Monday, April 20, 2009

Blood test day - feeling good - 67F 2mph E wind

The first of two 'collages' today.

Whilst I still want a good close-up of our Robin I liked this picture enough to 'collage' it with the young Blackbird adjacent. In both birds I am taken by their feet.

(I can hear Steve saying "You should get out more")

The two birds compete in the early hours as to who can sing the loudest and sweetest, and in my opinion its neck and neck. Or should I say throat and throat.

The Blackbird is not tolerant of other visitors and frequently chases Tits and the Thrush away. The Goldfinches make a token movement but fly back within seconds.

The second 'collage' is from my boyhood edition (1912) of Robin Hood by Henry Gilbert.

Robin and Little John fighting on the bridge is compulsory but I used to find (aged 11yrs) that 'Robin shoots his last shaft' very moving.

I must have read the novel 20 times and always had to linger at that bit.

If I did the same, it would entail Y interring me somewhere in the middle of the Football Field.

To return to reality. Blood Test this morning, so I'm now awaiting a call, or not, from the clinic. Most likely they will ring because even if my INR is coming down, as we hope, a Warfarin dosage change is still likely.

I have felt pretty good today so I don't want it to be spoiled. Lunch was a spag/bol which worked fine, followed by Icecream in Wafers which Y got just right. This afternoon, after a nap, I went over to Colliers Wood hoping for some pics, but there wasn't much that was photogenic.

We hope Jill and Roland got off to Durham successfully. If the weather continues as today they will enjoy it. Now there IS a photogenic spot and Durham Cathedral is one of the outstanding examples of Norman architecture in Europe.

My responses to your previously made comments

Bob ..... Thanks for the Sports Desk update.

And you don't have to contemplate 'milk and a slice of lemon' in tea. A straightforward typo, I think, because I have one or the other. And I have realised that if I am going to have the lemon version I only need to let it brew for 1½ to 2 minutes at the most. Otherwise it tastes really stewed.

Plus, I am now drinking black coffee, and I need this to be much weaker than hithertofore.

Well. Fancy that. Would you believe it?

According to my Colliers Wood Dandelion its 5.40 pm already.

That was the only halfway decent picture I managed to shoot this afternoon.


Quotation time ...............

"When shepherds pipe on oaten straws
And merry larks are ploughmen's clocks
When turtles tread, and rooks, and daws,
And maidens bleach their summer smocks."

I've published nearly the whole stanza because a few days ago folks had difficulty working out the meaning of the bit I quoted....... Come to think of it - you don't see, or hear many skylarks these days do you?

p.s Stop Press - The Clinic rang at 6.30pm. My INR level is down to 3.3 so Hoo Rah ! And a slight dosage change. Further test Monday 27th April 09. Real progress.


mannanan said...

Glad to hear that your blood levels are going the correct way...Icecream in wafers, haven't had that in years. Didn't think you could still get the icecream in blocks. Durham cathederal is as you say stunning.With my first wife coming from that great city we used to visit quite regular but it must be twenty five or more years since I was last up there. Like the dandelion photo a lot especially when viewed big style. take care, regards to Y.

Pete said...

OOPS sorry should have signed it Pete but I was signed in as Mannanan. Also forgive or just delete this extra post.

bob said...

Smashing yellow-beaked blackbird. They ARE intensely territorial. My dad was frequently attacked entering the garden gate.

My final arrow from my armchair would possibly reach the middle of the front lawn!

Nice ice-cream irony.

You obviously agree flavour is stronger without milk.
It's absence makes Earl Grey enjoyable.

Nice dandelion. The b******s.

’Would (I) believe it?’ Moi?

For anyone unfamiliar with Shakespeare's ‘tread’ usage (“When turtles tread, and rooks, and daws,”), it indicates ‘bird copulation’.
A term still habitually used by N. Notts farmers.

Like the cartoon.
Who does it remind me of?

From yesterday:
Although I don’t know Kim Hubbard I think she came from a large family.
They made their mother’s life a misery. But when they all left home she was in her eye’oles (or lace'oles).

Yvonne said...

Pete: Ice-cream: WALLS lurks shame-facedly in the freezer cabinet. Ditto the wafers in the midst of sophisticated whassernames (a digression - 45 years ago my sister's mother-in-law said - 'your brother is a whassername isn't he?'. To this day I don't know what she meant!). (But when in doubt for a pudding - especially if you want to impress - icecream and wafers works every time.).

Virgin: I know this will facilitate vulgarity and we all know from whom .......

For many years I typed letters for people who wanted to complain (THEY take more notice). Getting fed up with constant rebooting - I wrote a HANDWRITTEN note to Virgin - instant response: name, telephone number, EXTENSION number. Maybe something will get done!

After many years in the wilderness - a life-long Liberal who had to vote Labour in 1997 to get the Tories out (You Labour supporters have wept since, I've been in the total doldrums as with so many of my colleagues). I have now gone back - and my first message is from my leader who addresses me as YVONNE . I don't think so. I told him I wouldn't dream of addressing him as Nick ........ (If only it was Vince Cable).