Friday, April 24, 2009

Pleasant Friday - Shopping - 64F but windy

When we went shopping this morning we went first to The Watnall Farm Shop, a favourite haunt, to buy some lamb shoulder to make a Hot Pot on Sunday. TJ is coming to eat with us.

I tried to google a link to the Farm Shop but the best one I could find was a link to this blog back in October last year. So I didn't post it.

Y says TJ is coming to check up on how I am ! Probably right too. When we went into the car-park just beside the door to the shop was a little chicken run. Within it was a hen with some chicks. The mother hen looks like an old fashioned Rhode Island Red but the light was tricky. The chickens were older than 'day-old' - perhaps Bob will advise, being an experienced poultry man.

I was sorry we weren't accompanied by grandchildren. Millicent would have probably said, disdainfully, that it wasn't a Rhode Island but a Buff Orpington. After the Farm Shop we did Morrisons and then home. Both fancying a light lunch we had scrambled egg on toast, with a smoked salmon topping. Delicious. I also forgot to mention yesterday that we had first-of-the season stewed Rhubarb and Custard. We didn't hammer the bed because on Sunday Y is doing a Rhubarb Crumble for TJ.

Another thing yesterday that I forgot to mention was Shakespeare's birthday. To make amends here is a witty sketch by Rowan Atkinson and Hugh Laurie please click.

Another trawl round the garden found enough different flowers for a further collage. The dandelion in the upper left corner isn't a mistake. They have been magnificent this year and I thought they deserved at least one publication. Y has tried manfully to keep on top of the lawn dandelions but it is a bit like painting the Forth Bridge. She clears the front lawn and goes to the rear lawn. And by the time she's finished that there are 4 more in flower on the front lawn. The trouble is that it now gives her back-ache so sometimes we both need a lie-down. As Jill memorably said "Getting old isn't for wimps". I'm not sure when Jill and Ro return from their Durham holiday but it will be nice to welcome her back. Maybe she will have taken a few snaps.

We didn't go over to Peter and Joan's. But Y is in contact with Peter and he seems OK and is being brave. But being knocked over and breaking a bone when you are 80yrs isn't good !

My responses to your previous comments

Yvonne ..... I think you did well to get 16% for an interpretation of Blake's 'Tyger Tyger'. His original illustration wasn't brilliant please click and I've always thought his tiger looks more sheepish than frightening.

I'm quite looking forward to the May Carnival at Burton Joyce. Should be fun.

Bob ...... You under-estimate your ability to draw. You work has always seemed extremely good to me.

I think forefathers and forebears are a different use of the word fore. No argument as to what 'fore' means anyway. And now you have Helen C on your side ......

JBW ..... Thanks for your report on Frankie and Millie's show at EPS. I sort of anticipated that it would be good, and fresh, and I'm only sorry I wasn't there.

Brian S e-mailed me with a similar assessment as to how good the show was. Maybe at some time in the future I may be able to see them in action. We are lucky to have such strengths within the Club.


Quotation time ........

"Pretty and witty; wild, and yet, too, gentle:"

p.s... It's only when you look at an ant through a magnifying glass on a sunny day that you realise how often they burst into flames.


David said...

Just been looking at there live weather page is super. Check it out. You will probably end up with an ongoing link as I know you enjoy your weather info.

bob said...

Resemble Rhodeys but possibly standard crossbred layers like ours.
The chicks look perhaps a week old – not yet poussins.
Yes, I have considerable experience of keeping chickens; but never more than 2 at a time.

St George’s Day, of course.
Had I realised I’d have sent Will a card! And he’s said to have died on same date.

Nice collage.
I’ve myself ofttimes wondered what would’ve been outcome had Wordsworth seen dandelions. You’re right about their present proliferation.

Benign tiger indeed

You flatter me – I’ll admit to a certain facility but at Schools of Art/Architecture I was surrounded by many more accomplished.

Forefather and forebear have the same dictionary definition.
My mother's uncle at a cousin’s silver wedding spoke movingly of his/their ‘four bears’.
No, his name wasn’t Goldilocks.

Light of day reveals Rob’s Haiku meaning.

I’m a Confirmed Agnostic;
despite Christening my army identity disc bore ‘=’ not ‘CE’.
As the poem says:
“Firmly astride Life’s Fence I sit
(Why else should buttocks be so neatly split…?)”

Hustings Ahoy!
Pity they’re stopping second home allowance!

BJ Gala sounds good but I can’t make it.
1st May, hospital;
Bank Holiday, Ollerton Village Hall Auction.

jbw said...

Talking of bears. My parents always told me about when they went to see the vicar before they were married and the vicar gave them advice. "In marriage you must make sure that you keep two bears preferably sitting on the hearth, One is bear and the other is forbear!"
Pity so many young couples today do not think of this.

Yvonne said...

When Steven got married 14 years ago he had to confess that he had not been christened - mea culpa. He was prepared to do whatever was necessary so that Lisa could have the wedding of her dreams- baptism, instruction, whatever,.... The Motor Biking Vicar said 'are you handy '- yes, so my lad installed the central heating in the church .....

Went to a garden centre today so that after 3 years of indolence ( WE ARE MOVING) I had to do something about the garden. Appalled at the cost of weedkiller, etc. - those of us who'd had annual statement of our investments for the year today, realise we can't afford to buy a pair of gardening gloves! .....

But incredible news - my friend, Joan, who has resisted over the year a landline telephone, a mobile and absolutely certainly, INTERNET connection, left me a message this morning saying she was going to EMAIL me ......... I can't contact her - is she teasing me?