Thursday, April 16, 2009

Wet and windy again - 46F NE wind at 6mph


Another fairly short blog because I'm still suffering a bit. I seem to have reached the stage of "frequent naps interspersed with rest periods". Y was going to ring up and cancel her usual Thursday at Burton Joyce but I persuaded her I was quite OK to be left, and I have been. I haven't eaten much, a few dry biscuits and a clementine, and I seem to have gone right off strong tea and coffee - don't know what that's all about ! I'd done jacket potato and salad for evening meal, on Y's return, but I left half of mine.

The picture on the left is a further adventure in bottle-top country.

Some fascinating images are available to experiment and I've discovered that manual focus is better so as to get the image in the sphere sharp rather than anything else. On auto-focus it was all over the place.

Interestingly one can see the whole patio, the potted plant which becomes the background in the snap, not to mention the garage, garden etc. I suppose it's like a fish eye lens on the cheap, with added interest.

My responses to your previous comments

Yvonne .... Thanks for the Sports Desk update. I listened on Tuesday night to hear if you were shouting "Chelsea, Chelsea, easy, easy" but, as you explained, it was a hard match.

JBW .... Thank you for your good wishes. You are right about tablets in general and their side effects. One ponders on the fact that our parents didn't take all these tablets. They didn't, but they died ! My Dad had the same heart condition as me, in that era untreatable, and he died when he was 64yrs. And I've really enjoyed the bonus 10yrs so far, so I'm not really complaining.

Tilly - Glad you enjoyed the woodpecker. Grandma has told me how brave you have been - again ! ...... and that you have had a further 3 teeth removed. One really difficult one which was growing behind one you need to keep. And you haven't complained, not even once ! We are really proud of you.

Bob ..... Don't worry about 'lost response points'. I'm sure I repeat myself often enough for you to find a suitable place in the future to drop them in.

Thanks also for your Sports Desk take. There is so much of interest to come.

Jill ..... Glad to be back too. Even though you say it's your daily fix, we all love your comments - always relevant, and witty with it. What could be better ?

Like you, I'm quite sure of the greenfinch's identity. I know of no other garden bird with such a fearsomely powerful beak. Odd areas of colouring can be so subject to the light.

I'm sure your gardener Martin sounds like a knowledgeable chap.. Trees and shrubs can look dead but then suddenly come back. We had a big garden fuchsia that looked done-for and the next spring I was going to dig out the root-ball. Lo and behold, it started sprouting. As I think we've said before, I think that if you threaten them, they start off again.

Helen C .... Thanks for your comment. It's true that I no long feel at death's door but I'm still not too well.

Pete ..... Thanks. I hope so too. I've sent you a collage of a snap of me next to the picture of you that you published in Ramsay Ramblings. When Y first saw it she thought it was me...... How peculiar!


Quotation time ......

"Without observance or respect of any,
In will peculiar and in self-admission"


Yvonne said...

Sports Desk: Manchester City put up a brave fight but having their captain sent off (and playing with only ten men) didn't help them.

As is generally known, I am a football fan, but I found yesterday's Hillsborough commemorations mawkish. Surely grief after 20 years should be a private expression.

Pete 'Tis true - when Graham showed me a photo of you from your website - I thought it was him and he was pulling my leg!

Hannah: Brave girl especially as one of the extractions today was so tricky. But maybe the tooth-fairy will come again tonight - another £3 on top of the £1 I gave you is not a bad haul.

Graham: I've read it half-a-(4dozen times but I still don't quite understand your quote. It sounds as though there should be a bit after it .........

Jill: after our exchange about Millicent, you may be interested in knowing she's going to be a hairdresser. Whilst brushing my hair (and putting slides in) she asked me where I was going for my holidays...........(4 last week).

Jill said...

I couldn't make sense of the quote either....

Definitely a hairdresser in the making....

And well done Tilly - I don't think the tooth-fairy is being nearly generous enough, you deserve extra for the difficult one!

I thought the Hillsborough event was OTT, but then I am not a football fan. I had grandson telling me how his team (Brentford) may get promotion on Saturday if they win and two other teams lose, I must listen in and be au fait with what happened!

G, the fish bowl pictre, I wanted to see it the right way up, I did lots of things to it but didn't manage to do that. What is the pot plant that appears to be in flower outside?

Hope your appetite returns, you need to keep your strength up - or are you going in for Slimmer of the Year?

Off-topic, did anyone see Britains got Talent, that singer Susan Boyle? She does indeed have a great voice, but did anyone else think she was - well, a bit odd?

Pete said...

Graham, thanks for the colage. Yes there is a slight resemblance which is rather uncanny....but........does that make me look older than I am or you younger than you are?..Thankfully my children haven't commented on line, over the phone was bad enough. I did say it was for arts sake though...Haven't seen that singer from Britains got Talent but on all accounts an amazing voice but she has admitted herself on radio that she looks pretty awful, a side of a garage I think was quoted!

bob said...

Oh my darling! Only a Clementine.
I wouldn’t start to worry until lack of appetite has become habitual.

Interesting bottletop.
Photography must have been difficult when viewfinder images upside-down.
I had to learn to read figures upside down when ‘levelling’ (but some ‘staffs’ were printed upside down). Then, (in the 50s?) someone invented new ‘right-way-up-image levels’.

Yvonne :
I think Dunne is nearly Done (ManC).
But well done ManU. Everything said about Ronaldo is true!

Did you watch repeat of Jimmy McGovern’s 1996 docudrama ‘Hillsborough’ on ITV3? Devastatingly, horrifically touching.
Liverpool feels a deep and lasting sense of injustice. I doubt we’ve heard the last of it.

Agree about T&C quote. I must investigate.

I hope Millicent didn’t ask if you wanted anything for the weekend?

Yes, Greenfinches vary (often rather ungreen) but usually darker than Graham’s? (perhaps he’s been ill too? ).
Difficult to get bird colours ‘right’ (eg, my chaffinch).

Susan Boyle’s a bit odd, right enough, but remarkable voice – Paul Pottsagain?
A bit of TLC though, she’d look at least as good as Vera Lynn or Our Gracie.
In fact, I’d consider having a go next year if I could do anything!