Thursday, April 23, 2009

Y at BJ - Giving EPS a miss - Rather dull - 62F

Different flowers keep opening, such is the nature of April/May and although there's much blossom around, our cherry blossom is not yet at its peak.

Enough flowers for a 'collage' though, from what is available in the garden.

I took Y to the tram en route for Burton Joyce. A restful day for me, a little shopping first thing in Lidl and then I put jacket potatoes in the oven for evening meal with salad.

The planned celebratory birthday meal tomorrow for Peter Green and Jean Bradbury has had to be postponed due to Peter having been knocked down on a crossing and breaking his wrist. He is in plaster down to the tops of his fingers and can't drive. Peter and Joan, Jean and Yvonne and me all in our car isn't a reasonable proposition. A possibility would be for us to drive over and visit them, maybe collecting Jean on the way. But Y feels that maybe Peter is too shaken up to contemplate entertaining.

I have also decided to opt out of the camera club tonight because I don't feel up to the stairs and then sitting for almost 2 hours. It is a shame because I think it is a show put on by our young ladies and it would have been a refreshing change.

The snap of the 'Lilies of the Valley' on the right is there because they have a special place in my memories.

A watercolour painting, about 7" by 5", earned me 8/10 for Art homework. My usual mark was 5 or 6. Producing art has never been my strong suit even though I love it so and went on to learn a fair bit about it. And I'm still learning and I try to keep up-to-date.

Tilly has a more immediate problem. We have been on google chat and phone because there's a photo she needs for homework on her Dad's camera. He hasn't downloaded and cleared for some time and there are hundreds there and she only needs one. We've tried various strategies but then things became complicted when, in mid procedure, the camera batteries expired. I've left her to it now. Maybe we shall hear of the outcome via the comments box.

Although I am so much better, I don't seem to be able to shake off this feeling of weariness. Most probably due to my tablets and patches and things which I shall discuss with Dr Barrett when I see her on Friday 1st May.

My responses to your previous comments

Yvonne ..... I'm pleased our walk yesterday was such a success. And, as you say, your striding ahead on reconnoitre missions gave you the opportunity to walk briskly.

And I'm glad to hear that your BJ day has been OK. You always enjoy them.

Bob ...... We shall have to disagree about Christian names. Were you not 'christened' ? I'm afraid that 'forename' always makes me think of 'foreskin'. 'First-name' I've no argument with and it used to be frequently used i.e. "What's your first name then?"

Rob .... I remember our Brittany holiday with great affection and that photogenic little house wedged between the rocks.

The ending of yesterday's blog was a little tongue-in-cheek trouble making I'm afraid.

I haven't really gone dramatically right-wing. But hospital receptionists can sometimes try one's patience or should that be patients ?

Another GREAT Haiku. Congratulations.

Helen C ...... As with Bob above, you and I will just have to disagree about first-names. I think what I am really complaining of is receptionists and people speaking to me as if I am already an Alzheimer's sufferer. In a ponderous loud voice addressing me by my first name, or 'dear' or 'darlin' or 'sweetheart'.

You are still of an age where such people take you seriously and probably haven't yet come across the problem.

By the way, did you eat at Hardwick ?


Quotation time ........

Courtezan : .... How say you now ? Is not your husband mad ?

ADRIANA : ............ His incivility confirms no less.

Shakespeare - The Comedy of Errors: IV, iv

The above quote obviously does not refer to Helen's Julian. I could have mutilated Shakespeare and substituted 'receptionist' for 'husband' but the line would not have scanned so well

I can't really end without drawing your attention to this breaking news about "Button seriously injured in F1 accident". Please click here for update. Bob drew it to my attention.



Yvonne said...

My new political life: after my 'how dare you call me Yvonne email', I got a letter today from the L.D.'s Campaign for Gender Balance. Third paragraph "Whatever your age or background, we'd like you to think about standing for Parliament .... confess I'm tempted!

Art: I am the only person I know who got 16% in an exam and that was for my interpretation of Wm. Blake's 'Tiger, Tiger'. I came third that year in exam. results instead of top as my two rivals could both draw. I have never forgiven the injustice of it!

Rob: I knew that was Brittany and well remember the house between the rocks- I might have a photo of it in my 'journal' which I have kept for the last 20 years. I think we were there about 1992.

Haven't spoken to Steven about the golfing weekend as he's so busy organising the Burton Joyce gala on May Day (all welcome - photographic competition being judged by a well-known L.R.P.S. .... cakes by Lisa'a aunties who are superb bakers; steel band; and lots more including child-minding by yours truly!

bob said...

Collage confirms general tulip dislike (a few exceptions).

School Art education effectively non-existent.
Same Art/Woodwork master - ‘Major’ (Home Guard) Tim Martin; ‘Captain’ Mainwaring prototype. But I liked him.
Used pencil only and were ‘taught’ only construction of Gill Sans. Pathetic.
And only SchoolCert Pass; expecting AT LEAST Credit!
Then went Art School to discover, compared to others, I couldn’t draw!

Empathise/sympathise with your medication weariness; I had it all last year.

Christening not my choice!
How about forefathers? (I believe Jews and Muslims have those too).
"What's your first name then?" tended to bring response, “What’s it gorra do wi’ you?”
Surely not how you feel?

?Regretfully, I didn’t/don’t ‘get’‘tongue-in-cheekiness’? OR Rob’s haiku?

Don’t allow dreadful hoi polloi upset you. Go with flow.
Mr Winner might say, “Keep calm, dear boy. (Only an advert).”
To which you could reply
“**** off, Michael.”

Thanks, Helen.
I’m older than Graham but don’t feel patronised.

About to switch to Film4 for Talented Mr Ripley when loud ‘crack’ signalled television's demise.
You get what you pay for, I suppose but it was only a couple of years old.
It may be just internal fuse but optimism unlikely to be productive!

jbw said...

You really did miss a fantastic night at EPS. It is extremely rare for there to be so much laughter.
Much of the photography was of a high class but the 'script' was so witty that it was worthy of a television series. It was commented that the Writers Club wanted somebody who could write humour so Frankie and Millie would be very welcome. They had brought a group of their friends so the session was well attended. It was surprising that they have already established a 'style; for themselves.
You missed a treat.