Thursday, April 09, 2009

No real blog today.

Happy Easter everyone !

I've had a really busy day. Over at BJ this morning for Millicent's fourth birthday, then Blood Test at 12.30pm, then computer jobs, sort out WebAlbums and WoW - Y stayed on at Burton Joyce

David and Sky and Brooke called in to bring us this lovely home-made Easter Cake. Helen was taking her Dad's car back.

Then Tracy brought Y back, and only now at 9.30pm have I had a window. But I am too tired to climb through it.

I shall respond to all your super comments tomorrow.

David and family set off tomorrow for their big Shropshire Holiday. Sleep tight !



bob said...

So little to respond to!

I now find my endoscopy is to be a FLEXIBLE SIGMOIDOSCOPY.
That should cure the persistent tickle in my throat.
My splendid surgeon's name is Richard E Hind,
So, if his parents had possessed a cruel sense of humour he could have been BE HIND !
RG suggests this is some sort of syllogism.
As GeorgeW said:
“I want to be a war president; no president wants to be a war president.”
(Google ‘false syllogism definition’ for another classic Vietnam ‘Dubyaism’).

Re ‘offal’:
If Yvonne became vegetarian you, like me, could cook meat for yourself!

We have mice and a Wren. Hard to tell them apart sometimes! (seriously).

Would they be Guernseys (or Jerseys)? - or Whitbys?
I once had a Guernsey. Very expensive it was, but it retained its shape/colour for 10 years plus (until the elbows went).
Can the oiled wool be purchased? have YOU knitted them? (that is not a cheeky hint or suggestion).

Yvonne said...

Why did you have to comment at all? Graham was obviously tired but you obviously feel he has to provide a blog for you to comment on.

Tilly said...

Hi. I'll try and find the pictures of the Headstocks. I've got them stored somewhere on my computer. I'll e-mail them asap!