Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Y all OK at Doctors - Then a Rest Day

Back to normal layout this evening because I wanted to use this sunrise, and a titchy little sunrise is no good to anyone. Mostly a Rest Day, but I had finally bullied Y into going to the Doctor with this chronic cough (2 months) and she confirmed what I had already discovered via Google that it was probably due to the ace-inhibitors prescribed for her blood-pressure. Don't ask me what ace-inhibitors are because my googling fell short of reaching there. The doctor didn't seem to mind at all that we had researched the problem ourselves. It must be irritating for a doctor to be challenged with pages and pages of printed-off internet 'stuff' so Y introduced it discretely. The doctor has changed Y's tablets but says she might cough for a few days yet.

I knew she was worried though, so there was no real decision to make between WalkingonWednesday, and the doctors. My place was with Y - as hers has always been with me under similar circumstances. Tomorrow is Camera Club day and I shall hear all about it and, yes Rob, I will bring the Aldi prints (closer scrutiny of them reveals minor probs, the main of which is that the paper was not of identical size, so to make a panel presentable, I've had to guillotine off some information - qualitywise though OK). Also Terry S. gave me the details of the 'scratch and dent man' and he is coming to inspect the damage on Saturday morning. Ergo, I would like to clear it before putting you in touch - mainly because he stressed that although he is supposed to have retired, he has an order book stretching till after Xmas. I'm sure it will be OK though.

Comments now Thanks Pete for the link you posted. What a super site. Pictures and quotes together ! What could be better for a person addicted to both.

Thanks Madeline and later Bungus for the comma ID. Here they are courtesy, as Madeline suggests, of 'google images'. Looking back at my photo I don't think any doubt remains. And re SAD syndrome Bungus, I'm much sooner over it than you. Once I see the Aconite and
the Snowdrops I start to get excited for the Spring.

Such a relief Jill to have you safely returned from Tesco. Like you, we can be intermittent with AutumnWatch - we like Simon best - such an enthusiast. Even though during The Enlightenment' being an 'enthusiast' was a boo-category.

After the minor rocket from Pete (Manxislander) yesterday about 'no quotation' I decided the best thing was to 'lift' one straight out of the link he sent me.

So here it is. Great photograph and lovely words. Remember, if you can't quite read the words, all you need to do is left-click the picture and a larger version will open in a fresh window as if by magic.

This morning I made Sweet Potato and Parsnip Soup out of Joan's National Trust Soup Book which has become a valued tome.

At lunchtime I had reached the 'blend' stage and although Y was chatting to Joan on the 'phone I asked if she wanted it 'smooth' or 'with bits in' ?. She opted for 'with bits in' but Joan assures us that the correct terminology is 'rustic'. We like to get these things right.

For main meal we finished off the chili and Y made Butterscotch Angel Delight for pudding. Magic.

Grannying at Burton Joyce tomorrow for Y. Surely it can't be a week since I was showing Hannah how to do links? Then, after collecting Y, it's EPS and a lecture for me.
Wow Sleep tight everybody and I'll catch you tomorrow.
I think I've found another smiley for WalkingonWednesday.

p.s. Here is a wiki-link for Elizabeth Kubler-Ross - the author of the quote.


bungus said...

i trust the doctor has changed Yvonne's medication for something less troubling? Here's hoping it works.

I wonder if a Comma eats shoots and leaves?

With respect, although Elisabeth Kubler-Ross did a lot of good things, I think today's quotation is sweeping, sentimental, finger-down-throat horlicks.
Like all generalisations ...

Anonymous said...

The quote reminds me of one a colleague of mine had on his office wall; "The only thing you have to decide is what to do with the time you are given." Sadly he died last year at the age of 54, and he spent a lot of time working. I miss him greatly and I want to get out of the rat race as soon as I can.

It also reminds me of advice from another, now ex, colleague. Live each day as though it were your last; it just might be. She retired from work at the age of 39 and lives in Goa for 6 months of the year.

No prizes for guessing who I think got it right.

RG, if your prints are for the competition it may be more politic to leave them until next week. Then I'll tell you why the judge was wrong, although you will know anyway.

No problems re the s and d man (good job he's not a scratch and mend man); if he's not keen I can find someone else.

Thanks for the link via your e last night. Very useful. I'm trying to get to grips with RAW and Lightroom but my employers seem to think I should turn up for work most days.

A tout a l'heure.


William Walsh said...

Hi there, I was just wondering if you cold tell me what finish the Fuji classic paper that Aldi use has. i.e. matt or gloss or somewhere in between, nice blog, thanks for your time, billy