Monday, April 27, 2009

Weather deteriorates - 49F - chucking it down

When I saw this sky out of my office window yesterday evening, I should have guessed what today would bring. And it did - bucket's full. As Ray says, it has been hissing down all day.

There was a few minutes break which allowed Y to nip round the corner for some milk. A litre container, sale by date 1st May, kept in a cold cupboard, had gone solid. Not just 'off' but like white scrambled egg. I think we must blame Lidl - whose standards, like today's weather, seem to be deteriorating. At least in the fresh food department.

Picture 2 is of some Green Tea, not from Lidl, but I am intrigued by the clever box-closing idea. After opening there is a white flap which engages with two tabs inside the lid and keeps the box closed. Not airtight obviously, but clever.

While doing this collage I made a discovery. Text which you have put on the constituent pictures doesn't stay in place when you prepare the collage. So any text you want has to be entered post collaging. Not a big deal when you know, but annoying if you don't.

John texted me to say they had moved to Fouesnant on the South Brittany coast. It looks a fun place to be and a nice bay. Probably Rob knows it.

Incidentally I am becoming a big fan of Radio 7. There is such a goodly amount of class listening from dramatisation, and plays and straight-forward readings - always good actors and actresses. In my preset buttons it is the one just to the right of Radio 4 - so, if John Humphries is annoying me (quite often these days) I just click the button.

It isn't my intention to start discussing politics but Y and I both think the government's stance about the Gurkhas residency claims is despicable. The riff-raff we do allow in apparently, but loyal men who have fought and given their lives for us are to be excluded. The reason for this paragraph is our delight that Nick Clegg and the Lib/Dems are to join forces with Joanna Lumley to campaign on the Gurkhas behalf.

I can see myself in that voting booth, with my black pencil poised ...............

My responses to your previous comments

Pete ..... Don't be put off by the 'soft scoop' description. It always seems fairly hard to me. Certainly hard enough to cut a slice and separate with a knife.

Bob .... All I can say about 6 in-laws for lunch is 'rather you than me'. Sounds like a great meal though. And a choice of puddings !

Yvonne ..... How Google's computers work out what sites to put in their right hand column is a mystery. But it can be the source of amusement. It is almost worth including some provocative words in ones text, just to see what they come up with.

It could prove an unusual creative tool.

Jill ..... My bendy basin 'idea' doesn't seem at all original now. Everybody is saving them.

Re the Clematis. I never doubted it was a Montana. The question was 'which sub- variety?' - Rubens or Grandiflora ?

You crammed a lot into your holiday and I think you were wise to have a 'rest day' - we certainly need them nowadays. One trouble is that I have lost the ability to 'nap' in a coach seat, or even an armchair. I have to lie down.

Thanks for the 'further and better particulars' about the food. I wouldn't have been happy either.


Quotation time

"I prithee go and get me some repast;
I care not what, so it be wholesome food."


Jill said...

We have had that scrambled egg effect in Waitrose milk, several days before the sell-by date. There had been a warm spell, I reckoned it had been left outside in a crate somewhere.

Do you have milk with that green tea? I am just trying Twinings Red Bush tea, but my current favourite (and dearest) is Duchy of Cornwall's organic traditional
English Breakfast Tea. I don't like fruit teas.

Don't get me started on 'the government'. I have already signed an on-line petition about the Gurkhas.

R bought me a new stick - in the Cathedral Shop! - bright pink handle and strap, silver stick with pink polka dots. This is after I had left my plain black one behind twice in cafes and he had had to retreive it....It turns out to have been made in Chiswick, over the road to where daughter lives, though they weren't on sale in the one shop that sells such things in Chiswick.

It rained all day yesterday - but this morning the sun is shining, though it's got cold again.

bob said...

Worsening Lidl by Lidl?

I should have mentioned I found that ‘text’ problem with my ‘carved head’ collages (and others). The size changes too.

We have a big pro-Ghurka campaigner in Ollerton. And quite right too. I believe her late husband may have served with them.
Prince Charles has two (Warrant Officers?) as his ceremonial bodyguards.
But your APPARENTLY intolerant (and therefore untypical) short diatribe about non-specific ‘riff-raff’ (presumably immigrants and asylum seekers?) could very easily be misunderstood and (mis)quoted by others for their nefarious ends.

David’s Montana appears white. Ours is pink.

Oh, Creative Tool; Oh Wondrous Doings!

Bought a fresh pineapple from Tesco the other day; 10p.
Ate a quarter today (Mon). Perfect!

Good last match for Stags.

I'd never heard of ‘chips & gravy’ (or ‘chips & curry sauce’) until just a few years ago.
(‘Pie, chips & gravy’ or ‘stew & chips’, oh yes!)

Saga rep?
I thought t’were Geordie land, not Iceland (and not much of a saga in <200 words).
Sorry you missed the mine at Beamish.

I recall thunder ‘turns’ milk.

Can’t imagine milk in Green Tea!

They’ll certainly see you coming with your new stick!