Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Hair - Sainsburys - Nails - Cheesecake Shop

Slightly different layout this evening folks and the 'thumbnails' are smaller. According to fellow bloggers on the blogger forum if you publish them small they have less of a tendency to vanish from past blog-posts. When left clicked a full size picture will appear as normal.

Picture 1 is the CheeseCake Shop where we enjoyed out soup of the day with toasted ciabatta. Delicious as always. A fitting end to our busy morning. We did coffee in the new library, Y's hair, then to Sainsburys at Arnold, then 'nails' at Carlton Hill and finally Mapperley top for lunch. My charity shop sorties yielded nothing. Then home to admire the Liquidamber which is still strutting its stuff. In the leaves competition it looks like Liquidamber 1, 234 v Lime Tree 12. Hope our purchaser enjoys it next year.

When we arrived home the books had arrived from Amazon, and my four 8 x 12inch prints from Aldi. Excellent quality on reasonable weight paper and the total bill at 35p per print plus p & p came to £2.43p. Amazing ! The chaps will be v. interested. The other good thing is that I finally managed to contact the scratch & dent man and he sounds as 'sound as a pound'. He is going to come and look at it, but won't actually be able to do the work until after Xmas.

Comments now.....Y says thank-you Pete for the birthday greetings from the Isle of Man.

Bungus. Thanks for trying but this picture is a Small Tortoiseshell i.e. nothing like yesterday's creature . which didn't have the black and white bits or the same wing shape.

Anonymous Rob. I don't think my dislike of this time of year is anything to do with SAD syndrome, or the general look of the place with all the colour and lovely light. I just don't like such early sunsets and late dawns.

Don't know if Jill is still at Tesco, or whether AOL is playing up.

I cooked a chilli for main meal and it tasted fine and there's plenty for tomorrow when it will be even better. Strictly come Dancing 'it takes two' was good. They had Philip Jackson on. he is the expert's expert who provides the technical commentary behind the red button. To have him explain what the judges see in terms of technique is good. I might watch Autumnwatch but I'm a bit done for. I caught up on The Genius of Photography last night and that was good too.

No quote today. Too idle.................. Sleep tight. Catch you tomorrow.


Madeline said...

I'm not a butterfly expert, but I think that the butterfly in Monday's Blog is a Comma butterfly. It looks like the pictures in my books and there are a lot of pictures of Commas if you search Google Images.

Pete said...

No quote today, my you are slipping. saying that though I thought I'd give you a link to a site I came upon yesterday as it might be to your liking.......

Jill said...

Yes, we did return from Tescos! - though were gone some time, R buying two pairs of half-price trousers and me trying to make my mind up over their excellent cashmere at 20% off......

I like some of Autumn Watch, but Bill Oddie annoys me sometimes (not that it takes much to annoy me nowadays) and I am definitely NOT interested in deer - but it means I can make a cup of tea while that bit is on.

I knew that butterfly wasn't a Tortoiseshell, but didn't know what it was, Madeline may well be right.

Thank you for the post/scam warning, I remember something similar last year.

Anonymous said...

I'm interested in making contact with the scratch and dent man if you don't mind passing the details on. I'm also interested in seeing the Aldi prints; any chance of bringing them along tomorrow night? I promise I won't give them a mark out of 20!


bungus said...

repeaat from Monday:
On second thoughts, the butterfly is probably a Comma even if a bit late and out of place - 'midlands & south in hop growing areas, March or April till September'.

My SADness doesn't usually kick in until March.

From 'The Weakest Link':
Q. What 'C' is an invertebrate with a name that suggests it has a hundred legs.
A. Giraffe.
(I like the several levels of surreality).
t from Monday: