Friday, November 30, 2007

Hedgehog Day - Greenfinch - Soup

I was busy photographing birds this morning because I want to record the Blue Tits, The Great Tits, Coal Tits and Long-Tailed Tits all of which visit from time to time. In addition of course, to my extra-special Goldfinches, and today some Greenfinches arrived. Equipped as they are with those massively powerful beaks they make short work of the peanuts and seem more than willing to dib into anything from the รก la carte menu provided.

As you know I am a long way from being a twitcher because I wouldn't drive a hundred yards to see some unusual bird. But I love the garden-birds and feel a resposibility to provide a reasonable habit, water, and a bit of 'snap'. I also throw stones at invasive and threatening cats. Dignified walk-throughs are permitted and I don't mind them catching the occasional wood-pigeon.

While doing mi' birds this hedgehog scurried across the patio and vanished under a cotoneaster bush. I got my camera and waited because I thought "I know he doesn't live under there" Two minutes later he emerged, with his mouth full of dried leaves. As he is obviously "feathering his nest" it occured to me that he must be a 'politician hedgehog'. I moved to another window to see where he was going because several trips were involved. Hedgehog - I now know where you intend to spend the winter. You can relax safe in the knowledge that I wont allow you to be disturbed. Unless of course we move shortly after Xmas. All about Hedgehogs - this BBC page is the nicest and most informative link. In fact their first picture looks very like our little chap - perhaps he was moonlighting.

Picture 3 is especially for Jill because she said the one I used for Rockingham Castle was not very 'Castle-Y' and I agree. This main entrance is in fact the only castle-y bit about the whole place which, as castles go is on the small side. It has a Belvoir Castle feel to it but not as big or Castle-like.

Apart from 'messing about' and researching team-blogs for EPS, I also managed an hour in the galley and made Broccoli & Stilton soup from my National Trust soup book. Another good one which I have made several times before. Very easy to do, and to get right. I won't bore you with the methodology.

Comments.......You are right about Delia not grinding her own spices Bungus. She would put it, as I do into the "Life's to short to stuff a mushroom" category. The 'Voting for Sherwood' online is possible but awful to do. So many hoops to jump through. You have to register first before being allowed to vote etc.. many many people just won't be bothered.

Welcome Nice Man. I think that in many ways the Practice 'Round The Corner' is better than the Church Street one. But ours please click has got a pretty website. Now then, how about that? In our surgery one of the digital notices says ' Carers Advice available'. I misread it as "Careers Advice available" and thought "Oh mi gawd - they want me to go back to work".

Unfortunately due to both Y and Jill not being very well the projected Tate Britain visit for the Millais Exhibition had to be cancelled. Jill feels she may be able to rearrange the tickets. But getting them both feeling 100% again is more important. Elli, who might be the source of Y's attack has recovered a lot and Y already feels better. Y has taken some St.Pancras shots on her mobile, also a video, so I am looking forward to seeing them

Quotation for the day......This strikes me as unavoidably true:-

"Nothing fixes a thing so intensely in the memory as the wish to forget it"

Michel de Montaigne

One helluva writer, from the 16th Century, and I am the proud ower of a collection of his essays. Unfortunately not a first edition !

Can't find another in my motorbike series. So you will just have to do with pedal cycles. Sleep tight and I'll catch you tomrrow............


Madeline said...

Naughty RG! Please don't throw stones at cats who come into your garden, you could injure a cat, possibly severely by doing this. The cat(s) could be someone's beloved pet(s), but even if they're stray or feral, they don't need the added stress of an injury.
I understand why you want to deter cats; we feed the birds too and we frighten cats (our own included) away from the feeding stations with water. Get an empty washing up liquid container (or similar) or a water pistol and use that to scare the cats away. They really don't like being sprayed with cold water, but it doesn't do them any harm.
Very occasionally, one of our cats or our neighbours' cats will catch and kill a bird. I feel a bit sad about it, but there are very many more birds here than there were before we and our neighbours started feeding them, so it's something I can live with!
I misread the title of your Blog and was momentarily worried that you were making/eating greenfinch soup! aren't, are you?

Bungus said...

Friday, November 30, 2007

Perhaps Nice Man's doctor is off his/her head – or on it?

Lovely hedgehog. I am sure he/she will provide endless hours of amusement.

Unless someone points me very clearly in the right direction, I have decided voting for Sherwood is not worth the effort involved. When I am told I have the wrong 'user name' and 'password' it is time to give up!
On the other hand, I would find curry making totally unsatisfying if I did not grind my own spices (apart from anything else, if stored whole they retain their freshness for years rather than days). I would rather buy a jar of sauce than use ready ground cumin, coriander, fenugreek, nigella, ginger or curry powder.

I was fascinated by the BBC2 series of programmes about St Pancras. What a roof!

Quotation for the day......I wonder if Michel de Montaigne once beat a cat to death with a spade. That would be hard to forget, even for a bird lover.

Anonymous said...

'I misread the title of your Blog and was momentarily worried that you were making/eating greenfinch soup! aren't, are you?'

And Goldfinch chicken curry the day before Madeline!

Passer by

Anonymous said...

I also looked at the title and wondered if Greenfinch Soup was in the NT book....what next, roasted hedgehog?

I had a dreadfully stiff neck Thurs/Frid, couldn't turn my head, decided I couldn't drive either, great nuisance. But it is better today - I've been wearing one of those long sausage-shaped pad things you heat in the microwave, very efficacious.

Thank you for the castle pictures, I felt I was being cheated. Yes, that looks more like the real thing...

Just watched SCDancing, voted for Letitia and Darren - she looked as if she was going to pass out or throw up.....fancy doing those routines when you feel like death. I won't be surprised if they are out tomorrow, but there may be lots like me who give them the sympathy vote! Think Alesha and ?Matthew will probably win.

Anonymous said...

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