Wednesday, April 29, 2009

WoW-ing at last - Elton area - fine day - no problems


Nine people turned out to WoW this morning and I was so pleased to feel able to join them. It seems an age.

The lead picture is one of Reg's during their walk to Robin Hood's Stride, and back. Although only 4 stones still stand the site is called Nine Stones Close and the linked site will tell you something about it.

Reg's picture shows how pleasant a day it was and although I think it was a tiring walk everyone seemed to have enjoyed themselves. The cars were parked in Elton Village and I found plenty to occupy me in the immediate environs.

Although I walked a little with my wheels I also explored some tiny lanes by car and was surprised in one field to find Llamas. As you know from previous blog-posts we have a Brinsley farmer who often has a few but it is still a shock to be confronted by them. They seem quite tame and unaggressive although a couple of years ago, one of the Brinsley ones spat at me. I understand this isn't uncommon as they are related to the Camel.

Whilst in Elton, having downloaded my pictures to the Asus, I e-mailed Y this picture of some Aubretia and Honesty in the corner of a farmyard.

My Vodafone dongle worked beautifully, again, and I had a 3mb broadband connection without any problem,

The Aubretia had been exceptional this year and this is the first Honesty which I have seen in any quantity. When the chaps returned we went to The Peacock for lunch. I say lunch rather than chip cobs because some people had soup, or a sandwich etc. Trying to be loyal to my diet, I had half a chip cob and left the rest. Roger took an evidential photograph !

My responses to your previous comments

Yvonne ...... You really are enjoying your football at the moment ! Good for you.

And thanks for Alchemilla Mollis which was on the tip of my pen. A welcome plant because it is robust and a good do-er but with a tendency to be invasive.

And I really am glad you are happy with your Camera.

Bob ..... I know from previous corres. that you don't seem to curdle milk, as we do, and apparently Jill and Ro too.

Jill ..... Thanks for your good wishes about WoW, and, as you will have read above ......

The Fujifilm A100 (as Yvonne's) is a fine little camera and currently markets at around £75 to £80. I would recommend buying it in an actual shop rather than online. Once you add in shipping costs you wouldn't save much anyway, and from a shop you can always take it back and argue.

I should have included the customary 50p piece, for sizing, but the LCD screen is 2.7" which demonstrates its fairly compact size. And most importantly it takes lovely crisp snaps.

My Red Bush tea, is labelled 'Rooibos' and claims to be The Original Red Bush Tea from South Africa. It makes no recommendation about milk, either with or without. But I am certainly willing to give 'with milk' a try. Sorry if I confused you with Bob, over the query re 'milk in green tea'. The answer is 'No' but 'Yes' to a slice of lemon. My Gran used to drink Green Tea and I remember that the raw product was like little green twigs rather than how it is nowadays.


Quotation time ......

"Never trust a man who, when left alone in a room with a tea cozy, doesn't try it on"


bob said...

The first cigarette I ever smoked was a ‘Camel’ (descended from a GI).
A sort of lateral progression suggests that the next culinary delight from Heston B might be ‘Smoked Llama’...?

Another twiggy tea to try (without milk) is Jasmine (not Forsythia which was my first thought!) often served in Chinese restaurants. Very delicate and rather a pleasant change (as is Earl Grey).
I have also had Lady Grey recommended.

There are ‘Fresh Fish from Grimsby’ sellers here but we buy from James the Fish whose refrigerated van visits Mansfield
7 weekly.
It means pre-ordering from catalogue, mostly 3kg or 5kg packs, and is all frozen (largely frozen at sea so generally fresher than fish from coast).
Overall, it is genuinely ‘as described’ (if he thinks it’s only fit for the cat, he says) and very good value.
He also sells cheese plus meat and poultry from his own farm, but that’s not cheap apart from excellent casserole beef.


Oh, Creative Tool
That wrought such Wondrous Doings!
Would that it still were.

Jill said...

Bob, have tried Jasmine Tea, no thank you....My Twinings tea is called 'Red Bush naturally de-caffeinated' and says to add a dash of milk.....

G, thnk you for info on camera. We have a long-established camera shop in Chiswick, will investigate.

I have about half a dozen honesty plants in flower, but all over the place....You don't see much aubretia in London, for some reason, I saw some just coming out in Durham.....

Llamas, I wonder what they are used for, you can use the fleece but it is not as good as alpaca. I read about them being used as guard dogs, they are very protective of sheep and will see off foxes. And I have also read about them being used as trekking animals, for tourists/long-distance walkers?

Helen C. said...

Thanks for the link re. 9 stones close, I've seen those stones often and have never known (or bothered to find out) what they're called. Nice picture of llama but I think he is not as attractive as our Brinsley llamas!

Helen C. said...
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