Monday, November 26, 2007

Quiet day - Blood Test - Haircut - Y at Dentist

Had to publish this chaffinch snap . He looks so cold, and the winter hasn't really started yet.

My 'photo filing' system needs a title each day for my current pictures folder and I called today's "Chaffinch and Baked Veg." - then changed it because it sounded like a recipe. Just 3 jobs this morning - my blood-test, then Y to Dentist for check-up (all clear after 3 minute examination - cost £15.39p -no wonder dentists can afford decent cars) - then me for a hair-cut. Being due to speak at the National Trust Regional Meeting tomorrow I didn't want to look 'seedy' as Y puts it. I needn't really have bothered -

Being a careful man I decided this afternoon to check the bits of the National Trust website that I was going to complain about and suggest a remedy for. I was going to put it all on a memory stick so I could do a little presentation ! Good job I checked, because they've fixed it ! Crafty bounders. I would have looked a proper charley.

I cooked this for lunch, our scrumptious baked veg รก la Delia. The chunks of celeriac are a particular favourite of mine. I also grilled tomatoes at the same time as the sausages and I do these by Y's method - cut in half laterally, a quick spray of olive-oil, dust liberally with salt and pepper, and grill for longer than you expect It all worked beautifully, but then Delia's recipes always do.

After our Nat Trust commitment tomorrow we are also out with the National Trust on Wednesday. Our Mansfield Centre Christmas Coach trip, this year to Rockingham Castle and we are looking forward to it. Ooooerrr - a proper Castle by the look of it ! Lets hope the food is good.

We have just watched Strictly come Dancing - It takes two. Nice interview with John Barnes - what a lovely fella......... And THE FONS was on. Henry Winkler no less. Wow - it took you back (would you believe 33yrs? ) and he is still great. Grey-haired but still cool - shame he wore a green sweater instead of a leather-jacket though. He is a big fan of the show, the American version usually, but judges Len Goodman and Bruno Tonioli also judge over there. He was very well informed about the British contestants and had interesting things to say. Nice bit of telly.

Comments.....Got to go back to blog of Wednesday, 14th November when I discussed the Aldi print service. There is a query comment from William Walsh (Billy) asking about the Fuji paper. Its full title is' Fujicolor Crystal Archive Paper Supreme' and I would describe it as High Gloss. My pleasure to be of help.

Thanks Bungus, as usual, and I think I agree about Cranford.

Just another thought about the RPS yesterday and Barbie Lidsay. She described in detail her methods of obtaining people pictures and how she always asks permission but then (clever clever her) if people refuse she just takes it anyway. So long as she won't complain if someone decides to wrap her top-of-the-range camera round her neck one day. I entirely disapprove of this sort of thing. Some times people who have interesting faces are so down on their luck that about all they still own is the copyright to their own face. To steal that from them is not a praiseworthy act.

Quotation for the Day......What an economy of words and how true......

"An artist may visit a museum but only a pedant can live there"


.....Must have an early night because we need to pick Peter up quite early for our NT commitment. The OAGs have hidden my Nat.Trust identity badge somewhere - but somebnody will surely give me another one in the morning. Sleep tight and catch you tomorrow...


bungus said...

I like the puffed up chaffinch (lovely birds) but I would have cropped it so he filled the frame.

Sandra was away at a christening in Sawley yesterday so for lunch I did myself baked roots which I had with a small but well made steak pudding purchased months ago at the newark Food Fair. Very enjoyable. And I did enough roots to have with bubble & squeak tomorrow.
Today, on the way back from City, we called in for lunch at 'The Snooty Fox'. Sandra had her usual prawns in a hot baguette with chips and an excellent salad (praise indeed from me who is no salad fan). I had similar but with steak and onions instead of prawns. Too much to eat, delicious, and excellent value at about a fiver apiece.

I always did think Henry Winkler was a good actor.

Your suggestion that someone might justifiably wrap BL's camera strap round her neck reminds me of a wedding I once attended where the disco was (as usual) so loud as to kill conversation. I shouted at my brother-in-law;
"Do you think we should go over and ask him to lower the volume?" to which the reply was;
"I think we should go over and shove his ******* disco down his ******* neck."

Anonymous said...

Just catching up after a Weekend Off and no time yesterday to post a comment.

I didn't enjoy BL's website but learnt a lot about self-publicity. IMHO doing well in national and international exhibitions (which are really competitions) does not make a person one of the world's leading photographers. I speak as an AFIAP myself so I think I know a little bit about it. However, I fully support the idea that everyone should be encouraged to pursue the photography they want to do. That also extends to RPS Distinctions; did BL expound her views about the RPS on Sunday I wonder?

It sounds like the Palmers Green vote may be in favour of Fabio Capello as next England Manager unless the comment refers to a certain Mr Grant currently 'manager' of Chelsea. Personally I favour Arsene Wenger if only to wreck Arsenal's season.

Catch you soon.