word' radio fan it is, for me, a useful alternative to Radio 4.

This evening Peter and Joan called in to share Peter's 80th birthday with us. They've had a good day too and he liked both cards, the Jacquie Lawson e-card and his proper one which arrived throught the post. An enjoyable chat with some good laughs, as we always do when in their company.

Picture 2 is there solely because I love glass with pleasant light on it.

The picture isn't competition worthy but it will stimulate me to think of more adventurous things to do with glass.

First my bottle-top and now our French vase. Where will it end.

David and family are safely back from Shropshire and report a super time. Until Thursday, bright, sunny, and cheerful weather. The Blists Hill Museum is now a fully fledged Victorian Town with workers, and visitors in costume. One still swaps modern money for pre-decimal currency which can be spent in all the old shops and things. David says the old Post Office from Castle Donnington was demolished brick by brick and rebuilt in Blists Hill. Other similar pieces convey verisimilitude. And he is going to have another go at sending some pictures from his mobile phone. They went without their proper cameras.

Some time ago (but I forgot to mention at the time) David made a good point as to why, in carveries, people pile their plates so high. He thinks it is a hang over from 'early man' when people would gorge themselves after a kill because they may not eat again for several days. And that seems what people sub-consciously feel about carveries.

I haven't heard from John so I don't know if the French Seamen's blockade caused them a problem or not.

My responses to your previous comments

Yvonne ...... My ! What a full report from the Sports Desk. As you know, I agree with you about Hillsborough. And no-one is supposed to mention that a substantial cause of the disaster was drunken fans ignoring police efforts at crowd control.

I only sort of take your point about the quote. It makes sense to me, and I think that punctuated it would make sense. No criticism of Shakespeare is intend (I wouldn't dare) because obviously when the phrase was spoken by an actor, all would become clear.

Jill .... Please see above re quote. We have had a stern word with the tooth fairy, and the problem will be sorted out.

And thanks for adding your voice to our dissent about the Hillsborough coverage.

I have e-mailed you a copy of the fish-bowl upended. It is very easy in Picasa and on the phone one morning I'll talk you through it. The shrub is a Pieris, again see my e-mail regarding.

Susuan Boyle is rather odd, but not alarmingly so. In fact I thought she seemed rather nice. Apparently she describes herself as looking like the side of a garage. But an amazing voice. And, here is a link, if other people want to see and hear for themselves. It is well worth watching if only for the reactions of the judges.

Pete ... glad you liked the side-by-side portraits and can see the resemblance. Clearly though, you are the better looking one. But I have been poorly. What's your excuse ?

Bob .... I think I could stand a year or two with a reduced appetite. But it is coming back anyway.

I have heard it said by old-fashioned view camera users, that there are benefits to upside down, back to front images on the screen. Apparently the mind can concentrate more easily on composition and structure, and weak parts of the image really stand out.

I must say that I thought your attempt at humour about Millicent playing hairdressers was in very bad taste. She is only 4yrs old, and this is a family blog. Try explaining your joke to the 8yr and 11yr olds.


Quotation time .......

"......................... and they follow him,
Against us brats, with no less confidence
Than boys pursuing summer butterflies,
Or butchers killing flies.

p.s. re RhymeZone - not only will it find everything from rhymes, and definitions, etc., plus Shakespearean quotes but it will actually find you pictures too. I used it for the above. And, as I think I mentioned, having found a quote, it itemises the Play. If you click on that it shows you the whole scene in which the quote appears. I'm a big, big, fan. I e-mailed the site's author with congrats to which he promptly e-mailed me an individual, charming and appreciative reply.



Yvonne said...

Bob: your extremely non-funny and vulgar observation about my grandaughter was, even for you, quite out of order.

I could say much more but Graham advises restraint.

Incy wincy (denis) said...

Hola Amigo's
I have returned from our european tour, and it is like returning from colour to black & white.
We had a great time in spain though the weather wasn't as good this year as previous years.
I got a keyboard off Ebay for £65 to take with us, and we formed a "band" in the loosest possible terms, and we put some musiv nights on in the bar, which we filled, and had some great nights of fun. We had 3 guitars drummer and accordian + myself.
I got a real buzz when the "crowd" kept shouting my name asking for more. I think the women would have been throwing their knickers but no-one had any on.
Didn't do much photography, didn't see the pictures, but did a lot of birding "twitching I think it's called" Hope everyone is ok and keeping well.

bob said...

Blue grass might look good alongside our drive provided it doesn’t overwhelm everything else.
More info please.

Applaud light on glass and your wish to explore. So long as…

Wouldn't The Bold Forester(new build) suit Blists Hill?

Agree about piled plates at carveries (and breakfast buffets).
Strange people seem less embarrassed doing that than going back for legitimate ‘seconds’.

Nothing to add about French Seamen's blockade.

Jimmy McGovern’s ’Hillsborough’, if not entirely even-handed, did point out some fans hopelessly drunk without ignoring how badly handled the whole thing was by those responsible.
Although different in many respects, I suggest Scousers regard it in same way that Americans see Columbine (remembered last week) and, understandably I think, will continue high-profile remembrance.

Good point about upside-down views.
I was taught to judge spacing of letters by this method.

Sorry to upset, but I see my hairdressing extension as no worse taste than much else which has appeared in the blog.
We all have slightly or wildly different standards and I try to take my lead from above.

Timeless Shakespeare.

No time yet to explore RhymeZone but it sounds good.

Incy wincy:
Band sounds great.

Tilly said...

Hi. My teeth are sort of improving. They're very sensitive and Im struggerling to eat without causing a pain. The first night I wasnt allowed to eat until the num feeling went off, what should of took 3-4 hours... but didnt. Im not sure when the num feeling went off cause I went to bed with my mouth still num and that was 5 and a half. ( I had the appointment at 4pm so it didnt go when I went to bed at 9:30 ish ) I ended up snacking on small bits of easter egg and a banana. What a great dinner!

Love the pictures of the tulips! They're so colourful. Glad David and Helen are having a good time.