Saturday, April 04, 2009

Out for a walk - 52F - 3mph SW wind


I’m doing this in ‘Word’ because we still have no internet connection via Virgin, although I can get online with my Vodafone device.

As Y so expressively puts it “It is good when a man can rely on his dongle”.

Virgin/NTL has been off since early afternoon yesterday and although most helpful the engineer this morning said there were ‘issues’ in the area but it should be back on by 6pm. We shall see.

It has been a pleasant day and mild, but a cool breeze. We decided on a walk (with wheels) and went to one of our favourites – the old railway track which goes past the old ‘headstocks’. Our lovely council (not being sarky because they are generally good) have done much work in tidying-up and cutting-back. They have even gone to the expense of having hedges properly layered.

Due to starting in 'Word' it seems that the font is going to be all over the place but should be readable. The problem in completing today's post in 'Word' is access to your comments and the insertion of pictures.

Picture 2, much enlarged and cropped, is I believe, a Comma butterfly but am willing to give way to anyone who knows better.

I've tried to draw attention to where the commas protrude from the rear wings.

My responses to your previous comments

Jill .... Thank you for your kind comment and I'm glad you would do the same with regard to the Fentanyl. I know Bob is a 'grit your teeth and suffer' person and so is Sandra, but I'm not although Y has tendencies that way. I shall try to remain as sharp as poss.

Your "Old Age is not for wimps" is brilliant and will be stored in the RG Book of Aphorisms.

I went into the front garden this afternoon to take a closer snap of the kerria for Bob and different from yours, ours doesn't look very well at all. The foliage doesn't look in good spirits. Perhaps they have a limited life-span and ours must be quite old. Re the apparent 'arrangement' by the way - it was just two bunches split into 3 vases. It wasn't intentional because the buds were closed on purchase.

Bob ..... I think either version of the Sisyphus story will do.

Thanks for your further contribution to The Sports Desk. I really wish I knew what you are talking about. I'm more at home with Sisyphus and 'marching men up to the top of the hill and then marching them down again'.

Reg ..... Indeed - when is a pie not a pie ? I agree with you and your friend. A pie should have a top, bottom and sides. Maybe 'cottage pie' is 'the exception which proves the rule'. friend.

Nice to hear the inside story behind the picture. And to see your balusters etc., actually in being.

JBW .... Your 'medication' sounds worse than any of us. As Jill astutley remarked "Old age is not for wimps".

My grandmother however, used to say "A bit of pain is good for you, it lets you know you are still alive".


Quotation time ......

"Pain is as diverse as man.

One suffers as one can."

Victor Hugo.....



Rob said...

Virgin/NTL is working OK this side of the motorway - which is no consolation to you I guess.

The Nimmo Brothers were absolutley outstanding. It was the first night of a new tour so why not google them and catch them if they are in your area.

Sports Desk:
Sheffield Steelers 5 Cardiff Devils 2; Nottingham Panthers 6 Coventry Blaze 2. Tomorrows final, Steelers v Panthers, arch rivals, faces off at 3pm. Commentary on Radio Nottingham and Radio Nottingham website.


bob said...

As is my wont, I selected alliterative National horses (3) decided proportional each-way stakes (£10 total) and then didn’t bother laying a bet.
Pity. I’d have won £119.
“And now when I hear people curse the chance that was wasted /
I know only too well what they mean.” (‘Smoke Gets In Your Eyes’)

Two terrific successive hour-long programmes on BBC4 this evening – Humph followed by Ella. Great!

Nice seeing Brinsley headstocks.

Agree ‘Comma’.
“On underside of wing is small white mark in shape of comma.” (website)

Only possible consolation;
if you look round there always seems to be some fakir you wouldn’t want to swap places with!

My mother’s rule:
pastry bottom only = tart
Pastry on top (with or without bottom) = pie.
But the crucial thing is whether it is COOKED with the pastry top on. Just dropping it on afterwards is cheating.

Rob :
Good for Panthers.

But only Forest (semi) successful on the football field.

Jill said...

Collage is interesting - what are headstocks please? I too saw a butterfly yesterday, but nothing so exciting as in Nottingham, just a Cabbage White.

I thought our Kerria had had it when R cut it down to put up a shed some years back,but it started sprouting up again as vigourous as ever. Perhaps the answer is to cut it right back this autumn? Ours must be 20 years old.

Bob, sorry you missed out on the Grand National. I think you have got it right with pies, it's whether the pastry is cooked with it or not. I was once served a couple of spoonfuls of stew, with a square of puff pastry the other side of the plate, which was called a pie on the menu. Oh no it isn't - it got sent back.....

Doesn't the sunshine make a difference - I think it is the best medicine.

Yvonne said...

It's 1.00 p.m. Sunday and the internet is back - six months ago I wouldn't have cared but things have changed since I got my own laptop.

Graham is right that I am one of the 'if you don't talk about it, it will ago away' school with regard to pain. But, having said that, I have never forgotten the pain associated with impacted wisdom teeth removal in 1964 and bunion removal in 1986. I don't know how Graham remains in such good spirits all the time with the level of pain he suffers.

I wish Panthers (it's our ice hockey team, Jill) all the best this afternoon, and hope they do as well as Chelsea yesterday. Even Alan Shearer couldn't save Newcastle.

Reg said...

Headstocks are the Structure over a mine shaft which carries the winding wheels, which in turn carry the ropes which suspend the cage, which carries men and or materials up and down the shaft.
4 ticks once worked as a temp. in the offices at Pork Farms now Northern Foods who make M & S pies etc. M & S items had specific quanties of each item i.e 6 pieces of carrot, 5 pieces of meat, 7 pieces of potato and so on. Every one elses were thrown into a large mixer and just measured out. I once went into a nationally known pork pie factory and didn't eat pork pie for weeks after seeing the mixture that went in to them.

Reg said...

Sorry Rob Late News
Panthers 0 Stealers 2 Comiserations ( is that how you spell it)