Monday, November 12, 2007

Over to Joan's - Cold but pleasant

As you can see from Picture 1 the Liquidamber is still gamely hanging onto its leaves even though the lime tree and many others have lost all of theirs in the wind.

I really don't like this 'sunrise 7.20am and sunset 4.17pm' business at all. And it's got to get worse before it gets better.

As it really is Y's birthday today we have done exactly what she has wanted. We nipped over to Joan's and then for lunch had the second two of the Lidl Rainbow Trout, with the baked winter veg, followed by Xmas pudding and (to Bungus's horror) cold custard. Naps this afternoon, nearly finished the crossword. And 'strictly......' to look forward to. Y likes to keep an eye on Claudia's shoes. What is it with ladies and shoes? They are all Imelda Marcos at heart.

Picture 2 is I feel either a skipper or a fritillary. Matters lepidopterological are a closed book to me. I have left the chestnut paling clearly visible to give some idea of size.

To comments now ........The Derbyshire Building Society's lack of accurate information about me, AnonymousRob, was precisely the point I was making. Pay attention that boy at the back but a house-point and a gold star for spotting the similarity between Hannah's plate-layout and the carpet-pattern. I certainly hadn't noticed it. And 'Yes' I'm sure that is the only Ken Rockwell.

And also 'Yes' to Bungus. I have another dent in the car. Roy was chatting to Reg in the Conservative Club Car Park and ............................. Hadn't blogged it because I didn't want to embarrass him but, via Terry, I've discovered an excellent Mr Fixit. Your exchange between photographer and critic is excellent. Can't wait to plagiarise you!

To Jill now. So pleased you eventually managed to arrive in person. Must just have been a glitch - they happen all the time don't they? I'm sure the Wilfred Owen programme was excellent and I have great respect for him as a poet. But I felt it would be too harrowing, and I don't do 'harrowing' any more. I've restricted my news intake to the 30 second summary of 'what the news is going to be' on the Radio 4 News Programmes . For more information I rely on the following day's Telegraph and even then I often only read the first paragraphs. Colin Fletcher gave up on the news for quite a while and operated on the theory that if something important enough happened, someone would tell him about it.

Glad you voted for John Barnes and I'm so glad he is still in.

"Popular opinion is the greatest lie in the world"

That will do for today folks. Over on her own blog Hannah is trying to master HTML code and I know she will do it. Steven knows all about it because he is almost through adding the final touches to his website. But it's best if she learns at her own pace. She and Y have exchanged some pleasant words on Google Chat and Y is getting to be quite good at it. She only needed a start.
Bye for now


bungus said...

I'm not sure about your Imelda Marcos generalisation. If I remember correctly, Sandra only had 52 pairs (shoes) at the last census.

Small Tortoiseshell looks the most likely to me.

Whoops! If you hadn't mentioned the car you needn't have embarrassed anyone!

Afraid I cannot empathise with your ostrich-like (I know that's a myth) avoidance of news. I would feel socially irresponsible if I did not know who was being mistreated where. As several people (inc Edmund Burke said, in slightly differen ways:
"Good men only need do nothing for evil to triumph."

Yesterday's 'photographer/critic' item was not original. I think you may safely broadcast it as the source was not acknowledged.

Pete said...

Happy belated birthday wishes Y from a wet and windy Isle of Man.

Anonymous said...

Thank you, sir, for the house-point and gold star. Professor Snape will be pleased - well, maybe not, knowing him.

Apologies for the lack of brain activity in respect of the Derbyshire Building Society. My only (flimsy) excuse is that I was at work where engaging the brain can result in severe depression setting in.

I agree with you, RG, regarding the short 'daylight' hours. Are you, like me, SAD? I think my ex meant Seasonally Affected Disorder but she may well have meant SAD. I find it's even worse when we have murky, grey days for weeks on end. But, at least we have the blog to cheer us up.

Hope Y's health continues to improve.


bungus said...

On second thoughts, the butterfly is probably a Comma even if a bit late and out of place - 'midlands & south in hop growing areas, March or April till September'.

My SADness doesn't usually kick in until March.

From 'The Weakest Link':
Q. What 'C' is an invertebrate with a name that suggests it has a hundred legs.
A. Giraffe.
(I like the several levels of surreality).