Sunday, April 19, 2009

Almost there - Pleasant day - 56F 2mph E wind

Y pointed out, quite correctly, that this view as published yesterday, didn't look good. I had inadvertently left the camera set up for portraits. So it softened everything. (Nikon don't like your subjects to have sharp wrinkles)....... This one looks better.

We've had a good day even though I'm still so weary all the time. David called in for an hour this morning which was super. He didn't bring the girls. As he said, preparing the household for a trip out is a big and time consuming job. In any case their liveliness can be a little tiring. It was lovely to hear all the news. He also brought me a bag me of offcuts of material, blue front black/ rear, to use as backdrops. Thanks Helen they are just right.

The roast pork loin was delicious and for tea Y has just served a tasty ham salad with tiny pak choi and tao choi leaves which are unexpected nice served cold.

When I looked at yesterday's tulip collage I noticed that I hadn't included a yellow one so picture 2 is to make amends.

Most of the daffs have now finished and the next thing will be bluebells.

This morning when opening the front gates for David I noticed that our large-ish bed of 'lilies of the valley' are on the point of flowering.

This afternoon Yvonne has watched the Manchester United v Everton Match and was pleased with the result. It means that, in the final, Chelsea will have Everton as their opponents rather than MU.

I caught the exciting penalty shoot out.

My responses to your previously made comments

Yvonne ..... You are quite correct about my accordion and Denis on keyboards. But I was never satisfied with the quality of my accordion-playing. Hence, it came to an end.

I understand that, if Sky get Wimbledon it will be essential to have it. Plus our dissatisfaction with Virgin media.

Mind you, although we are only talking about 1 full day, since the TV man came we haven't had to shut down/reboot. Watch this space.

Jill ..... Tulip colour is such a personal preference. Y prefers subdued where I seem to go for vivid. I could'nt join you in liking double ones - they never look quite right !

I agree with you about Tilly and the tooth-fairy. It will be taken care of.

My taste buds in general are fine. It is just that I seem to have lost my liking for very strong coffee and orange-coloured tea. At the moment, milk and a slice of lemon in tea seems attractive whereas I would once of dismissed it as a drink for women and w**fters.

The weather seems promising for your Durham sojourn. Remember to take a ganzey because it is, after all, the frozen north up there. Cuthbert awaits you !

Bob .... Thanks for your good wishes. I think 'normal' is a place on the map I shall probably need a sat nav to return to.

Roy .... The basil I grow is a minature leaved variety called 'Minette' which roots very easily and is simple to keep going. It likes living on kitchen window sills so will not objject to being taken on holiday in a caravan. I keep several plants on the go and every so often I snip a cutting off and root it in a stem vase.

There is a 'cutting for you' now rooting. If you open the above link you will see what it looks like.

Helen C ..... Thanks for your comment. The 'coughing normally' = coughing devoid of blood.

Please feel free to use a bottle top. One can't copright ideas anyway - not that I would want too anyway.

Here is another one. Not too much manipulation - I simply put the bottle on the windowsill where the background was predominately dark then, in photoshop>select>inverse>and darken the background even further.

For Jill's benefit, and everybody's, I have rotated the image through 180°

You must tell us whereabouts at Moorgreen the bluebells are because we would both like to see them.

I am so much recovered it would be good to see the WoW-ers. Perhaps best for starters would be too join you in the pub for an hour.


Quotation time ......

"The only way to entertain some folks is to listen to them"

Kim Hubbard

I cant find a decent link to him/her. There seems several Kin Hubbards and I don't know which one. So, please click here for more of his/her quotes.



bob said...

Two cracking semis, in spite of the cut-up Wembley pitch.
Chelsea just prevailed against a sadly depleted Arsenal (who, for me, played the ‘better’, but less effective, football).
ManU Reserves (+3) were eventually beaten on penalties by ManU OldBoys (+8) after surviving a disputed ‘penalty’ decision which, as the commentator said “Could have gone either way, and did.”
Everton for the Final!

I refuse to imagine milk AND lemon in tea!
I must presume that your “once OF dismissed” was deliberate provocation?

Sandra has also managed to keep OUR basil gift going from rooted cuttings.

Thanks to 4ticks, I am now pretty well satisfied that my unusual insect was a Shield Bug / Stink Bug (not a beetle).
There are so many different ones that I have given up trying to identify – nearest was a black&yellow Australian one (mine was black&white).

Helen C. said...

To find the Moorgreen bluebells you need to drive down Felley Mill Lane South, turn right at the T junction and park at the end of the lane. If you stick to the main path I think your wheels would cope. However, the bluebells are a little disappointing as yet, maybe they need another week. We're off to Winster tomorrow where there is another very good bluebell walk.

I shan't be wowing this week as there's an Arkwright Soc. trip to Lea Mills in the afternoon. Apparently they don't like visitors there so we're quite privileged! Having a wow at the pub seems like a good way of easing yourself back in. Have a good time.