Friday, April 10, 2009

Good Good Friday - Good sleep - 52F/ 3mph S


After the useful interchange with Tim Dawson, about wind-speeds and things, I found the above book irresistible. It caught my eye in the National Trust shop at Clumber during our Wednesday visit. Inside is plenty of technical explanation but the main thrust of the book is 24 beautiful sky-portraits. What can be inferred from them appears on the facing page. I shall take it with me wherever .........

It is perhaps best if I don't comment on yesterday's blog. One comment was about twice the length of the blog itself but .....ah well !

Picture 2 is here solely because of my love of natural light 'still-lifes'. The method seems to imbue the picture with more life than using flash or any other form of artificial light. The colours are better and you don't get that harshness, and shadow outlines etc....

David and Helen and family are safely off on their big holiday and I know they will send me pictures. It was good to see their new Toshiba laptop yesterday. Glossy and shiny seems the 'in' thing and it certainly looked attractive. And I guess it will perform well. It is well specified and Toshiba are good. Even the keys are glossy. Running Vista rather than XP but folks seem to be getting used to it. Y is very happy with hers.

Tomorrow is Millicent's 'do' at the farm and TJ is picking her Mum up during the afternoon.

This morning we went to Hucknall Tesco for bits of shopping and I acquired (on David's recommendation) a three-headed Scart lead adaptor and en route we called in at the Watnall Farm shop for lamb-chops for TJ on Sunday. We did ask if she would like a change from lamb and got the reply "If it isn't going to be lamb, I'm not coming!"

My responses to your previous comments

David ..... See above re your Toshiba and please thank Helen and Sky and Brooke very much for the super Easter Cake. Beautifully finished and presented but we haven't actually tasted it yet.

Bob ..... Thank for your e-mailed info about The Reindeer at Edingley. We have been with Peter & Joan. But I shall pass on your comments.

We do remember Typhoon Tyson and how extremely fast he was. Probably accuracy was a little sacrificed for speed ?

Endoscopy probably is a 'catch-all' description. But I have never know it used for the other end i.e - throat or oesophagus.

Pete ..... Thanks for congratulations ! Never too late. And, bearing in mind previous efforts, we are quite proud of our 26yrs this time.

Brian S .... although via e-mail rather than the 'comments' system, we likewise thank you for your congratulations and best wishes.!

Jill ..... You are right about the tiny bird being a Wren. Our bird-consultant Miles (nearly 8) said immediately "It's a Wren". He also identified some Geese I wasn't sure about as Greylag.

There often is a Sutcliffe Exhibition at Whitby. They are justifiably proud of him and lose no opportunity to exhibit... Sensible people because they always pull a goodly number of photographers. And I'm sure the hand-knitted Guernseys were a bonus. Or vice versa .....

Where we went today i.e. Hucknall Tesco there is a superb modern sculpture of a Miner. When the weather is better I'll take a photo for you. But today there was so little light you would have been able to see the finer points.

Tilly ..... Please don't spend hours searching for the 'Headstocks' picture. If you have sent it me once it must be on my computer too. And I've got more time than you.


Quotation time ......

"He draweth out the thread of his verbosity
finer than the staple of his argument ....."



jbw said...

Happy Easter to All.
Wonderful ending with the caravanners setting up their television and barbie. We have some friends who are very keen caravanners to whom a week at Chesterfield is the height of adventure and the first job on arrival is to set up the satellite dish so the wife can watch all the 'soaps'and then the awning so that there is cover over the barbeque stove. They once spent a week in the caravan 2 miles from home! Strange people!
Where did you get the little animation from please?

bob said...

Not very good Good Friday for weather.
I look forward to forecasts.

Sorry if I upset Yvonne but I thought it was day before (ie, Wed, not Thur) you were tired?
I certainly don’t feel you must provide a blog although, admittedly, I’d be concerned for your health if you didn’t, just as I know you’d reciprocate (as you said on 12th March, ‘(Bob) My single reliable commenter !’)
But a simple ‘No comments from Bob today, please,’ would stop me!

I agree about the appropriate non-flash softness etc of your still-life but think, as non-expert, that background radiator/chair-back don’t help.
Put me right or just tell me to mind my own…!

I’d forgotten that you’d visited Edingley Reindeer recently.

Yes, Tyson ‘flattered to deceive’ and never reproduced that initial devastation.

I understand endoscopy can be used to examine the lungs.
In which case…

I look forward to seeing a photo of the Hucknall Tesco sculpture of a Miner.
There’s one in Mansfield, rather lost in ring road traffic-light confusion. I’ll try to get a snap from the bus.

Tilly: if you use Picasa, typing in ‘headstocks’ or ‘Brinsley’ in the panel at top right should find the photo easily.

Jill said...

A very cheerful, colourful picture of the freesias (in my top ten of flower favourites)and fruit.

Hope you had better weather than we did today for Millie's 'do'.

Bob, I had a bronchoscopy some years back - lungs - it was the worst medical procedure I have ever had, and never in my life will I have another one.

Also with Bob, guernseys (I think that is the right name) - I went through a phase some twenty years ago when I got very interested in their history etc,did quite a bit of research. I also knitted a few - the wool is quite thin, oiled, and hard on the hands as it is knitted very tightly, it is almost wind and waterproof if done properly. You could buy the wool by mail order from places in Yorkshire - nowadays you can buy it on line. A shop in Whitby called Bobbins in a converted Methodist chapel is famous for it....

Rob said...

That weather forecasting book looks good for the sky photos. I wouldn't mind having a gleg sometime.

Hope you are feeling rested now, RG. Remember, as you have counselled others before, to take plenty of rest between your naps!

I think you are right about the lighting for still lifes (lives?). Natural lighting is so much better but, as Bob sggests, so is neutral backgrounds. But they are your pictures as you can do them as you wish.

Sports Desk:
Stags draw at home; mid-table mediocrity seems to be theirs this season. It could have been worse, much worse.


Helen C said...

I agree with you about the miner statue at Hucknall which I think is wonderful. I have tried to photograph it a couple of times but with limited success and of course it is unfortunately surrounded by street lights and other picture-despoiling junk which doesn't help.

I like the Shakespeare quote. As it happens we're just back from seeing a Winter's Tale at Stratford today. I bought a bag from the shop which is decorated with Shakespearean-coined phrases such as 'brave new world' and 'knock knock who's there' (didn't know that was one of his!)