Sunday, November 11, 2007

Tracy's for lunch - Her new Honda

I've been 'beaten to the blog' by Hannah who has already published her blog, complete with happy granny pictures. Slow old Grandad !

We had a great time over at Sherwood and we both loved every minute of it. Lunch was lovely, she had done us lamb-shanks with all the tracklements. For pudding we had some smashing fancies which Hannah had laid out on the plates with lashings of cream -not shown. She also did the place-setting cards.

Y had her presents, cards, lots of flowers and lots of love.

After lunch David, Helen, Sky and Brooke arrived and the children had an absolutely marvellous time playing together. Sky and Hannah are fairly close in age and so are Miles and Brooke and they all make a great fuss of Millicent who loves it. I went for an afternoon nap and drifted off to sleep accompanied by that happy, happy sound of children playing.

Picture 3 is Tracy's new vroom vroom and I've photoshopped it a little to show it without the distraction of the surroundings. It looks like a two-door but is in fact a four-door because the rear doors are concealed and, I think, only open from inside.

Very urban-chic what? Yvonne has sat in it and proclaims the car very comfy and TJ says it's good to drive. Although I like Civics I'm not tempted though, and this morning I got the name of the bodywork man from Terry. He sounds efficient and reasonable and just the man to pull out my big dent and touch up my scratches.

John came round while we were out to drop off Y's present and it was well dark by the time we got home. But I came the well-lit route which although a little further is less stressful. Then it was straight into Strictly come Dancing and after a dance-off against Matt and Flavia, Penny Lancaster finally went.

My quote for the day is a photography one:-

"Some photographers think that fuzzy B&W images of poor people are Art"

Ken Rockwell

His name is a link to his website because he doesn't have a wiki-page, but ought to. I might just post one. He can be infuriating at times but so often what he says about photography is spot on and 'cuts the crap'.

Just two more things. Sometimes I think that the worries about information being stored about you are just scares. At 72, I had a letter from the Derbyshire Building Society yesterday inviting me to a seminar entitled "Planning for your retirement". The other is - How nice it is to hear from you Madeline, or 'Rock Granny' as we should call you. Please don't leave it so long before your next 'comment'. I'm sure you can find something to get onto Bungus about !

.......Sleep tight everyone. If I've missed anthing I'll catch up tomorrow..


bungus said...

I don't think I was aware that you had had another bump. Where is this one? Big Den will see to it.

Pleased to hear that you used the well lit route when it was well dark.

Re quote:
So what's your opinion of my picture?
It's worthless.
I know that but I'd like to hear it anyway.

Anonymous said...

Is the 'hash' design part of the puddings or a design on the plate? If the former was it meant to go with the design on the carpet?

Isn't Ken Rockwell the one who has tried just about every Nikon camera and lens that's ever been made?

Isn't the Derbyshire Building Society just a little late?

Why am I asking so many questions?


Jill said...

Just testing :

Good Morning, Graham -

For the third day running I can't get my comments on to your blog - am I being ex-communicated or something? The first time I thought it was me, after that I was more careful, and it isn't.......wonder if anyone else is having problems, or if it is AOL.

Happy Birthday, Yvonne!

I hope the celebrations are carrying on today - our excitement today is going to the huge Tescos in Osterley, may have a bite to eat there - hope your day is more up-market!



Jill said...

testing again - I think the trouble lies with AOL...

I voted for John Barnes on Saturday as the most improved dancer, and he seems such a nice chap.

Much enjoyed a programme about Wilfred Owen presented by Jeremy Paxman on at Sunday tea-time.

I think Jessica has a great future - children see evey detail, you can't hide anything.

bungus said...

I too was impressed by the place setting - or should I say the plate dcoration?

Glad Jill has got rid of her gremlin. I too enjoyed the Wilfred Own programme. So much justifiable anger so beautifully expresed.