Thursday, April 02, 2009

Thoroughly good Thursday - 49F 5mph NE wind

Past its best but still pretty.

By the way, if you ever wonder about the rather complicated blog-post titles this is the reason.

As a 3yr old blog, radiogandy now has 1,056 posts in the can. And I try each day to invent a 'never used before' title.

Both Y and I had a good night's sleep and it was pleasant to be back under my summer duvet. It's very thin, around 3 tog, which suits me. I'm not that keen on fluffy duck-down which seems to have a mind of its own and go all over the place.

Y is over at Burton Joyce and I have had a good rest. I'm not really ill or anything, just weary and achy. That looks wrong - should it be ache-ey ?

I haven't been completely idle though. In order to revert to a previous build of Picasa 3 I did a system restore on my PC and thereby undid my good work on uninstall/reinstall my Epson printer programmes. It wasn't a problem to repeat the work, just tedious. The Epson is now back to robust good health and scanning and printing like good 'un. Where would we be without Brian S's expertise in these matters?

These narcissus on the hall-table will have to go tomorrow but they have been a joy. Particularly at a certain time in the morning when they are lit by shafts of sunlight coming through the front door.

The hall-table btw is a family heirloom. It was made by my great grandfather who was the village carpenter in the village of Denstone in east Staffordshire, but close enough to Ashbourne for my grandma and grandad to do their courting. The family name, appropriately enough for a carpenter, was Wood.

Apart from computer-diddling I spent a pleasent afternoon exchanging e-mail badinage with Bob. Mainly on the subject of old age and forgetfulness. At least, I think I did - ha ha!..... And I also managed time on WebUser forums and the ex-coppers site where I'm a moderator - not an onerous job, we only have 80 members, mostly from the Mansfield area.

The last picture is a blue tit doing its own thing in one of our more distant trees and taken on my 70-300mm. By the time I had sorted out my x2 convertor, put the camera on a tripod, managed to find the blue tit and focussed - to use a good old cliché - the bird would have flown.

As I'm not going to the club this evening I am cooking a nice meal for Y to return to. Steak & kidney pie (M&S) with carrots, jacket potato, shredded spring greens and mushrooms. Thanks to Y, pudding will be mandarin orange jelly. and in deference to the obesity-clinic, no ice-cream.

My responses to your previous comments

Bob ..... All by yourself today - in the comments box. I know that, if I publish early it is often too early to fit in with Jill's day. Rob of course, bless him, is still at work and paying taxes to support us all.

The Chad always was a great user of clichés. When I used to read it, if there was a house-fire the house was always 'gutted'. I queried it once with a reporter and she didn't understand what I was talking about. The house in question had only suffered damage in one room. But, according to her, it had still been gutted.

This is a true mnemonic story. When I was in training we use to teach 'Bogger the BBC' to remember the reasons a child could be taken into safety. They stood for exposing to the risk of 'Buggery', Burning', 'Begging' and 'Cruelty'. A student, Paddy O'Flyn, emerged from an exam and said "I could remember the mnenomic 'Bollocks to the ITV' but I couldn't remember what the letters stood for".

We shall have to disagree about the radio play. Anyway 3 good laughs is good isn't it? When I consider some of the rot you watch on the telly I'm surpised you rated it 'school concert' level.

Lucky you with your Peacock butterfly. I saw one out of my bedroom window - I think it was a common-or-garden tortoiseshell - but too far away for a snap.

Well done with the 'collages' you e-mailed me, using the suggested 'picture pile' method. The only problem seems to be that you can't, as with the other methods, leave a space between each picture. I must have a further expreiment myself.

I too remember the spaghetti tree April Fool joke. A classic which I doubt has ever been bettered.


Quotation time ......

"None are so busy as the fool and the knave"

"Sleep tight - catch you tomorrow"



Jill said...

Sorry I missed you yesterday - I thought the primrosses were lovely, the only place I know like that is a motorway verge on the M3. And the collared doves. The water-side development looks a bit bleak, not enough greenery?

Beautiful narcissi, did the ones on the hall-table come from the garden? I bought some daffs today, big double trumpets, they look as if they have a matching rose in the centre rather than a trumpet.

Loved the cartoon too.

M & S steak pie - do you buy the same as us, the one with just a pastry top? We also had mandarin jelly tonight, but with cream....

Yvonne said...

Jill: yes, the one with just a pastry top AND we shared a small one between us! It was tasty.

In spite of Graham's well-known culinary expertise - he told me this evening that he's never made a jelly. It is a fact that I always make him one before I go away to London and the first question Ruby and Elli ask me is "Have you made GG a jelly, Grandma?".If I say that I forgot - they are very cross with me!

Helen C. said...

It was a fairly short eps meeting this evening as not many people had brought pictures. There were, however, some very nice pictures when you consider that Eastwood is not the most photogenic location in the world.

I also remember the spaghetti tree but I'm not sure if I saw the original or whether I remember it from the clips which have been shown since. Does anyone know the date of the original?

bob said...


You may eventually run out of headlines! (only 7 known ‘plots’?)

I’ve always been content sleeping on or under almost anything.

No ‘achey’ in Roget.

Oh Sisyphus of the computer!

Pic of hall table would be appreciated.

More goodinage than badinage but I don’t remember it, do I?

If I were doing the photo-prep described, the bod would be hidden by leaves come snaptime – if they hadn’t fallen.

On Chad clichés;
no-one is now jailed, they are ‘caged’ (especially if they are 'monsters').

Love the mnemonics story.

Yes, there’s a fair bit of rubbish on telly (I don’t watch it ALL), but a lot of good stuff too – frequently better than cinema, I’d say.
I think Johnny Vegas is wasted unless you can see him.

We usually get Peacocks over-wintering in the garage.

Guarding No 3 TRRRE Barracks, Cove, on 1st April 1957, I wandered into the camp cinema for the spaghetti harvest.

Like the Pope joke.

Jelly Queen !!
(I made my first last year - one a year is about it).

Helen C:
I remember the date clearly; it was April 1st.
(see above).

Rob said...

Ha ha, RG, how clever of you to mention me being a taxpayer and things being gutted in adjacent sentences. When I got my payslip this week there was a letter with it saying the payroll people hadn't received my P45 from my previous job. This has resulted in me being taxed at 20% on virtually all of my salary. As it's the end of the tax year I now have to wait until I have a P60 to prove to the tax office I have paid more tax than I should have. I'm gutted.

If you put your dying narcissi against a dark background, light them from the side and photograph them you should have a half decent snap when you convert it to black and white.

Tonight we are going to see the Nimmo Brothers at the Flowerpot in Derby. They never disappoint.

Sports Desk:
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