Tuesday, April 28, 2009

A dreary day - 49F but feels colder - Y's camera


Above is a collage of front and back views of Y's new Fujifilm compact. This morning I took Y to the Station to buy her London ticket, for the weekend, and she was going on to meet Joan for lunch at The Bell where they have a favourite table overlooking Market Square and the food is reasonable. I parked on Angel Row and, with my wheels, walked up to Jacobs who seemed to have the best selection of well-specified compact cameras. This A100 please click for review seemed good without going over the top.

Yvonne has now unpacked it and is very happy with the model. And, as you will see from the right hand image in the collage, has actually taken a photograph with it. She is threatening to come out with us on Wednesdays ! I'm not sure about that !

Picture 2 is some of nature's little jewels following a heavy shower. I just forget the name of the plant but it always seems to collect raindrops in a photogenic manner.

All being well I am aiming to WoW in the morning. I don't need to walk far and I have missed the occasion and the company. So when Reg rang and asked if I was turning out I said 'Yes'. I've contacted Helen C and she is turning out too.

I managed to clear my e-mail inbox this afternoon, even if it meant filing a few without having replied to them. I have read them all though because it seems rude not to. And I rely on my Google Spam-filter which makes around 99% correct decisions. Ray sent me two more smashing icons/animations which are now duly filed in my Walagata account for future use.

p.s. Editor's note. ...... Y asks me to tell you that I am watching the Football with her ... Chelsea v Barcelona. This sufficiently unusual to merit inclusion.

My responses to your previously added comments

Jill ..... Quite a relief to know we aren't the only milk-curdlers, and that Lidl aren't the only purveyors. It is almost worth contacting a milk-man and asking him to deliver a couple of pints a day.

Apparently the subject cropped up in Y's conversation with Joan. She feels it is best to buy single pint containers so as not to have the milk in use for long after the inner seal has been removed. But our offending 2 litre container was as described immediately upon opening.

I think you will like Red Bush tea, it isn't a real 'tea' of course but doesn't have that odd 'fruit tea' flavour. The flavour is unique and if it's good enough for Precious Ramotswe it's good enough for me, at 3am. The stories are being serialised on Radio 7 which I am enjoying more and more.

In my mind's eye I have a clear image of you with your pink stick. All you need now is some metal railings to run it down.

Bob .... Just a Lidl criticism is all.

It seems to me that the latest 'build' of Picasa has several problems. The Picasa forum has many people wingeing. Lets hope the problems are resolved soon - they often are.

Re Clematis Montana. As I understand it Clematis is the 'genus' within which are several species. Montana Elizabeth is reddish pink, Montana Grandiflora is white, Montana Rubens is white with the merest hint of pink. If you open the link all will be revealed.

Whoever suggested milk in Green Tea ? I don't think I did.


Quotation time .......

"There is no more mercy in him than there is milk in a male tiger"



Yvonne said...

Well done, Chelsea - especially Cech. Not easy to stop Barcelona scoring when they had nearly 90,000 fans supporting them! Be better for Chelsea next week playing at home.

Graham: Alchemilla Mollis. The vast bed we have now comes from a small cutting I brought home from East Grinstead some ten years ago from my friend Pat's garden (you will remember her, Jill).

Didn't realise I wanted a camera until G. bought me one! But I am very taken with it - it is so easy to use. (But WOWers need not fear - I shall use to mainly for family photos).

Bell Inn: always an excellent meal served in very pleasant surroundings. I can recommend it to anyone.

bob said...

Yvonne’s camera sounds good to me – about same size/weight as mine except half the thickness. Good big viewfinderer too.

A shame you chose/agreed to watch a 0-0 draw, although I found it compulsive viewing.
Chelsea’s dogged tactics worked admirably and they could have sneaked a goal from one of their 3 chances. But Barca's stars must have disappointed their supporters.

I think you’ve been unlucky with milk.
We buy ours from the nearby newspaper/convenience shop. Always fresh and kept in cooler. In our fridge it lasts up to a week past use-by date.

I am no great fan of Rosy-Bosh tea and consider it demands to be drunk without milk.

Can’t say I’ve particularly noticed recent difficulties with Picasa – and I wouldn’t consider the text-on-collage thing a problem once known about.

From your description I guess our Montana is probably Rubens.

It was Jill who asked if you take milk in Green Tea.

Jill said...

Hope you managed a little WOW-ing, it's a nice day for it, in this neck of the woods anyway.

I am looking to replace my camera - nothing wrong with it except that it is big and heavy. About 5 years old? I could have done with a 50p piece in photo to give size indication - and it has to be easy to use.

We haven't had anyone delivering milk round here for about ten years! We used to have a fish-man once a month, then he raised his minimum order to £50, and it was such a business combining with friends and sorting out the money etc. we gave up.

I have milk in red-bush tea - it says 'best served with milk' on the packet. And as Bob says, it was me that asked if you added milk to green tea.....