Saturday, December 01, 2007

Blogger Problems - Access and Pictures

The blogger-help forums are busy with people having a whinge. One of the problems is that when you click a picture hoping for an enlargement you get instead a box inviting you to open it in a Windows viewer etc. Eventually a google person posted :-

"Blogger employee -Hi all,
Thanks for the discussion here. I just want to chime and to let you know that (as you've heard) this is an issue that we're aware of and quickly working to fix. So, for the moment, the workaround is the way to go. Thanks for everyone's help and clarification on that!
- Jordan"

So the problem should soon be remedied. The other problem seems to be between Firefox and Blogger and being unable to access my Blog-dashboard which is essential to create a new blog -post. So, here I am in IE7.......Different, but I'm getting there......... I'm going to publish this now, and see if I can pick it up to edit in Firefox.

YES HE CAN - I feel like Bob the Builder. Believe me folks, in an immediate comparison, FireFox is streets ahead. Good to have easy tabs, access to my bookmark-toolbar, and my google-toolbar, et al ! I know I could work on IE7 and customise it to suit. But too much faff while Firefox is so good and handy.

You are quite right Madeline to slap my wrist for 'throwing stones at cats' and your water-pistol solution is no doubt kinder. I probably should have said 'pebbles' rather than 'stones' and Picture 1 is to show you the objects in question. The dried leaf and the bottom of the wheelie bin give you a good idea of their size. And they are so handy just outside the kitchen door.

Picture 2, when I looked at it closely, made me think I had a visit from a Crested Tit. I have 'photoshopped in' a drawing of one and also a Blue Tit for comparison.

I think on reflection that my photo is nothing more than a Blue Tit with the wind in his/her hair.

My other adventure today was to create a Word Document from a scanned page. Having mentioned my Montaigne Essays I wanted to scan a bit and create a link for you. I selected a paragraph from his excellent essay on 'Idleness' a trait at which I have become accomplished. The title above should be a link to the document.

An old colleague rang me; he has been reading the blog. He reminded me of something I said many years ago after apparently deliberately provoking a fellow officer of slightly senior rank. I am quoted as saying to my chum :-

"Sometimes you can stir things better with a knife than a spoon"

Graham Marsden circa 1970-s

I think I'll let that be my quotation for the day.

Strictly come Dancing was very good indeed. Following my method of voting for who is best on the night, I voted for Gethin and Camilla who were brilliant. In the coverage of their week's training it was disclosed that Gethin had had the services of an 'acting coach' and wow it showed. Alesha, and Matt, were also good but poor Letitia is in my opinion, clearly at the bottom. I think the 'dance-off' will be between she, and Kenny who did one brilliant, but one poor.

Comments......I would like to assure you all that I have not cooked Greenfinch Soup, nor Goldfinch chicken Curry. Mind you the Roasted Hedgehog idea might be a possibility ! I speak in jest 'passer by' and nice to have your comment.

It was a pleasure Jill to do the little Castle-y bit and like you, I'm sorry that you and Y didn't manage the Millais. With her being 'sick' all over the place and your neck too stiff to look, you would have made a right pair. Mingy old Tate Britain for not letting you reschedule the tickets though. We shan't forget.

As you say Bungus about St. Pancras - "What a roof". In a month or two, when you are feeling up to it, we must just go as far as the Station even if we don't do the Paris bit. AnonymousRob seems to have been quiet for a day or two but I bet we could count him in. And I'm sure you all need his footie views. Y will have some Andy gems when she returns from Palmers Green.

To all 'commenters' ..... Blogger in their wisdom seemed to have changed the comments box. Your comment for instance Jill was published as Anonymous and I only knew it was you from the content. I think that, unless you really wish to remain anonymous, you will have to put your chosen name in the Nickname Box and click that button before clicking 'Publish Your Comment'.

.......Sleep tight and I'll catch you tomorrow......


Jill said...

I tried putting my name in all sorts of places, but the only way acceptable was to be anonymous. I'll put my name in the comments!

I think it is a blue tit having a bad hair day....

SCD - someone was telling me that it is actually filmed straight after the first part on Saturday - and you can get the results etc. tonight. Assuming you can find the right web-site. Me, I can wait.

From Jill

Bungus said...

I would never throw stones at cats. Not while there are catapults on the market (perhaps there no longer are but all you need is a forked stick, a square of leather and some strong knicker elastic). The water idea seems sound though. More effective if you fill a bucket with the stuff and then tie a brick round the cat's neck…
…for those who do not know me well, I am not being serious, although I am no cat lover. That said, we have a lovely little black and white kitten that visits.

I have not discovered how to scan into Word and keep forgetting to ask Dan. I have no doubt he will easily explain it to me.

Excellent quote. Congratulations.
I only immediately recall one from me (1965ish) when I was a passenger in a car in deepest rural Norfolk at muckspreading
Driver Mary: "What a foul smell. I wonder what it can be?"

Me: "I don't know. But if it turns out to be me please get me to the nearest hospital as quickly as possible."

Sandra's father, a keen woodsman in his youth, always claimed to have eaten hedgehog baked in clay. But no one believed him.

I wood expect it to be rather like guinea pig which is, of course, considered a delicacy in Peru. That chinchilla is beginning to look interesting.

Unfortunately, I shall be unable to make the St Pancras trip in 2008, but I am sure it is well worth seeing. Newcastle Station is also very good roofwise, and on a curve if I remember correctly. Someone was questioning the necessity for the longest champagne bar at St P but a 100yd Newkie Broon bar would go down well in the Toon. On my second visit, (in the 90s?) I was surprised to find the station bar there packed with drinkers (obviously not commuters) at 4.00 pm.

Madeline said...

I'm sorry RG, that simply isn't good enough! They are small pebbles and probably smooth, but if they caught a cat in an eye it could cause either injury and/or infection, possibly resulting in blindness. It's a small risk, but a risk nevertheless. How would you like it if someone threw pebbles at you and one hit you in the eye? you say that they're handy just outside the kitchen door; you could just as easily keep a litre container of water there too. We've got a litre of water in an old washing up liquid container in the porch and all we have to do is squeeze it hard whilst pointing it at the cat and the cat runs off, usually as soon as it hears the noise the bottle makes when we squeeze it. Please reconsider your cat-deterrent method!
I'm probably especially sensitive about cats now as we've got a little 7 week old kitten who's both adorable and manic!

Anonymous said...

Yes, please do count me in one the trip to St Pancras - but why not Paris as well? We'll be halfway there when we get to St Pancras.

Apologies for my non-appearance - I've got shingles and have not felt like doing much of anything except feel sorry for myself. Even photography has taken a back seat...