Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Good to be back - 57F - 15mph NE - very windy


How lovely it was, this morning, to emerge from my bedroom and to lurch into my office next door. So welcoming !

Senior Management has issued strict instructions that I am only to pen a mini-blog and I shall do as I'm told. Thank you all for your good wishes and I do feel quite a lot better. The doctor rang this morning and she is sure that the coughing-up blood is due to internal bleeding caused by my Warfarin dosage. We decided to do nothing rash until my INR level is down to normal. If I am still coughing blood then, that will be the time to explore different procedures. She knows how reluctant I am to go into hospital and is very level headed. We trust her judgement.

Before I left my bedroom I managed a few bird pictures and this 'collage' is the result. A blackbird in full song, an evil looking greenfinch, and a startled great tit.

I was very proud of Y, taking over the editor's chair for a day, but now I am back. She is really busy because I leave everything to her at the moment. Excellent meals have been produced and and gardening has been done, not to mention all the washing and stuff. TJ as always has been concerned and thank you Jill for keeping an eye on me, via Yvonne.

I hope the WoW-ers had a good day p.s. an e-mail just in from Helen tells me the weather in Matlock Bath was pretty awful. So I won't expect too many pictures. Bet the pub was good though.

If 'comments' posted earlier, remain unacknowledged, I crave your indulgence.

Quotation time .....

"As you from crimes would pardon'd be,
Let your indulgence set me free"


Yvonne said...

I endorse your thanks, Graham, to all your well-wishers which we both appreciated. And it was nice that they mostly respected your wishes for 'no comments' - you would have felt bound to respond.

Sports Desk: marvellous match last night - and Chelsea are nearly there with winning the Eufa Champions League - only two more matches to go.

Miles will love the woodpecker - I'll email Hannah so that she can make sure he sees it.

jbw said...

It's great to have you back Graham and improving. Hope that the coughing problem proves to be not serious. Warfarin can be a bit of a two-edged sword in that, like very many drugs we are given, it solves one thing but causes another that can be just as big a menace.
Keep fighting. See you soon at EPS

Tilly said...

Hi. I ghot your email about the woodpecker. Very sweet. I saw a bit of the match last night, what was the score in the end? I went to bed and at that time and it was 3 - 4 to liverpool. I think!

bob said...

Ah, good!

I’ll be as brief as I am able (mainly by ignoring previous response points).

Your recent plight sent me looking for an appropriate quote.
Nearest I could find follows.
It concerns Dorothy Parker, during Prohibition:
"What are you having Miss Parker?"
"Not much fun."

I like the three bird collage but my first thought was that 2 isn’t my idea of a Greenfinch (unless at a fancy dress party). The back looks too pink to me (and the colours of the Great Tit posing in the same place look right enough).
That said, I can’t find an alternative in my book and you saw it live.

Yes, Yvonne, cracking match last night although I wish Liverpool had won!
Barcelona will be tough.

With score at 2-2
ManU has it all to do
At FC Porto

Jill said...

Welcome back, I was missing my daily fix!

I think that has to be a greenfinch, look at yellow bar on wing. Perhaps the sun was shining on his back or something?

Liked the woodpecker....

I was convinced that our cherry blossom tree was dead (double white), gardener Martin said it wasn't - and he was right, it is covered with blossom, apart from three branches which do seem to be very dead. He thought possibly struck by lightning, can't find any signs of disease or fungus or rot.

Hope to read good news of your health soon.

Helen C. said...

Good to see you back Graham. If you're blogging and bird-snapping then you must be on the mend!

Pete said...

Welcome back Graham. Hope that you are soon back to full fettle. Regards to Y.