Saturday, April 18, 2009

Much better - sort of ⅝ recovery - coughing normally !

As you can see from the above summer is a-stirring. Most trees are breaking leaf, even buds on the early roses. And although still a cool wind (8mph NE), at 57F overall the bees have ventured out.

I have felt much better again although now, by late afternoon, I'm flagging a bit. It is such a relief not to be coughing up blood anymore and Dr Barrett was quite right not to rush me into hospital. It's been a big strain on Y though. My appetite is returning, we managed egg, chips and mushrooms for lunch followed by raspberries and icecream. Strange thing though is that I haven't got my taste back for strong tea or coffee.

The above collage is of the tulips out at the moment. There may be a couple of varieties still to come but not many. For ages we've had a dwarf variety called Grenadier but I haven't seen it this year. The past few days have made a big difference and things have leapt forward.

Fortunately we have a quiet weekend ahead and I've got a little piece of pork loin to cook for tomorrow. We shall have it hot first, and then it will be nice cold with salad.

From WoW on the 15th at Matlock Bath I've received pictures from Brian S, Reg, and Bill, and I have started a fresh Picasa Web Album for them. The system seems to be working well and I am enjoying my secretarial role. I've also worked out the method of moving a picture from my computer to my mobile phone. This time I have made a note of the essential steps, so next time I forget ....... Strangely enough it isn't in the handbook.

My responses to your previous comments

Yvonne ..... As you know, I agree 100%.

Incy Wincy (Denis) ..... Absolutely lovely to have you back from your lengthy stay in Europe.

I remember very well how good you are on keyboards and it sounds as if you've had a whale of a time. I can hear the chanting Denis, Denis, Denis ....... You are a very creative and artistic fella !

It will be good to see some of the 'not many' pictures, when you've sorted yourself out. And fancy you becoming a 'birder'. We have keen young ones in the family.

Tilly ..... Thanks for the update on your teeth ! But oh - poor you ! It seems as if you had to be injected more deeply than usual and the numbness took longer to wear off. 5 and a half hours is a long time.

Grandma has just been down here to the office to give me your love. That's nice.

Some more tulips for you further up the blog.


Quotation time

"When birds do sing, hey ding a ding, ding:
Sweet lovers love the spring"

I've linked you to the whole scene.



Yvonne said...

Denis: I remember you and Graham entertaining us some years ago with you on keyboards and Graham on his accordion. He hasn't played for years - maybe he'll start again as it was always good fun.

Hannah: Glad your teeth are back to normal and you can eat again. You've always had a good appetite.

Jill: Hope you have a good time in Durham - the Cathedral is surely the eighth wonder of the world. And, as I mentioned to you the people there call you 'pet'.

Nice to have the DVD and video facilities back after the repair yesterday - not that I want to watch anything but it's nice to know I could!

Sports Desk: Looking forward to the highlights of Chelsea and Arsenal match tonight - we must consider getting Sky Sports especially if they get the exclusive rights to Wimbledon.

Jill said...

You beat me to it again, I'm a day behind again....

I obviously have a different taste in colour for tulips, we have a lot in the drive this year, in various shades of pink and pinkish/mauve, from pale double pink ones to quite dark ones with golden centres. I do have those smaller bright red ones round the bird bath, coming up through a sea of forgetmenots, which are also in the drive next to the pink ones. I love your greeny-blue grass in yesterday's picture.

Tilly, you have certainly been short-changed by the tooth fairy, I hope you are eating normally again now.

Y, I do hope Sky don't get Wimbledon, I have watched it sometimes on SKY and their coverage is not good, it's all the adverts for the same things mostly at inopportune moments.

G, I am very glad you are feeling a bit better, hope your taste buds recover soon.

Incy Wincy, we shall be seeing you on Britain's got Talent seem to have had a great time, and I bet the natives did too.....

I will try and catch you tomorrow, before we head up to the frozen north. Packing awaits, but we are travelling very light on the train....

bob said...

Pleased to hear that you are getting back to what passes for normal (I shall never run a 10sec 100m again and I think your mountaineering days may be over). Perhaps chip cobs could prove restorative.
Taste is a strange and variable thing. Is it all a bit ‘tinny’?

A dearth of talent on last night’s ‘Britain’s Got…’.
Only perhaps 3 acts worth seeing/hearing again.
Nice to see a sulking Simon though (and he did do the young lad a favour).

The numbness is a peculiar sensation but much better than the pain.
Hope everything soon settles down.

Roy said...


A bit of advice please. You always seem to have a constant supply of basil. How do you do it?
We buy what are presumably forced plants from supermarkets and although they last for two or three weeks they usually give up the ghost after that. As you know we spend most of the summer away in the caravan so it needs to be in a pot which we can take with us.
Pleased to hear you are well on the way to recovery

Helen C. said...

I'm pleased to hear you're 'coughing normally' - that sounds like real progress.

Lovely tulips. I thought your bottle top picture was really interesting. I think I have a top like that somewhere so I'm going to unashamedly pinch your idea and have a play with it! If I come up with anything worthwhile I'll let you know.

Now since the sun has come out, I'm off to Moorgreen to see the bluebells.