Friday, April 03, 2009

Funny Friday - Fentanyl increase - 57F 2mph SW

The view from the office window is beginning to look more summer-y I think. The tree in the top left corner is one of our favourites and is breaking leaf most attractively in the afternoon sun. To complete the idyll the birds are singing away lustily and I have a window open.

This morning I had an appointment with Dr. Barrett and she was complimentary on my progress in obesity-clinic terms.

Re my continued aches and pains she has prescribed another increase in my Fentanyl patches. They kill the pain but the morphine has a strong soporific effect. - we talked it through and she is very matter-of-fact. The choice is between "pain relief and feeling dozy" or "being sharp snd suffering". As a coward I am going for the first option. Unfortunately the increase will probably send my INR blood-level haywire again. Oh, the pleasures of getting old.

This blog will be short I'm afraid due to computer problems. I can't get onto the normal household broadband, and neither can Y on her laptop. But fortunately I have my dongle and I am speaking to you from it.

Picture 2 is our Kerria, the yellow flowered shrub centre frame. Not yet in full bloom. Bob's Sandra had recently been seeking an ID and I thought their picture looked more like it than anything else.

Jill ..... Re the hall-table narcissus. They were bought. I know it is silly but we are always reluctant to cut garden ones. They last so much longer in the garden and are happier there.

There is so much variety in the genus. I always think the multi-headed ones have a stronger scent.

As Y remarks, the Steak pie you describe is exactly the one we have. Just got a pastry lid, no sides and bottom. Lovely meal and we share one and have lots of vegetables.

Yvonne ..... I know that Ruby and Elli are always very concerned that you have made me a jelly. How sweet of them to keep you on your toes.

Helen C .... Even though there weren't many pictures at EPS, it sounds as if you had a good time. I certainly hope that one of yours was selected. Being published on a calender must be an accolade.

The Spaghetti tree April Fool's day hoax was in 1957. You are far too young to have seen the original and remember it.

Bob ..... If you see 'Funny Friday mark 2' you will know I'm in original title trouble. It isn't really a problem anyway.

Your 'Sisyphus' remark camus a surprise to me. A snap of the hall-table will be taken when the light is right. I'm not lugging it into another room. But I shan't forget.

I suppose you are lucky to havePeacocks over-wintering in the garage. But don't they make an awful noise in the mornings?

Talking of cartoons you won't be surprised to learn that Matt has been voted 'Cartoonist of the Year' - again ! ...... We Telegraphees are lucky to have him.

Rob ..... Oh dear ! Poor Rob ! Both Y and I have heard of this happening before. Doesn't make it any easier though. I know that eventually you will get it all back but nobody likes being co-opted into an involuntary savings-scheme.

I'm sure you will enjoy the Nimmo Brothers. I've linked to a Youtube clip of them. Obviously the YouTube embargo on Music hasn't yet come into play.

Thanks for Sports Desk update. You've crammed a lot of information into a small space there my boy.


Quotation time - triggered by the narcissus discussion ....

"The flower in the vase still smiles, but no longer laughs"



Jill said...

Raining quite hard here - first for ages. Garden needs it - I don't!

What a rotten choice you have to make over the Fentanyl patches. But will we notice the difference?....seriously though, I am very sorry. I would make same choice as you, chronic pain is so wearying, takes all the pleasure out of everything. Old Age is not for wimps....

Kerria - ours looks good too. About the same size as yours, grown from a 50p. reject from Woolworths.

I do occasionally cut flowers from garden, picked some daffs from the far end, behind a tree that you can't see unless you go right down there and oput them with the forsythia while it was in bud. Daughter liked tiny posies, I do one on her birthday, forgetmenots, a bluebell or two, pansies, bit of cherry-blossom, late muscari, anything I can find. I asked about your arrangement because it looked to be mixed daffs/narcissus, haven't seen any for sale like that.

bob said...

Sorry to hear about your health/pain dilemma.
Not just Sisyphean but Agamemnonic!
Rock and hard place time.

(I was comparing your ongoing perfection-seeking computer struggle with Sisyphus’s apparently never-ending task rather than the absurdity of it).

Also sorry about the broadband problems (probably a glitch that will soon put itself right) but pleased your dongle is in fine Funny Friday fettle.

I can’t get up-close enough to say whether your Kerria is the same as our yellow-flowered shrub.
I’ll email a close up pic for you to check flower and leaf.

Well, I tried my best to stop the Peacock comment!

Never mind. You’ll get the money eventually and it wouldn’t be earning significant interest anyway.
Take your mind off it by concentrating on sporting matters.
Big weekend for Panthers as well as local football clubs. Has the Stags’ ball burst? do Forest have a hope in hell? can County rise above mid-table mediocrity?
Andy Murray going well (better than Hamilton!)

Reg said...

When is a Pie not a Pie? We have a friend who asks, when he orders a pie, is it a slice with a top and bottom or is it in a dish with just a pastry top? His definition of a pie is the first option. I tend to agree, but therefore Cottage and Shepherds pie are merely dishes with a topping.
The Balustrades and Balcony rails on Brian's picture came off my drawing board or out of my computor to be correct. The quailty of the building was not good, the best builder on site was the tea boy. I think he had been made redundent from a fairly high up job and was filling in his time, if you wanted any information you ask him.(and got tea as well)

jbw said...

Constant medication is wearing at any age but seems to get worse with advancing years. It is not the 9 tablets a day that troubles me, it is the 3 blood tests and 4 injections every day that makes me feel a bit like a pin cushion. I can totally empathize with the Indian fakir lying on his bed of nails - but he only does it when he wants to!
I suppose that eventually one eventually gets used to it!