Thursday, November 15, 2007

Hannah learing personal smilieys - and etc...

When I went over to Burton Joyce to collect Y it was possible, before she went to her dancing class, to have some time with Hannah on the subject of personalised smileys. This one is entirely her own work and she now understands a bit about HTML tags. Y had had a good day and although it is probably psychological she seem to be less troubled by her cough. The doctor said it would be some time for the effects of the tablet change to make a difference.

I have a computer problem. My AVG firewall wont switch itself on! I've tried several things including a 'system restore' but whatever date I select, Windows tells me I can't restore to that date. Everything else works so I've just switched the Windows firewall on instead. A case for WebUser forums I think plus some work, tomorrow.

The picture is a leaf from Y's birthday bouquet using my scanner as a camera, with the black material from Joan behind it. I like the result and shall continue to play some more. My capacity for 'messing about' seems almost infinite.

The lecturer at Eastwood Photographic Society was Jim Price and the title of the evening was "Every picture tells a story" and he did just that. Certainly not a dinosaur and he took us from his earliest efforts, through his army service and up to the present day. He isn't anti-photoshop and neither is his wife Fred and together they put together a most entertaining evening. And the quality of his work was very good indeed. Vibrant and interesting !

I had nice chats and Trevor (Architect) who I sent an ArtDaily link to, and about Zaha Hadid, said how much he is enjoying ArtDaily! Yet another convert - the trouble is, it is possible to spend too much time therein just browsing. Still - better than most of the 'telly' and certainly better than the News ! The leading article in the current issue is about Francis Bacon's 'Study for Bullfight No.1'. What power? Camera Club judges wouldn't like the construction at all - he didn't bother his head with 'the rule of thirds' .

Comments. Ha Ha! Bungus. Nice one about does the Comma eat shoots and leaves? Laughed so much I was worried about my Truss. Tried to think of a witty rejoinder - but failed.

You are quite right AnonymousRob to aim for retirement at the earliest possible opportunity. You have never been frightened of hard work, but we are all entitled to as many years as possible doing what we please.

Quote for the day:-

"The great tragedy of Science - the slaying of a beautiful hypothesis by an ugly fact"

Big news I nearly missed. Karen (cleaning lady) is back in Brinsley and is now living at her Mum's. Now there's a relief ! We would have missed her.

I know that at the bottom it says this was written at 4.20pm but it is telling lies. The Hannah smiley bit was, over at Burton Joyce. The time now is actually 4am the following morning. Catch you later - if my computer is working.


bungus said...

What have you done with your grandfather? He cannot be easy to hide.

bungus said...

Obviously my first comment was written before midnight!

You touch on the psychology of medecine. There's not much to beat a good placebo.

I knew I could truss you to respond. Could it be something to do with the punch you ate? (If I said 'punch you drank' it would probably be too obscure).

Glad you have your precious Karen back.
See relevant email.

Anonymous said...

The club judge commented on Study for Bullfight No 1 as follows:
"What we have here is someone who has been fiddling and diddling in Photoshop to try and fool me into believing this is a work of art.

However, the author has broken all the rules and failed to get away with it. The bull, for instance, has only 3 legs and we need to be able to see all 4. It would also be much stronger if we could see the bullfighter's face.

The number 4 in the circle on the right hand edge takes the viewer's attention away from the main subject and should be cropped off, as should the empty space on the left.

When presenting work for competitions, it is important to make sure the picture is in pristine condition. Sadly, this one isn't as there are a number of black and white marks that need to be cloned out.

I am a dinosaur and I do real photography in a darkroom.

5 out of 20."